Yandi nodded,Tao:“Thanks teacher Huang,You don’t know I’ve always wanted to eat these three dishes,Sometimes my mother often makes it for me,But grown up,Got a job,Often busy not going home,Seldom eaten。”</p>

Huang Lei nodded,Tao:“Have a taste。”</p>
“it is good。”Jan Didao,A short while,He put down his chopsticks and exclaimed:“Teacher Huang,You really,The cooking is great,This is almost the same taste as my mother made。”</p>
Teacher He smiled:“Eat more if it tastes delicious,No one will rob you。”</p>
This sentence sounds warm,Very caring。A smile appeared on Yangdi’s mouth,However, He Jia’s next sentence,Make him choke。</p>
I heard Teacher He continue:“Satiated,It’s time to work。”</p>
Yangdi’s face was so wonderful for a moment,Su Luo smiled:“Digo,Does it hurt your heart?。”</p>
Yang Di put down the tableware,Pretending to be very angry,Accuse some Rao:“Really,Actually, what Teacher He said was very heartwarming,I was moved,The sentence after the result,Eat and drink,What the hell is good work?”</p>
Look at him like that,Teacher He just laughed,And the fan audience in the live broadcast room,They are eating,Sprinkle rice without thinking。</p>
Su Luo almost squirted out,Fortunately, he held it back in time,Holding a smile,Yangdi is a variety talent。</p>
Stalk,One by one,Huang Leidao:“All right,Let’s eat,Don’t eat anymore,The taste changes。”</p>
Teacher He and Su Luo both nodded,Their conversation,The amount of food on the table is directly reduced by half。</p>
Yangdi also picked up chopsticks,Is preparing to enjoy his sizzling milk tofu,But suddenly saw a big spoon coming,Directly less than half。</p>
He was stunned,Look down the spoon,Peng Peng,I don’t know where he got the spoon in my hand。</p>


Other people watching the show,Including the old fish are a little confused。
Samuel squeezed over,Also touched Xu Xuan’s forehead,Then he said seriously to everyone:“Have a fever this is,Where’s the team doctor?Hurry up and take a look.”
Old fish froze,Just reacted,Hurry up and call the team doctor。
“sick?how come?”
“No wonder he was like this,I just said how could Xu throw those balls,Not like him。”
“Still have a fever,Looks like it’s not burning lightly.”
There was a voice of discussion in the Knicks locker room.,Xu Xuan today is not the same as usual,They can tell at a glance,But I never thought I was sick,They never noticed this before.
Little Tim·Hardaway lowered his head in sadness and shame,He really thought Xu Xuan was out too late yesterday,Turns out he wanted to be crooked.
“Xu,Why don’t you say when you are sick?”
The old fish pulled the others away,One step forward,He didn’t think Xu Xuan was out to play,But he thought Xu Xuan was the reason for the training too hard。
Xu Xuan smiled weakly,Tao:“I need this victory.”
Old fish’s surprised way:“You need this victory?”
Xu Xuan took a breath,Put“Little girl”Said it again。
After listening to the story,Needles dropped quietly in the dressing room。
Xu Xuan smiled slightly,Ready to stand up,At this moment a big hand suddenly pressed his shoulder。
Xu Xuan recognized the owner of this big hand,Is melon。

And Huang Lei is a little confused,He doesn’t seem to have any powerful martial arts,As the leader of the martial arts at this time,Does it mean that more troubles will appear next to him,But he doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself,This in itself is a bad thing,In Huang Lei’s opinion, such a thing shouldn’t exist anyway,This is one of the flaws,He wants the chick to change places as soon as possible。

In the game, Huang Lei cannot directly contact them,Unless the chick, they are watching his every move in front of the game console,If Huang Lei wants to come, they can’t be a day24Staring at him。
This group of guys are working on a big project recently,That is to expand the acquired game company,To become more powerful,At this time they need to do more work,More things besides audio,Various technicians have to go to other game companies to dig corners,Including the maintenance of the company also takes a certain amount of time,And chick,Some time ago, I told him that the company was attacked by hackers.,This in itself is an extremely bad thing,There are many situations they face now,There are many crises that are about to be faced,At this time, where is the time to take care of Huang Lei’s affairs?,The little girl said at the time,If something happens they will appear from time to time,You can naturally help Huang Lei at this time,Who knows how long the timing represents?Anyway, Huang Lei feels the situation is worse now,Not optimistic。
Of course the only thing I can do now is to wait。
I don’t know how long to wait,I don’t know what to do,Anyway, Huang Lei should let himself be honest in the past few days.,Lest there be other problems in this matter,It’s not a good thing。
Middle-aged people seem to be,I gave a heavy breath,Huang Lei said,He won’t do something indifferent,Will be quiet at this time。
Despite this,He still showed peculiar caution and caution and was also staring at Huang Lei’s every move,I’m afraid Huang Lei can’t even think about it at this time and walks outside,The current situation is very complicated,The bunch of people outside are dealing with Huang Lei,He became the leader of the martial arts,This position is not a good position,The capable,As long as you have enough ability to solve this leader,And then replaced it. That’s why so many people suddenly attacked him,Of course,Except for the position of this martial arts leader, it is very hot,There is another reason,Just,Huang Lei is too young。
In the eyes of everyone, Kaimai is currently the youngest martial arts leader,It looks unremarkable,But such a person is the leader of all the people in the arena,Martial artist,Is there a few people who can convince him?
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen Can’t stay
So there is one scene after another,The more people provoked the martial arts leader,All tried to defeat him at this time,Then replace him。
So far, no one is close to Huang Lei. Most of them are solved by middle-aged people or other guards lying on the four sides.,There are no other problems。
But this situation must not last long,More and more people appeared around,Some knocked on the door to prepare for the challenge,This situation will only make things worse,Over time,Will only be out of control。
Middle-aged people think of this,Frowning slightly,I thought he should do something at this time,But what can he do now?The current situation is not optimistic at all,Huang Lei became the leader of the martial arts,result,So many things happened。
It’s unrealistic to want to leave at this time,There are already so many people waiting for this,This also means that at this time they can’t run away alone,Must pay for this,Because of this, middle-aged people have a headache,Besides restricting Huang Lei’s freedom,He has to find a way to drive away all the guys outside,Otherwise, the more people accumulate,I’m afraid that no one will be able to face this situation,The so-called alliance master will become more passive and worse at this time,Things will naturally become different at this time,In order to avoid this series of things,Still need to be more cautious and careful,Still need to think of a way on this matter,Make it simple as soon as possible。

but,For a time,The atmosphere of the three is a bit awkward,Don’t know where to start……

Ling Ling first spoke“Start with me,My name is Lingling,Wuhun is bamboo green vine,Twenty-level control soul master!”
Stop talking,Two yellow spirit rings rose under her feet……
Zihao next to him also spoke“My name is Zihao,Wuhun is a rhino!Sixteenth-level Defense Spirit Master!”
A yellow spirit ring also rose under his feet……
Qianyu nodded,Said with a smile“Qianyu,Evil spirit ghost angel,Forty-fourth level auxiliary soul sect!”
The four million-year-old spirit rings shining with dazzling golden light suddenly lit up……
Zi Hao’s pupils widened,As if I had hallucinations,“four……Forty-fourth level soul sect???false……really!”
Lingling swallowed her throat,Secretly“How long have you been hospitalized?!This Qianyu reached the forty-fourth level soul sect,This terrifying talent!”
But the two suddenly remembered that Qianyu seemed to say that their martial soul was an evil martial soul before.!!
“hiss”The hearts of the two began to throb……
Qianyu saw their shock and fear,Sigh“do not worry,Although my spirit is an evil spirit,But it won’t be affected like other evil spirit masters.!”
Lingling and Zihao heard Qianyu’s explanation,Glanced at each other,My heart eased a lot!
A student of evil spirits is practicing in Shrek,The college can’t not handle,So Qianyu can still stay in Shrek Academy safely,I’m afraid it’s really as he said,His spirit is different from the spirit of other evil spirit masters!
Lingling and Zihao suppress fear,Curiously“Qianyu,Can you show us your martial soul?”
They have never seen evil spirits since they were born!

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Shen Ruoxi finally reacted,Immediately changed his mouth with a guilty conscience……
“Small,Play with me, right??”
Qin Liang smiled faintly,Then he asked lightly。
Yang Shiyun immediately became guilty,Dodge his eyes and answer。
“Wait for my call at night。”
Qin Liang threw a word,Then smiled at Yang Shiyun,Then turned around and left,Yang Shiyun was shocked,Then he pretended to be nonchalant and greeted the policemen to get into the car,Then she walked back to Shen Ruoxi and the others。
“sister,Is there anything else??If not, I will withdraw first,During work,I won’t stay with you for now。”
Yang Shiyun is here to say goodbye to Shen Ruoxi and others。
“Yep,do your stuff,Let’s call if something happens。”
Shen Ruoxi nodded and agreed,Murong Shan also reached out and patted Yang Shiyun’s arm,I said goodbye……
“sister,Need us to go with you?”

“It’s useless,Sister and Sister told me,Our sisters’ worship group is not based on age,According to the time of worship,and so,You can only be the third sister in this life,Hahahaha……”

Yang Shiyun said deliberately,In fact, whether it is Murong Shan,Still Shen Ruoxi,Never said anything like this。
“Still bring this?Then can I quit worshipping first?Then add it in?”
Chen Hao still doesn’t give up,Still eager to change my position in the sister group。
“You retire and I retire,You add me and add,Anyway, I’m Xiaosier,You’re a junior,Hahahaha。”
Yang Shiyun laughed so happy。
“Poor Sister Chen,Ugh……”
“Swallow,I want to cry for a while……”
Chen Hao immediately followed Yanzi’s words。
“Don’t cry,Third sister,Crying doesn’t change much,You still accept your fate。”
Yang Shiyun immediately interrupted。
“Don’t want to talk to you,I hate you。”
Chen Hao deliberately pouted and said。
“Third sister,I love you,Always love you,Hahahaha。”

The people of Gadi,Always so self-righteous,Xia Chenglong turned slowly to look at the bodyguard,Without warning,The big hand directly contained the opponent’s throat。

“A rubbish in Moulding Realm dare to scream here,Remember after the next life,Some people are not something you can provoke。”
“Cough cough!”
The bodyguard never thought,The gap between the two sides is so big,When Xia Chenglong’s hand contained his throat,The aura in the body started to block,So he is a trash now。
Struggling with both hands to escape,But found no way。
Xia Chenglong’s eyes showed a cruel look,Sen white flame appeared directly from the hand,The bodyguard has not had time to scream and has become a pile of black scum falling on the ground。
Cruel,Diaoye and Fatty didn’t expect,The relatively gentle man on the surface turned out to be like a devil。
Xia Chenglong directly threw a Xuan-level martial arts to do it,Walk towards the door。
Back to two people,No change in pace,This is a big bet,That gate is the moment when the result of this gambling is announced。
Xia Chenglong’s hand is already on the door,Turn the doorknob,Sliding door,Go out with one foot tower,Just when the whole body is going out,I finally called out from behind。
Xia Chenglong secretly relieved,A wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth,He won the gamble,Turn around。
“Long brother, don’t be angry,Just a test,After all, we are in our business,It’s better to be careful。”Diao Ye Tan Tan Shou,Shrug。
“and so……now what?”
“Ten times the original,I can give Brother Long ten times more goods,What do you think?”
Xia Chenglong shook his head:“I want twenty times,This is a one-off business,Maybe won’t be here for a long time,So I hope we can make a deal at once,Owe nothing。”
Twenty times?
Diaoye and Fatty were shocked,Someone who can swallow so many things in one go,Even if they haven’t seen it in a lifetime。
Is it possible that this is stronger than the Liu family??

Wu Dajing fell again, Liu Shaolin won the gold medal in Shanghai Station 500 meters

Wu Dajing fell again, Liu Shaolin won the gold medal in Shanghai Station 500 meters
For two consecutive days, Wu Dajing fell one after another without a gold medal.Picture / Visual China After falling off the track yesterday, Wu Dajing fell again today.Wu Dajing fell again in the men’s 500m quarter-finals in the second final day of the short-track speed skating World Cup Shanghai station just ended, and missed the semifinals.In the first final of 500 meters yesterday, Wu Dajing competed with kidney player Liu Shaolin on the last lap and fell out of the track.”In the last two laps, Wu Dajing always wanted to pass me from the outer circle, and I also wanted to protect my position.In the last half of the lap, I felt that he was over and I didn’t move much, so I put my hand down.It is estimated that Wu Dajing’s slippery circle is a bit big, he slipped out by himself.”Liu Shaolin said that he has never seen Da Jing fall on the ice like this. He has never seen him lying on the ice after the end.After the game, Wu Dajing was rushed to the hospital.The inspection results showed that Wu Dajing would not hurt the crotch, and the waist was injured.This World Cup has set two finals of men and women 500 meters.According to the opinion of the national team, Wu Dajing may not participate in today’s second 500-meter race, but Wu Dajing insists on participating.In an interview before the game, Wu Dajing said that at home, his mentality and state will be better, “I hope to regain confidence in Shanghai.”” At the 2017 World Cup Shanghai Station, Wu Dajing got the gold medals of 500 meters and 1000 meters on the ice of the Oriental Sports Center.But for various reasons, Shanghai hosted the World Cup last year.In the quarter-finals today, Wu Dajing played with injuries.In the first half of the match, Wu Dajing remained in third place.But on the last lap, Wu Dajing fell out of the track again when trying to overtake. No one from the Chinese team advanced to the semi-finals in this project.After that, Wu Dajing returned directly to the dressing room without interviewing.As yesterday, today ‘s men ‘s 500 meters finally happened again for the second time in a dramatic scene.For the most part of the game, Ashgariyev and South Korea’s Li Junrui had led the way, with Liu Shaolin in third place.When there were more than 20 meters away from the finish line, Ashgaliev and Li Junrui collided, Liu Shaolin took the opportunity to cross the finish line and won the men’s 500 meters two gold medals in Shanghai.In the women ‘s 500-meter final that ended earlier, Chinese player Fan Kexin won the championship and Qu Chunyu won a bronze medal.

[Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Recipes]_ Diet Conditioning _ How to Condition

[Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Recipes]_ Diet Conditioning _ How to Condition

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common disease in infants and young children. It is contagious. After getting hand, foot and mouth disease, it should be treated with medication in a timely manner, and diet should be strengthened in normal times. Parents should pay more attention in this regard. Good diet can improveThe child’s immunity can achieve a good adjuvant treatment. There are many foods in this area. Let’s take a look at the recipes for hand, foot and mouth disease.

Hand-foot-mouth disease recipe one, hand-foot-and-mouth disease diet square carrots, 15g of white grass root, 1 section of bamboo cane, 15g of raw barley kernels, 1 daily, Jianshui substitute tea.

5 rushes, 3g cicada, 1 kapok, 10g chicken bone grass, 50g lean pork, soup.

Lotus leaf porridge: 2 fresh lotus leaves, 50 grams of white rice, chopped lotus leaves, cook porridge to eat.

Above 3 every year?
For a 6-year-old child, the dosage can be increased or decreased according to the age.

Second, what is good for hand, foot and mouth disease? Good health in the first stage.

Mouthaches, fear of eating.

Dietary points: Mainly liquid foods such as milk, soy milk, rice soup, egg flower soup, eat less and eat more, and maintain basic nutritional needs.

In order to reduce mouth pain when eating, the food should not be hot, not cold, and the taste should not be salty or sour.

Here’s a little tip-use a straw to suck and reduce food contact with the oral mucosa.

The second stage burned out.

Mouthache comforts.

The diet is dominated by muddy foods.

Manifestation: milk banana paste.

Milk provides high-quality protein; bananas are easily made into a paste and are blended with carotene and pectin to provide heat, vitamins, and laxative.

The third stage of recovery.

Eat more often.

Do not need too much, and high nutrition.

Such as egg custard, add a small amount of ground vegetables, crushed tofu, crushed mushrooms and so on.

Normal diet resumes in about ten days.

It is also said that three, hand, foot and mouth disease is best not to eat food 1, fasting cold, spicy, sour and salty irritating food.

2. Pay attention not to eat fish, shrimp and crab during treatment.

How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease 1, develop good hygiene habits, wash your hands with hand soap or soap after going out after meals, and do n’t let your baby drink raw water or cold food

2. Before the caregiver contacts the child, change the diaper for the child and wash their hands after handling the child’s stool.

3. Avoid contact with children suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease. Do not bring your babies to crowds and public places with poor air flow during the epidemic.

4. Keep the family environment sanitary, the room should be ventilated frequently, and the clothes should be regularly washed.

5. When your baby has related symptoms, go to a medical institution in time.

[How to eat shrimp paste]_Shrimp paste_How to_Practice

铏鹃叡鍙互鏈変笉鍚岀殑鍋氭硶锛岃€屼笖寰堝浜轰細鍙戠幇鍏跺疄鍦ㄤ笉鍚岀殑鍦版柟锛屽埗浣滃嚭鐨勮櫨閰卞彛鍛充篃鏄笉涓€鏍风殑锛屼富瑕佹槸鍦ㄥ埗浣滆繃绋嬪綋涓娇鐢ㄥ埌鐨勬潗鏂欎笉涓€鏍凤紝鎵€浠ヤ笅闈㈡垜浠潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬩笉鍚屽湴鍩熻櫨閰辩殑鍋氭硶銆?1 銆 佽 槌 憰 憋 渋 渁 棌 Ad?The father and mother are so sorrowful, they are very sorrowful, and they are different. They are different, and they are divided into different languages. They are splitting up and are n’t splitting.眴绮夈€佺墰濮滄湯銆佹鐨拰鐩愭悈鍖€鍏ュ潧鍙戦叺鍗抽鐢ㄩ鐢ㄦ椂鍐嶆补鐓庣倰鍏跺懗椴滈吀閰ヨ荆鑳 borrow 紑 鑳 冧 滨 楗?2 銆 佽 斌 氋 憋 Paper Xian Feng 冡 Ad?鍦版楠璋冨懗椋熷扇鐢ㄥ皬娴护骞叉按铏炬檼鍑犲ぉ锛夊€掑叆鐭宠嚰鍔犵洂锛堣櫨涓庣洂姣斾緥2锛?It ‘s not easy to get around, but it ‘s not easy to get around, and it ‘s not easy to get out of the way. It ‘s not easy to get up and down, and it ‘s going to be ten or so, and it ‘s going to be like a tree.綈鏂欐棦铇告眮鍙堢倰鑿滅倰鐣柉鍙躲€佽妺澶磋嫍鍔犵偣娌欒櫨閰遍鍛虫祿閮佸埡婵€椋熸 3銆佽櫨閰憋Paper ╂ TouchFear of picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, picking10 chain knots?0鏂よ櫨鐨紙绉嶅皬铏撅級鐢ㄦ竻姘存礂鍑€鏀惧叆骞插噣鍧涘瓙鍐嶆斁鍏ョ簿鐩?500 嬬 嬬 敤 Chain ㄦ Qi Echo Award Award Ceremony 灏 佸 ソ 鍙 夫 澶 敶 ╄ 痮 痶 ╄ 缮 d 笂 娆 $ 瓑 15 澶 ╄ 栌 僰 尤 問 将 啤 尤 問 嚤 問 尤 僕 僤Insufficiency: cre creases, bugs, worms, worms, worms, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows眴罐愩€佺偢铏鹃叡楦$繀绛夌瓑