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as doves, to be cautious and do all the good that we could to the red men, and said that God would bless us. He also said, “I do not know which to appoint for the leader, Brother Brown or Brother Bullock. They are both good men, but as Brother Bullock is the eldest, he may have more experience.” He then blessed us, and promised me in my blessing that

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angels should go before 鏉窞鎸夋懇濂冲浘鐗?me, the visions of the Lord should be open to my view, and no weapon that was raised against me should prosper, but that I should go forth in the power and demonstration of the Lord God, and be mighty in gathering Israel. Then he further instructed the party, and turned again to me, pronouncing more blessings in line with those he had given. Elder Hyde then started on his return trip home, and we prepared ourselves as speedily as consistent for our expedition into a country mostly unknown to us.

April 11th and 12th were blustery, and there was snow. A reaction of spirit 鏉窞澶滅綉鐧捐姳鍧?took place among the brethren of the camp, or probably it would be more proper to say that another spirit came upon the camp鈥攁 spirit of great discontent. For a time it seemed as if it would break up the mission, but finally it was overcome, and all went well 鏉窞妗戞嬁鎸夋懇涓€鏉¢緳 again.

On the 13th of April we set out on our journey, and went to Green River the first day, through rain and sleet part of the time. At Green River we found about thirty of the roughest kind of mountain men, engaged in drinking, gambling and carousing. Some Frenchmen, Mexicans or “Greasers,” Indians, half-breeds, and some Americans of a low class, associated there, and insisted on us dining with them, and were very hospitable. They warned us not to venture any farther in the direction that we were going, saying that if we did so we would not return alive鈥攖hat there would 鏉窞娲楁荡涓績600闅忎究鐜?not be a “grease spot” left of us. This statement corresponded with what we had heard before, yet it did not deter us. There were in the crowd, Joshua Terry, also four Spaniards from the west, bound for Taos, New Mexico. They joined us, and we crossed the river, which was so deep that it was all that we possibly could do to ford it. The venture was harder than we expected it to be, but we succeeded, and struck out for the head of Bitter Creek, via Pilot Butte, making all the distance consistent with the condition of our animals. When we reached Bitter Creek, we followed up to the head, then bore to the southeast, crossing a high, dry country, for two days without water, then came in sight of a small herd of buffalo.

The Mexicans, with Ward and Davis, gave chase to the herd, while Bullock and I kept on our course with the pack 鏉窞娲楁荡鍏ㄥ浣撻獙 animals, guided across the plains by mountain peaks and openings in the range of mountains. The hunters did not rejoin us until the latter part of the next day. They succeeded in killing one poor buffalo bull, and were so thirsty that they opened the tripe and drank the liquid it contained, to save their lives, for they were so far gone as not to be able to bring any portion of the carcass to camp. That day we came across a shallow pool of water, where we rested a sho

lpga women’s golf tournament 2020 schedule: restart in July, bonus increase_1

lpga women’s golf tournament 2020 schedule: restart in July bonuses increase
lpga women’s golf tournament 2020 schedule: restart in July bonus increase    Due to the continued spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, LPGA today announced the remaining schedule for the 2020 season. The current goal of LPGA is to restart the tournament in mid-July.  LPGA CEO Mike Vann sees safety as the top priority: we have developed a timetable that we believe is as safe as possible. Based on our understanding of the travel ban, test availability and event organization, we believe that the new timeThe watch can make both sponsors and players happy to participate.Although there is still a period of time until July, but to resume the game in Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey, the situation in these three states needs to be further improved.  The Walmart Northwest Arkansas Championship, originally scheduled for June 19-21 at the Rogers Hill Country Club in Arkansas, will be postponed until August 28-30.The Marathon Classic, originally scheduled for July 9-12 at the Silvania Highland Ranch Golf Club in Ohio, will be postponed until July 23-26.  The KPMG U.S. Women’s PGA Championship, originally scheduled to be held on June 25-28 at the Allen Nick Golf Club in Newton Square, Pennsylvania, will be postponed until October 8-11.  The Major LPGA Classic, which has not previously announced the rescheduling date, will be postponed until October 1-4 at the Bellesfield Country Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan.The Pelican Women’s Championship, which is rescheduled to November, will now be postponed to November 19-22.The Texas Classic, originally scheduled for October 1st-4th, will be postponed to December 3-6.The LPGA 2020 season finale scheduled to be held at the Dibron Golf Club in Naples, Florida on November 19-22 will be postponed to December 17-20.  Due to the limited dates of the official LPGA competition, the UL International Crown Cup will not be held in 2020.In addition, the previously suspended Founders’ Cup, Hawaii Championship, Hugel-Air Premia Los Angeles Open and Mediwhal LPGA Championship will return in the 2021 season.  LPGA also announced that it will increase the prize money for the remaining events in 2020, bringing the total prize money remaining this year to more than $56 million, with an average of nearly $2.7 million in prize money per game.  The following is the updated schedule for the 2020 season:  7.15-18 Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational (Midland C. Michigan Midland Golf Club)C., Midland, Michigan)$2.3M7.23-26 Marathon LPGA Classic presented by Dana Highland Meadows G. Silvania, OhioC., Sylvania, Ohio)$2M7.31-8.2 ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer (Sea View, A Dolce Hotel (Bay Course), Galloway, New Jersey) $2M8.6-9 The Evian Championship (Evian Championship) France Evian Leban Evian Resort Golf Club (Evian Resort G.C., Evian-les-Bains, France)$4.1M8.13-16 Aberdeen Standard Investments Ladies Scottish Open (The Renaissance Club, North Berwick, Scotland) $1.5M8.20-23 AIG Women’s British Open (AIG Women’s British Open) Royal Troon G.C., Troon, Scotland)$4.5M8.28-30 Walmart NW Arkansas Championship presented by P&G, Pinnacle C. Rogers Hill Country Club, ArkansasC., Rogers, Arkansas) $2M9.3-6 CP Women’s Open (Shaughnessy G. Vancouver, Canada) and C.C., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)$2.35M9.10-13 ANA Inspiration, Mission Hills C. Rancho Milla, CaliforniaC., Rancho Mirage, California)$3.1M9.17-20 Cambia Portland Classic, Columbia Edgewater C. Portland, Oregon Columbia Edgewater Golf ClubC., Portland, Oregon)$1.75M9.24-27 Kia Classic, Aviara G. Golf Club, Carlsbad, CaliforniaC., Carlsbad, California)$2M10.1-4 Meijer LPGA Classic for Simply Give Blythefield C. Grand Rapids, MichiganC., Grand Rapids, Michigan)$2.3M10.8-11 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Aronimink G. Newton Square, PennsylvaniaC., Newtown Square, Pennsylvania)$4.3M10.15-18 Buick LPGA Championship Buick LPGA Shanghai China Shanghai Qizhong Golf Club $2.1M10.22-25 BMW Ladies Championship (LPGA International Busan, Busan, Republic of Korea) $2M10.29 – 11.1LPGA Skirts Swinging Championship (Taiwan Swinging Skirts LPGA) Miramar Golf and Country Club, New Taipei City, Taipei, China $2.2M11.6-8 TOTO Japan Classic (Taiheyo Club (Minori Course), Ibaraki, Japan) $1.5M11.12-15 offseason 11.19-22 Pelican Women’s Championship presented by DEX Imaging Pelican G. Florida Golf CourseC., Belleair, Florida)$2M11.26-29 offseason (Thanksgiving) 12.3-6 Texas Classics (Volunteers of America Classic) Old American G. Crowney, TexasC., The Colony, Texas)$1.75M12.10-13 U.S. Women’s OpenS. Women’s Open hosted by USGA.Champions G. Houston, TexasC.(Houston, Texas) $5.5M12.17-20 CME Group Tour Championship (Tiburon G. Naples Golf Club)C., Naples, Florida) Tiburon G.C., Naples, Florida Original title: Women’s Professional Golf Tournament plans to restart awards in July

Nanjing Xinbai terminated the purchase of 100% equity of Lanhai Kerui

Nanjing Xinbai terminated the purchase of 100% equity of Lanhai Kerui
On March 10, Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nanjing Xinbai”) issued an announcement, announcing the termination of the purchase of 100% equity of Lanhai Kerui.Nanjing Xinbai said in the announcement that it originally planned to purchase 100% of the equity of Shanghai Blue Ocean Kerui Financial Information Services Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as this transaction), and raised non-public shares from no more than 10 specific investors.Gather matching funds.Due to changes in the macroeconomic environment and internal capital market conditions during the progress of this transaction, after carefully listening to the opinions of all parties and fully investigating and demonstrating, all parties to the transaction believe that there are uncertainties and risks in continuing the transaction at this stage.In order to protect the interests of the company and all shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders, the parties to the transaction have carefully studied and negotiated and unanimously decided to terminate the transaction.According to Sauna and Yewang, according to relevant regulations, Nanjing Xinbai promised not to plan asset reorganization within one month from the date of termination of this transaction announcement.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Lin Image source Nanjing Xinbai official Weibo screenshot editor Peng Yali proofread Zhang Yanjun

[How to make duck’s palm soup]_How to make_How to make

[How to make duck’s palm soup]_How to make_How to make

Northerners are very unfamiliar with bitterness. In fact, bitterness is a vegetable from the south, and it also has a good flavoring effect. The taste of fresh bitterness is very spicy, but if you use bitterness to make itIf you are cooking, then there will be almost no spicy phenomenon, and there will be a flavor of spices. Some kind of bitter duck’s palm soup that is more famous in Chongqing, how to make bitter duck’s palm soup?

First, how to make bitter duck’s paw soup?

 The method is very simple, bitter soup, duck paw, a small amount of ginger in tomato, stew in a saucepan, put salt and MSG on it, and stewed duck paw soup with bitter soup can taste delicious without destroying bitter soupIts medicinal properties are the best interpretation of bitterness.

Melia, commonly known as small garlic, has a growing period of 10 months, its taste is slightly bitter, and it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. In the chapter of the Compendium of Materia Medica, cooking is cold-resistant, conditioning mid-air, stopping gas disease, cold diarrhea, diarrhea, loose bulkThe effect of warming up, regulating lung, liver, spleen, viscera, and sacral function, reducing heat, reducing dryness, appetizing, strengthening the spleen, detoxifying, and improving the beauty of the body. It is a summer food, a health care diet for Kangtai men, women and children.

It can be cold-cooked, brewed, and used for soup, especially for soup.

Second, rinse the duck palms with water.

Wash and peel the bitterness, peel and cut the tomatoes.

Chopped ginger.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add duck’s paw, bitter scallion, and stir-fry the ginger.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add duck’s paw, bitter scallion, and stir-fry the ginger.
Cover and continue to simmer for 1 hour.

When the meat is rotten, add salt and white pepper.

Slow-simmering over low heat can make the soup more nutritious.

Melia has the effects of clearing heat, reducing dryness, detoxifying, and beauty. It is the best product for summer consumption.

How to make bitter duck’s palm soup?

Melia is a specialty of Chongqing, Sichuan, and Guizhou. It is a spicy, spicy and slightly bitter vegetable. It is usually used for cooking food and pickled vegetables.

Melia has the effects of clearing heat, reducing dryness, detoxifying and nourishing.

Bitter peeled and washed.

Wash the duck’s paw.

Add water to the soup pot, add duck’s paw, ginger, boil and remove the foam, and simmer for 2 hours.

Add bitter stew and continue for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

After the soup is stewed, turn off the heat, add salt, chicken essence, and white pepper.

[How to do mantou]_How to do _Methods Daquan

[How to do mantou]_How to do _Methods Daquan

Everyone has completely different eating habits and their own tastes. Everyone will have different tastes when they eat any food, but gimmicks are a kind of food that is very popular, especially in the morning in many families.For making steamed buns for breakfast, steamed buns are made from flour. Eating steamed buns often has a lot of health benefits. Of course, making steamed buns at home requires skill.

Ingredients: 500 grams of flour, 230 grams of water, 3 grams of salt, 10 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of yeast. Production steps: Put salt, sugar in the flour, and stir well.

Leave the yeast in warm water and let it stand for a few minutes until the yeast is activated.

The dough is first mixed into a snowflake shape, and then kneaded into a smooth dough. Be sure to knead the surface, basin, and hands.

After kneading the dough, cover it or leave it in plastic wrap to ferment.

Place the dough in the warm place and ferment to the original 2.

5 times bigger.

Vent the dough and pick up small pieces one by one.

The agent on the case panel pushes the dough round with the palm of the hand and the tiger’s mouth, and then it can be put in the steamer and wait for the second fermentation.

After it is twice as large as the original, it is cooked in cold water. After the water is boiled, steam it for 10 minutes to turn off the heat, and then steam it out for 2 minutes.

The nutritional value of steamed bread is steamed pasta after the flour is fermented.

Because generally only yeast is added for fermentation, and yeast is also beneficial to the human body, it can be said that steamed bread is a natural food without additives, and there is no need to worry about the problem of additives.

Therefore, the nutritional value is relatively high.

Protein buns don’t contain much protein, but the added yeast is a high-protein food.

Studies have found that the protein content of 1 kg of dry yeast is equivalent to 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of soybeans or 2.

The protein content of 5 kg of pork, and the steamed bun itself is higher than the pie, the protein content of noodles, so a steamed steamed bun has a relatively high protein content.

The raw material of peanut buns is starch, which is more easily absorbed by the body after fermentation and cooking. If you eat the buns in the morning, these can quickly provide energy to the body.

The effect and function of the head Although the bread looks simple and easy to be overlooked, its benefits to human health should not be ignored.

Relieving stress After yeast fermentation, not only has its properties changed, but its nutritional value has also improved a lot, among which there are substances that can resist oxidation.

The calcium in the head is very rich. Each 100 grams of steamed buns contains 38 mg of calcium. The lack of calcium in the human body can lead to mental depression and high tension, so eating some steamed buns appropriately can relieve the stress of the day and work.More energetic.

Compared with rice, the transformation of non-fat buns is only 70% of rice, and its unfortunate and sugar content is also lower than rice, so if you want to lose weight, female friends may try to use riceInstead, this can effectively avoid the harm to the body caused by dieting, and will not gain weight.

[Efficacy of Ejiao Steamed Egg]_Benefits_Advantages

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闃胯兌鏄竴绉嶅濂虫€ц韩浣撻潪甯告湁濂藉鐨勯鐗╋紝鑰屽コ鎬у湪骞磋交鎴栬€呮槸涓婁簡骞寸邯涔嬪悗閮藉簲璇ュ鍚冮樋鑳讹紝鍥犱负澶氬悆闃胯兌鏈夊姪浜庤ˉ鍏呭コ鎬ц嚜韬皵琛€锛岃姘旇鐪嬭捣鏉ユ洿鍔犻€氶€忕孩娑︺€傞櫎浜嗙洿鎺ラ鐢ㄩ樋鑳朵箣澶栵紝钂歌泲鐨勮繃绋嬩腑杩樺彲浠ュ姞鍏ラ樋鑳讹紝濡傛灉This is the best way to get started, you will be able to find out the best way to get it, and you will be able to find out how to use it, and how to use it.癸 晥 銆?銆佹椿琛€璋冪粡娲昏璋冪粡鏄樋鑳剁矇钂歌泲鐨勯噸瑕佸姛鏁堬紝鍥犱负闃胯兌鏈韩灏辨槸涓€绉嶈兘娲Faint, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful楦¤泲涓惈鏈夌殑涓€浜涘井閲忓厓绱狅紝瀵规彁楂樺瓙瀹満鑳戒篃鏈夊緢鍦ㄧ殑濂藉锛屽畠瀵瑰コ鎬ф湀缁忎笉璋冨拰缁忔湡鑵圭棝閮芥湁鏄庢樉棰勯槻鍜岀紦瑙d綔鐢ㄣ€?The result is that Han Hanpiao does not have a lot of money, and it is a good thing to know about it. It ‘s a chain of music. It ‘s a craze. It ‘s a chain. It ‘s a chain. It ‘s a lot of money.姊 姘 ㄩ 吀 浠 ュ Strong Bibiguo 鎰 鐑 鐗 镗 ╄ 川 镄 勫 惈 逛 兗 鐗 韗 埆 圆 蘆 淆 淴 欩 欎 氺 鐗 ╄ 川 won’t be newAwkward, sorrowful, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha瀹冩渶閫傚悎閭d簺韬綋铏氬急浠ュ強姘旇涓嶈冻鐨勪汉缇ら鐢ㄣ€?銆侀闃茶传琛€闃胯兌绮夎捀铔嬭繕鑳介闃茶传琛€锛岄樋鑳舵湰韬氨鏄竴绉嶈兘琛ヨ鐨勯鏉愶紝鑰It ‘s hard to find a chain, it ‘s a strong threshold, it ‘s a fan, it ‘s a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan and a fan.涓殑閾佷竴璧疯浜轰綋鍚告敹锛岃兘淇冭繘琛€绾㈢粏鑳炲啀鐢燂紝涔熻兘鎻愰珮浜轰綋鐨勯€犺鍔熻兘锛屾棦鑳介闃茶传琛€锛屼篃鑳界敤浜庝汉绫昏传琛€鐥囩殑娌荤枟锛屽姛鏁堥兘鐗瑰埆鏄庢樉銆?Mohenliaoge yo Shaxi Xigezhashan  Jiangumanuu ㄩ Tongjianduomeng 钂 put floating Ya breast Shanjianjieliao Copernicium ya Han Ling meat Qingxianghuisheng Benantianyang  Chi Feijujijian borrowThe latest developments and performances are extremely difficult, as well as the best ones: the best way to get around is to set up and toss up and down, and to go to the other side.屽噺灏戠梾姣掑浜虹被鑲濊剰鐨勪激瀹筹紝鍙﹀闃胯兌钂歌泲涓繕鍚湁涓€浜涘ぉ鐒剁殑鑳嗙⒈锛岃繖绉嶇墿璐ㄥ彲浠ョ洿鎺ヤ綔鐢ㄤ簬浜虹被鍙傜缁忎笌澶ц剳锛屾棦鑳芥彁楂樿蹇嗗姏锛屼篃鑳介闃茬缁忚“寮便€?

[Does rice soup have an antidiarrheal effect?

]Diarrhea _ curative effect

[Does rice soup have an antidiarrheal effect?
]Diarrhea _ curative effect

Those with weak gastrointestinal function are usually the most prone to diarrhea. When people have diarrhea, their body will become weak and their appetite will become poor. If they have diarrhea for several days, the patient’s face will become very bad.The whole person will look completely indifferent, so the harm of diarrhea is very great. Fortunately, there are many ways to stop diarrhea in life. So what is the effect of rice soup on diarrhea?

Does rice soup have an antidiarrheal effect?
Boil rice with water, cook porridge, and then filter off the residue. The remaining soup is rice soup. The rice soup is rich in vitamins such as niacin, vitamins B1, B2, and certain nutrients such as carbohydrates.Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing yin, moisturizing, spleen and stomach, so drinking rice soup during diarrhea is beneficial to patients.

According to the Chinese medicine practitioner, no matter whether it is a child or an adult, do not eat greasy food during diarrhea, to avoid sliding of the intestinal mucosa to increase diarrhea.

Consuming salted rice soup and salt can not only supplement the nutrition, but also not increase the burden on the stomach, it can be said to serve two purposes.

Some patients’ diarrhea is caused by a lack of certain vitamins. The vitamins in rice soup can just supplement the vitamin deficiency and can be used to treat diarrhea.

In addition to rice, you can also cook glutinous rice soup, corn soup, millet soup, sorghum rice soup, etc. Pay attention that the rice soup is not too sticky and not too playful, and the allowed number and amount are proportional to the number of diarrhea.

Experts suggest that after the symptoms of diarrhea are alleviated, sticking with rice soup for 2-3 days can supplement the nutrients and water consumed in the body, condition the stomach, and restore the gastrointestinal function to a healthy state, so that the diarrhea is completely cured.

Patients with irritable bowel syndrome have diarrhea, so they should drink rice soup with salt.

Diarrhea is constantly losing water and salt, which can easily lead to dehydration and resonance disturbance.

It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of salt when cooking rice soup, about 500ml rice soup plus 1.

75 grams of salt is sufficient.

After diarrhea, drinking salt water cannot be absorbed by the body, and it will be discharged as much as you drink. Therefore, salt should be added to rice soup to make the body absorb it smoothly.

Salted rice soup is currently a domestic remedy for diarrhea. When cholera and other diseases occur in some areas abroad, salty rice soup will be used instead of glucose to treat diarrhea.

[Can you drink plain water to lose weight?]

[Can you drink plain water to lose weight?]

Since childhood, parents have asked children to drink plain water, mainly because raw water contains unclean impurities. After the water is boiled, some microorganisms and impurities are filtered out. Secondly, plain water does not contain any artificial additives to avoid harm to human bodies.

Many weight loss coaches will warn the judge to ban carbonated drinks, fruit juices and other drinks during the weight loss period. Can you drink more plain water, can you lose weight by drinking more plain water?

1, can drink boiled water to lose weight drink boiled water can help lose weight.

Drinking a moderate amount of boiled water every day is helpful for the body’s metabolism and detoxification, and thus helps to lose weight.

2. Why can you drink boiled water to lose weight? The degeneration of boiled water is relatively low, and the boiled water can increase the biologically active enzymes in the body and promote metabolism.

Drinking a cup of warm boiling water can also promote digestion and absorption in the body.

And drinking plain water can play a role in cleaning and promoting gastrointestinal motility, helping to replace toxins in the body, but also can help accelerate the body’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, and help the role of burning assistant.

3, how much boiled water to drink every day can reduce weight even if drinking boiled water can help lose weight, but it should not be too much, otherwise it will cause water poisoning.

It is advisable to drink about 1500-2000ml of water a day, drink less often, and drink about 200ml each time.

4. When do you drink plain water to lose weight? In fact, you should drink water once in a while. Do n’t wait until you are thirsty to think about drinking water, but there are several times when you drink a glass of plain water, you may lose weight better.effect.

1) Get up in the morning and drink a glass of warm water after a night’s sleep. The body’s metabolism is slow, the blood viscosity is high, and a large amount of water will be lost during one night of breathing and sweat.

Drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning can not only replenish the body’s moisture, but also promote interventional peristalsis and help detoxify, which can reduce the effect of weight loss.

2) Drink a glass of boiling water half an hour before meals. Drink a glass of boiling water half an hour before meals. It can withstand the feeling of obesity, enhance satiety, and reduce the amount of food you eat. Moreover, drinking water before meals can speed up your body’s metabolism and help to lose weightof.

3) Drink a glass of plain water two hours after a meal. It is not advisable to drink water immediately after the meal, as it will replace saliva and gastric juice and affect digestion and absorption.

You can drink a glass of boiled water one or two hours after meals, which can promote the secretion of satiety hormones, enhance metabolic digestion, and prevent false obesity caused by lack of water.

4) Drink a glass of boiling water in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the body is more likely to be tired. At this time, drinking a glass of boiling water can help suppress appetite, speed up the body’s metabolism, and increase the energy consumption of the body, thereby helping to lose weight.

Aikedi (600933) Quarterly Review: Profitability Continues to Improve, Long-Term Growth Does Not Change

Aikedi (600933) Quarterly Review: Profitability Continues to Improve, Long-Term Growth Does Not Change

Event: The company released the 3rd quarter report of 19: the company achieved revenue of 19 in the first three quarters.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 2.

9%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

94 ‰, a decrease of 19 per year.


  Incident Comment: Performance is in line with expectations.

As the company’s main customers are mainly global parts giants, the revenue side is less affected by the domestic auto market, achieving 19 in the first three quarters.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 2.


However, as the company is in the release period after the IPO expansion, the gross profit margin is under pressure and gradually drops to zero.

5 single to 33.

8%, the three-fee rate increases by 3 each year.

5 averages to 13.


The company achieved net profit attributable to its mother in the third quarter2.

9.4 billion, down 19.

8%, deducting non-attributed net profit 2.

80 ppm, a decrease of 13 per year.


  Profitability continued to recover, and exchange gains and losses affected the company’s short-term performance.

The company achieved revenue 6 in 19Q3.

7.3 billion, an annual increase of 6.

2%, an increase of 8 from the previous month.

0%, a record high.

Thanks to the gradual release of production capacity, the company’s gross profit margin in 19Q3 extended, which was an increase of 2 from the previous quarter.


1 to 35.


Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the three-fee expense ratio in 19Q3 exceeded, an increase of 8 from the previous quarter.

6, 2.

3 up to 12.


The two points that need to be paid attention to are the earnings impact brought by the company’s performance: 1) Changes in fair value: Unrealized forward settlement and sale of foreign exchange due to exchange rate conversion, and unrealized increase in foreign exchange compensation, which may total about 0 in 19Q3.

4.1 billion, 0 of earlier Q3.

0.6 billion and 19Q2 of 0.

USD 1.1 billion 南京桑拿网 growth; 2) Changes in financial costs: Due to changes in exchange losses, the financial costs of 18Q3, 19Q2, and 19Q3 were -0.

55, -0.

29, -0.18 billion.

If the influence of two major factors is eliminated, the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 19Q3 (after elimination) is reachable1.

1.5 billion, an increase of 36 a year.

9%, an increase of 26 from the previous month.


  Recognized 4 core driving forces of the company: 1) Recognized management capabilities: The company has excellent global lean production management capabilities.

In a downturn, the company supplied thousands of products at the same time, and 19Q1-Q3 still maintained 33.

8% gross profit margin and 15.

7% net interest rate.

At present, in addition to ERP and other management systems, the company’s cooperative construction 北京桑拿洗浴保健 of MES and WMS systems has gradually landed, and has successfully independently developed a 5S refined management platform, which is expected to improve management efficiency again.

2) Demonstrate product quality and quality: Have global leading customers, ironing drift cycles.

Most of the Tier1 giants such as Valeo, Bosch, Magna and other global TOP15 parts are customers of the company; and they have also expanded domestic giants such as SAIC and United Electronics.

3) Proposed new business and new products: The company’s new energy lightweight plant is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

In this new field, the company has obtained projects from Bosch, Continental, United Electronics, Magna, Mahler, Mitsubishi Electric, Lear, etc., and is committed to opening up long-term high growth space.

4) Prove the inflection point of ROE: The company’s ROE was 31 years before the IPO.

1% recognized 12 of 18 years.

8%, in the period of capacity investment.

We expect that with the warming of the industry, the production capacity will be reached, and ROE is expected to turn to the turning point.

  Investment suggestion: Under the general trend of automotive lightweight, the company is expected to surpass super customer stickiness + precision product cut-in, enjoy automotive lightweight dividends, and realize export substitution.

Drive estimates to improve.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in 19-20 will be 4 respectively.

3, 5.

7 trillion, corresponding to EPS 0.

51, 0.

66 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: car sales are less than expected, the exchange rate changes, the progress of investment projects is less than expected, etc.

Opening: The three major stock indexes opened lower and the Shanghai index fell by 1.

62% Poor Conceptual Performance

Opening: The three major stock indexes opened lower and the Shanghai index fell by 1.

62% Poor Conceptual Performance

Sina Finance News February 25 news, as of today’s opening, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2982.

07 points, down 1.

62%; Shencheng Index reported 11537.

55 points, down 1.

99%; the index was 2218.

33 points, down 2.


  News: 1. European and American stock markets tumbled across the board. Both the French CAC40 and German DAX closed down nearly 4%. The Dow fell by more than 1,000 points. The Dow and the S & P 500 recorded the largest one-day drop since February 2018.

  2. Affected by the sharp drop in U.S. stocks overnight, the Asia-Pacific stock market opened sharply lower. The Nikkei 225 index fell more than 4% and the Australian ASX200 index fell more than 2%.

  3. A total of 850 cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed in Japan, 833 in South Korea, 229 in Italy, 61 in Iran, 53 in the United States, and 11 in Canada.

  4. Li Keqiang presided over the meeting of the Central Leading Group for New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation.

  5. A temporary meeting was held to point out that the existing financial support policies should be used well, and new policies and measures should be introduced in a timely manner to effectively hedge the impact of the epidemic.

  6. Huawei officially released a part of the second 5G CPE product, which is equipped with Lingxiao WiFi 6+ chip.

Huawei’s revenue last year was 8.50 billion yuan, an annual increase of 18%.

  7. According to the data released by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, the number of domestic mobile phone reservations in January was 20.8 million, a decrease of 38 each.

9% of them are 5G mobile phones 546.

50,000 units.

  8. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued guidance to promote the resumption of production and industrial enterprises in an orderly manner, focusing on supporting strategic emerging industries such as 5G, industrial Internet, and integrated circuits.

  9, by the Federation: the automobile market in 2020 may appear before the trend of low, high and then strong.

  10. Rainbow Co., Ltd. claims that the company’s glass substrate products have not reorganized OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels; Wen’s 2019 net profit of $ 13.9 billion, an increase of 251%; Flush’s 2019 net profit growth of 41.


  Market view: Guangzhou Bandung said that the recent divergence from the “bull call” of A shares has intensified. From the plate rotation last week, it has expanded to the 杭州桑拿网index differentiation on Monday. The Shanghai stock index is basically in a slight adjustment trend.The board continued to attack, and the main attack direction of funds was on the main line of science and technology, while hotels, tourism, and airports, which were directly affected by the epidemic, became the main problem that dragged the market down.

  The National Finance Strategy believes that at present, China faces a relatively weak internal demand environment, stimulates effective demand, and stabilizes employment as the focus of current policy development. An obvious point of active fiscal policy is the “new infrastructure”.