Hu Fan hurriedly pleased with a smile。

“Act according to law?!You have no evidence to act according to the law,No search warrant and arrest warrant,So I caught Xiao Mo?!”
Yuan Jinshu frowned and said coldly,There was a clear sullen in his tone。
Yuan He looked green and white when he heard this,Dare not speak,Actually he told Chu Fan to do this。
Hu Fan glanced at Yuan He,Also guessed what happened,Laughed at Yuan Jinshu with a smile:“Yuan Lao,Let’s go upstairs and talk about something slowly,We apologize to you,Guarantee to give you a satisfactory explanation!”
“No need,I’m fine sitting here!”
Yuan Jinshu waved his hand lightly,Leaned back on the iron interrogation chair。
Hu Fan and Yuan He changed their faces at the same time,I know that Yuan Yuan is embarrassing them on purpose,Suddenly panicked。
Especially Yuan He,His face was pale at this time,Cold sweat on the forehead,After all, Old Yuan was caught by his stupid man,If the National Committee investigates,,Hold accountable,He definitely bears the brunt,Thus,After Hu Fan abdicated, the promotion to the director will be completely obscure.!
“Yuan Lao,I will apologize to you again,The people below are reckless,Hit your old,Your boss doesn’t remember the villain’s past,Just spare them this time,do not worry,I will punish them severely when I look back!”
Yuan He hurriedly bowed and said flatteringly,My regretful intestines are green,I knew it was the result,Just kill him,He wouldn’t send someone to Mo Xiaosheng’s medical clinic to arrest that Yueren Wang!
Good now,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t fix it,On the contrary, I almost played myself to death!

The flying soul guide just touched him too much,Whether it’s speed or altitude,Are far better than their Shrek Academy!

Qianyu stared at Jing Hongchen with cold eyes……
The latter felt his gaze,I suddenly felt cold……
Jing Hongchen warned“My illusion?This kid……”
Yan Shaozhe said lightly“These are two students from our Shrek Academy who are sent to your school to exchange and study,Huo Yuhao,Outer Academy Students,Soul Master III,Qianyu,Outer Academy Students,Eighth-level Soul Teacher!”
He deliberately added four words for students from the Outer Academy,Just to see Hongchen’s jokes!
The original disdainful mirror Hongchen heard the words,Look shocked“what??Eighth-level Soul Teacher??”
How can this be??
How could Shrek Academy cultivate such a terrifying student?
He has been to Shrek Academy,Know that there are six grades in the outer courtyard,And the highest in sixth grade is seventeen!
In other words,He reached the eighth-level soul teacher at the age of seventeen!
How can it not be surprising!
Subsequently,Looking fiery toward the upper right corner of Qianyu and Huo Yuhao’s costumes……
When I saw Huo Yuhao’s third-level soul teacher,I just ignored him,Then stared at Qianyu……
This kid,Maybe it can be used by my Mingdetang!
Jing Hongchen suppressed the thoughts in his heart,Zhao Yan Shaozhe sighed“Your hospital is really amazing,Can actually cultivate such a young,Students who are accomplished in Soul Guidance Device!”

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First921chapter Talent pool
Zhang Duocai came back very late。
And it’s full of alcohol。
Zhang Yaya is ready to wash and go to bed,I was very angry when I saw it。
Wait until Zhang Duocai washes his face and wakes up,While sitting on the sofa to relax,Zhang Yaya sat in front of him。
“Go out to eat and drink every day,Are you happy?”The little girl asked。
Zhang Duocai laughed,“What do you know?This is socializing!How can I get entertainment without doing business??”
“You can’t socialize less?”Zhang Ya Ya Road,“Our supermarket still has so many things to deal with,There are so many future expansion plans to be perfected,Put more of your mind on this!”
Mother Wang Wei is making tea for Zhang Duocai,Hearing the words, nodded repeatedly,“Did you see it?You are not as sensible as your daughter!I think it won’t take a few years,You can take charge of the company,When you go to drink alone,No one cares about you if you die!”
“Haha,How can!”Zhang Duocai is a little proud,“I ate Gubendan given by Shen Huan,Physical condition much better,Just like a guy in his twenties!This wine,Actually it’s nothing!”
“Not ashamed to say。”Wang Wei glared at him,“This is for your daughter Shen Huan,In the end, you were embarrassed to grab it!”
“My family honors me,She loves me,Can you control?”Zhang Duocai responded with a smile。
“This is also a good relationship between Shen Huan and Nun Nun,Just gave more。”Wang Weidao,“I heard what others said,Many people outside want to buy it at high prices,But few people can buy it!”
Zhang Duocai snorted coldly,“Such a baby,Don’t keep it for your own use,For your own family,Sell it?It’s an idiot!Do they think,Shen Huan will give them endlessly?Why?They have daughter,Someone else has a daughter too!”

Peng Changyi said:“Director Hou informed me just now,Go to the party school for training next Monday。”

Wang Jiadong didn’t look up,Just hum。
“Work appraisal for that half year?”
“Proceed as usual。”The minister still didn’t look up。
Peng Changyi has nothing to say。In other words,Work still,Training too。Peng Changyi is about to leave,The minister said:“Not enough staff。”
Peng Changyi turned around,I found that Minister Wang was still looking down at the table,He walked a few steps and said:“I heard that some places in the south have set up assessment offices。”
“They have someone,We are short of cadres now。”The minister was not surprised by the news he provided。“Conditions are ripe in the future,We can also set up an assessment office。Before it was established,What are you supposed to do。”
Peng Changyi felt that it was a stupid practice to tell the minister about this new thing.,It will give the minister the illusion that he feels that his work is under pressure。
Ugh,No matter how close you are to the leader,Even if you’re close as a family,Don’t think of yourself as an outsider。Don’t be self-righteous,Smart。Things you know,Leader knows,things you do not know,Leaders also know。Sometimes he can pretend to be blind、Pretending to be deaf or even dumb,but,If you really treat them as blind、Deaf or even dumb is a big mistake!
Lenin said:political,Is a science,Is an art。In Peng Changyi’s view,Get along with the leader,More of a science,An art,And this science and art is much higher than you get along with your colleagues。
Do not know why,From inspection list to notification of gold、Yao Bin came to the Organization Department,Peng Changyi seems to be aware that there will be some changes in the political circles of Kangzhou。of course,Change every year,But he feels it seems to have come earlier this year。It may also be the reason for the change of term,It may also be the cause of Beicheng。
Peng Changyi likes to speculate about changes in the current situation in his heart,And like to judge based on some phenomena,He is actually consciously developing his ability to observe and judge the current situation,He always thought,Mix in officialdom,This kind of political sensitivity must have。
Qian Shouwang has arrived,He picked up the thermos and said:“Why is Xiaoding coming down so late recently??”
Peng Changyi frowned,He wants to say whoever stipulates that the water must be beaten?But he always leaves room for the other party,Because he knows that in the officialdom,Leave room for the other person when talking,Is to leave room for myself。Just say:“Girls have a lot of things in the morning,I have been drinking water for several days。”
Old money,Just don’t say anything,Head down to fetch water。

“.”Yuze has nothing to say。words,I really made my sister absolutely absolutely。My dear begged him so,What else does he have to say?!!!

Xie Yunchu.I really know Qinbao too much。
Directly take your true heart,Cut out,Hold it in front of my treasure,Over and over,Let your relatives watch,Just poke,Trample,As long as my baby is happy,He doesn’t care。Because he knows,Qinbao is very kind,Especially good kids who know how to be grateful,Even if Jinbao can’t respond to his likes,Will also like him,Treasure it up。This is what Xie Yunchu wanted,He is in the heart of his treasure,Planted a seed.
This,Is it,Wait for the flowers to bloom.
Yuze really admires Xie Yunchu。His affection for his treasure,indeed,No matter how hard someone can surpass。
He is also passing through the mouth of his relative,Convey his determination to them。
Yuze glanced at Ou Zhaozhao,And then nodded to Qinbao,“I can a little less hate him,but,I still have to tell the truth,You are the treasure in my heart,Is the treasure of everyone in the Ou family,In our heart,No one is worthy of you。”
Baby Ou grinned,Sister control, just tell me,“Natural nature,I’m the treasure。”She stillbugWhat~~~
After the Ou family,I told Ou Baobao collectively,You can allow Xie Yun to show his thoughts。
Baby Ou is very happy,She just wanted to make it clear to her family。after all,The family’s rejection of Xiaoyun,She can’t feel it。Is she the most likely boyfriend candidate?,Always let the family accept him,This is for family problems that may arise in the future,All help。
And Xie Yun is here,Also after going home,I confessed my heart with my parents,And what he hopes the future will look like。
Yan Xihe was stunned,“You admitted directly,I thought you had to wait until you were seven and eighty,Will admit it!!”
“.”Xie Yun got a big tic tac toe directly from the corner of his forehead,Popped out。
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Qin Liang’s super awkward answer。

Actually there is a misunderstanding here,Li Qiao’er was just hit by a giraffe,Not bitten,But at that time Li Qiao’er must be ashamed to explain,Everyone is embarrassed to ask,So Qin Liang and Yanzi mistakenly thought that she was bitten too。
“How could this be!This is too bloody!”
Shen Ruoxi said to herself in disbelief,Then he looked at the swallow,She somewhat suspected that Qin Liang was joking,But she absolutely believes in swallows。
Yanzi smiled bitterly and nodded to Shen Ruoxi。
“No wonder Xiaoxue and Qiao’er didn’t say anything!Hurt badly?”
Yang Shiyun suddenly realized the question,Of course she asked Yanzi,It’s impossible for Qin Liang to see Shen Ruoxue and Li Qiaoer’s chest injuries.。
“I didn’t see Qiao’er’s wound,Xiaoxue’s injuries are not serious,But it’s not light,But Xiaoyun and I were treated immediately。”
Yanzi answered honestly。
“Ugh,There is no time for us to worry!No way,I have to see their wounds in person to be relieved。”
Shen Ruoxi made up his mind and said,Then I got up from the sofa and walked to the stairs,Murong Shan and others looked at each other,They all followed。
“I will also follow。”
Yanzi greeted Qin Liang in a low voice,Turned around and went。
Of course Qin Liang can’t follow,So in a blink of an eye he was the only one left in the living room downstairs,He sighed helplessly,Then sat down on the sofa……
Upstairs in Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom,Shen Ruoxue, Liu Xiaoyun, Plum, Li Qiaoer, Li Yaxin, Wang Linlin, Xiao Yuer, Murong, Yaoyao, Yuanyang and Luna are all here,These little girls have been chatting on various topics,The kind that talks in full swing。

Qin Liang’s explanation is quite reasonable,Although he has no such concerns at all,But what he said is right,The girls are all grown up,As brother-in-law,You should really pay attention,I can’t talk to these older sisters like they used to,Sister-in-law got together。

So Shen Ruoxue has nothing to be angry about now……
But Liu Xiaoyun knew,Qin Liang just said so,He doesn’t care about it,He said this completely to deal with Shen Ruoxue。
“I do not care,You have to go play with us tomorrow。”
Shen Ruoxue started pouting。
Qin Liang dare to say half of it“Do not”Words!
“Oh to go or not?”
Shen Ruoxue’s tangled question。
Qin Liang’s helpless answer,If he doesn’t go,It is estimated that Shen Ruoxue can toss him for a year!
“Can you not be so reluctant?See how reluctant you are!”
Shen Ruoxue is picking things up again。
“No,Willingly,Can hang out with you two such beautiful little beauties,I am too happy,Walk on the street,How much face i have!How many people want to kill me?,right?”
Qin Liang said happily。
These few words of Qin Liang made Shen Ruoxue beautiful,She was happy again in an instant,This girl gets angry fast,Happy and fast,The speed of this emotional change has caught up with the high-speed rail。
“Not very likely,But that’s exactly what it is,Others don’t know that you two are my sister-in-law,I thought you two were my girlfriends,There are two such beautiful girlfriends at once,That’s so hateful?I don’t want to kill me!”
Qin Liang started to make up stories……

46217_007之Goldfinger 金手指等390个文件_

as doves, to be cautious and do all the good that we could to the red men, and said that God would bless us. He also said, “I do not know which to appoint for the leader, Brother Brown or Brother Bullock. They are both good men, but as Brother Bullock is the eldest, he may have more experience.” He then blessed us, and promised me in my blessing that

鏉窞妗戞嬁spa鐢熸椿棣? width=

angels should go before 鏉窞鎸夋懇濂冲浘鐗?me, the visions of the Lord should be open to my view, and no weapon that was raised against me should prosper, but that I should go forth in the power and demonstration of the Lord God, and be mighty in gathering Israel. Then he further instructed the party, and turned again to me, pronouncing more blessings in line with those he had given. Elder Hyde then started on his return trip home, and we prepared ourselves as speedily as consistent for our expedition into a country mostly unknown to us.

April 11th and 12th were blustery, and there was snow. A reaction of spirit 鏉窞澶滅綉鐧捐姳鍧?took place among the brethren of the camp, or probably it would be more proper to say that another spirit came upon the camp鈥攁 spirit of great discontent. For a time it seemed as if it would break up the mission, but finally it was overcome, and all went well 鏉窞妗戞嬁鎸夋懇涓€鏉¢緳 again.

On the 13th of April we set out on our journey, and went to Green River the first day, through rain and sleet part of the time. At Green River we found about thirty of the roughest kind of mountain men, engaged in drinking, gambling and carousing. Some Frenchmen, Mexicans or “Greasers,” Indians, half-breeds, and some Americans of a low class, associated there, and insisted on us dining with them, and were very hospitable. They warned us not to venture any farther in the direction that we were going, saying that if we did so we would not return alive鈥攖hat there would 鏉窞娲楁荡涓績600闅忎究鐜?not be a “grease spot” left of us. This statement corresponded with what we had heard before, yet it did not deter us. There were in the crowd, Joshua Terry, also four Spaniards from the west, bound for Taos, New Mexico. They joined us, and we crossed the river, which was so deep that it was all that we possibly could do to ford it. The venture was harder than we expected it to be, but we succeeded, and struck out for the head of Bitter Creek, via Pilot Butte, making all the distance consistent with the condition of our animals. When we reached Bitter Creek, we followed up to the head, then bore to the southeast, crossing a high, dry country, for two days without water, then came in sight of a small herd of buffalo.

The Mexicans, with Ward and Davis, gave chase to the herd, while Bullock and I kept on our course with the pack 鏉窞娲楁荡鍏ㄥ浣撻獙 animals, guided across the plains by mountain peaks and openings in the range of mountains. The hunters did not rejoin us until the latter part of the next day. They succeeded in killing one poor buffalo bull, and were so thirsty that they opened the tripe and drank the liquid it contained, to save their lives, for they were so far gone as not to be able to bring any portion of the carcass to camp. That day we came across a shallow pool of water, where we rested a sho

lpga women’s golf tournament 2020 schedule: restart in July, bonus increase_1

lpga women’s golf tournament 2020 schedule: restart in July bonuses increase
lpga women’s golf tournament 2020 schedule: restart in July bonus increase    Due to the continued spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, LPGA today announced the remaining schedule for the 2020 season. The current goal of LPGA is to restart the tournament in mid-July.  LPGA CEO Mike Vann sees safety as the top priority: we have developed a timetable that we believe is as safe as possible. Based on our understanding of the travel ban, test availability and event organization, we believe that the new timeThe watch can make both sponsors and players happy to participate.Although there is still a period of time until July, but to resume the game in Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey, the situation in these three states needs to be further improved.  The Walmart Northwest Arkansas Championship, originally scheduled for June 19-21 at the Rogers Hill Country Club in Arkansas, will be postponed until August 28-30.The Marathon Classic, originally scheduled for July 9-12 at the Silvania Highland Ranch Golf Club in Ohio, will be postponed until July 23-26.  The KPMG U.S. Women’s PGA Championship, originally scheduled to be held on June 25-28 at the Allen Nick Golf Club in Newton Square, Pennsylvania, will be postponed until October 8-11.  The Major LPGA Classic, which has not previously announced the rescheduling date, will be postponed until October 1-4 at the Bellesfield Country Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan.The Pelican Women’s Championship, which is rescheduled to November, will now be postponed to November 19-22.The Texas Classic, originally scheduled for October 1st-4th, will be postponed to December 3-6.The LPGA 2020 season finale scheduled to be held at the Dibron Golf Club in Naples, Florida on November 19-22 will be postponed to December 17-20.  Due to the limited dates of the official LPGA competition, the UL International Crown Cup will not be held in 2020.In addition, the previously suspended Founders’ Cup, Hawaii Championship, Hugel-Air Premia Los Angeles Open and Mediwhal LPGA Championship will return in the 2021 season.  LPGA also announced that it will increase the prize money for the remaining events in 2020, bringing the total prize money remaining this year to more than $56 million, with an average of nearly $2.7 million in prize money per game.  The following is the updated schedule for the 2020 season:  7.15-18 Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational (Midland C. Michigan Midland Golf Club)C., Midland, Michigan)$2.3M7.23-26 Marathon LPGA Classic presented by Dana Highland Meadows G. Silvania, OhioC., Sylvania, Ohio)$2M7.31-8.2 ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer (Sea View, A Dolce Hotel (Bay Course), Galloway, New Jersey) $2M8.6-9 The Evian Championship (Evian Championship) France Evian Leban Evian Resort Golf Club (Evian Resort G.C., Evian-les-Bains, France)$4.1M8.13-16 Aberdeen Standard Investments Ladies Scottish Open (The Renaissance Club, North Berwick, Scotland) $1.5M8.20-23 AIG Women’s British Open (AIG Women’s British Open) Royal Troon G.C., Troon, Scotland)$4.5M8.28-30 Walmart NW Arkansas Championship presented by P&G, Pinnacle C. Rogers Hill Country Club, ArkansasC., Rogers, Arkansas) $2M9.3-6 CP Women’s Open (Shaughnessy G. Vancouver, Canada) and C.C., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)$2.35M9.10-13 ANA Inspiration, Mission Hills C. Rancho Milla, CaliforniaC., Rancho Mirage, California)$3.1M9.17-20 Cambia Portland Classic, Columbia Edgewater C. Portland, Oregon Columbia Edgewater Golf ClubC., Portland, Oregon)$1.75M9.24-27 Kia Classic, Aviara G. Golf Club, Carlsbad, CaliforniaC., Carlsbad, California)$2M10.1-4 Meijer LPGA Classic for Simply Give Blythefield C. Grand Rapids, MichiganC., Grand Rapids, Michigan)$2.3M10.8-11 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Aronimink G. Newton Square, PennsylvaniaC., Newtown Square, Pennsylvania)$4.3M10.15-18 Buick LPGA Championship Buick LPGA Shanghai China Shanghai Qizhong Golf Club $2.1M10.22-25 BMW Ladies Championship (LPGA International Busan, Busan, Republic of Korea) $2M10.29 – 11.1LPGA Skirts Swinging Championship (Taiwan Swinging Skirts LPGA) Miramar Golf and Country Club, New Taipei City, Taipei, China $2.2M11.6-8 TOTO Japan Classic (Taiheyo Club (Minori Course), Ibaraki, Japan) $1.5M11.12-15 offseason 11.19-22 Pelican Women’s Championship presented by DEX Imaging Pelican G. Florida Golf CourseC., Belleair, Florida)$2M11.26-29 offseason (Thanksgiving) 12.3-6 Texas Classics (Volunteers of America Classic) Old American G. Crowney, TexasC., The Colony, Texas)$1.75M12.10-13 U.S. Women’s OpenS. Women’s Open hosted by USGA.Champions G. Houston, TexasC.(Houston, Texas) $5.5M12.17-20 CME Group Tour Championship (Tiburon G. Naples Golf Club)C., Naples, Florida) Tiburon G.C., Naples, Florida Original title: Women’s Professional Golf Tournament plans to restart awards in July

Nanjing Xinbai terminated the purchase of 100% equity of Lanhai Kerui

Nanjing Xinbai terminated the purchase of 100% equity of Lanhai Kerui
On March 10, Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nanjing Xinbai”) issued an announcement, announcing the termination of the purchase of 100% equity of Lanhai Kerui.Nanjing Xinbai said in the announcement that it originally planned to purchase 100% of the equity of Shanghai Blue Ocean Kerui Financial Information Services Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as this transaction), and raised non-public shares from no more than 10 specific investors.Gather matching funds.Due to changes in the macroeconomic environment and internal capital market conditions during the progress of this transaction, after carefully listening to the opinions of all parties and fully investigating and demonstrating, all parties to the transaction believe that there are uncertainties and risks in continuing the transaction at this stage.In order to protect the interests of the company and all shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders, the parties to the transaction have carefully studied and negotiated and unanimously decided to terminate the transaction.According to Sauna and Yewang, according to relevant regulations, Nanjing Xinbai promised not to plan asset reorganization within one month from the date of termination of this transaction announcement.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Lin Image source Nanjing Xinbai official Weibo screenshot editor Peng Yali proofread Zhang Yanjun