Bo Ren’s nine-tailed claws clenched into fists several times and all of their attacks failed.。

“hateful.Who are these guys!”
Mouse squinted,Looking at the enemies who are constantly intertwined in front of them, guessed:“It should be the latest product of the biochemical ghost project of the umbrella organization,Crazy baby。”
“Ugh?This name is so ugly。”
Bo Ren suddenly interrupted and said。
“.Give biochemical ghosts the ability to inherit blood boundaries,It seems that the umbrella organization should be successful。”Uchiha Ratyu said,“Come to face!”
Susanoh suddenly emerged from the mouse who stood in the front,It seems that I feel a natural awe for Susano,Three crazy babies are from the left of Susanoh,To the right and above,Come to the blogger behind Shuyou。
Two nine-tailed claws grab the hands of the crazy baby jumping into the air,Pull the other person in front of you。
“Spiral pill!”
Bo Ren solved a crazy baby in an instant。
Different from Bo Renmo,Kawaki’s type is obviously a ninja,So when facing the crazy baby, I obviously fell into the disadvantage。
Not only is there no ninjutsu to restrict the opponent’s actions,Be careful of crazy baby’s sharp nails everywhere。
“Hey,Blogger,Don’t be proud,Hurry up and help Chuanmu。”
“I know。”
As if knowing the intentions of Shuyu and Bo Ren,Before two people support,Two crazy babies chose to escape。
“Actually ran away.hateful!”
Kawaki clenched his fist,Compared to the enemy’s escape,More is his anger at his weak。
Like this,It is impossible to destroy the shell organization,Beat Cixian。
“what!The crazy baby that I shot flying is gone!”

Then the flow of his blood increases,High-speed secretion of adrenaline。Attention starts to be highly concentrated,As if time has slowed down。

Between,Then this game must be in a superb state, right?。
Just take the Raptors,This is simply perfect!
“Raptors players start to play!They wore dark purple jerseys,Tyrannosaurus on the jerseyLOGOAs if to choose people!”
“I like the RaptorsLOGO,Very exciting。”
“The first appearance is this year’s second show,6-foot-11 center at the University of Massachusetts——Marcus Camby in jersey number 21!”
“Fans cheering enthusiastically!It seems that Camby is very popular with Toronto fans!”
“Then the other players played in turn!The war spirit on their faces is undisguised!”
“The last player to play is the University of Arizona’s five-foot-10 guard,20Guardian Flying Squirrel——Damon Stoudemire!”
“The flying squirrel rushed into the court by way of glider!He gave each of his teammates a high five。then,Then he looked at Kobe。”
“Kobe sitting in front of the technical stage,Staring at his opponent like watching a monkey show!”
“Flying Squirrel finds Kobe!”
“Ok?”Kobe wants to say,Please continue your performance,What am i doing。
“My nickname is Little Flying Squirrel,Your name Peter Pan。Today we two,Only one person can fly out of here!”
“Oh。”Kobe winked,Do you have to say something harsh at this time?,But good second,I can’t tell myself。

Hong Yan’s voice came from the kitchen。

And the last dish is not ready,He is busy in the kitchen alone,No time to come out。
“One more person?”Zhan Li frowned,Ask Chi Jiao,“Who?Sounds familiar。”
She doesn’t bother to ask others,I don’t think other people deserve her question。
The people in the kitchen knew she was here,But didn’t come out to meet her,Make her feel uncomfortable。
“It’s teacher Hong Yan,”Chi Jiao said with a smile,“He is cooking in the kitchen now。”
“Hong Yan?he came!”
Zhan Li was taken aback。
When she was popular,Hong Yan is also very red。
When she had no scene to film,Hong Yan is still very red。
People have been really popular for more than ten years,Evergreen Tree,Although it’s not as popular as her,But more than ten years of accumulation of popularity and connections,Are quite amazing。
Although the personality is recognized as gentle,But everyone in the circle knows,Such people can’t afford。
In front of this person,She can’t put on the predecessor’s score。
A surprise smile suddenly appeared on his face,Squealed:“Rock brother,is it you?I’m Zhan Li!”

Location of the entrance of Konoha Village。

“tooth,Sakura,Hinata,You are all here!”
Naruto said while running over。
“Naruto,You are too slow。”
Ya looked at Naruto in front of her and said dissatisfied。
“Sorry sorry。”
Naruto put his palms together and said。
“In short,We asked for fireworks personal items from the patriarch.,With this,I should be able to find the fireworks soon。”
Ya said,While putting the firework training clothes on the nose of the Ninja Dog Akamaru。
After Chimaru sniffed a few times,Make a barking sound。
“it is good,Everyone will follow Akamaru!”
“Just ahead!”
After listening to Akamaru’s barking,,Tooth pointed to the woods outside Konoha Village and said。
“it is good!Then everyone,I speed it up first!”
Naruto closes his eyes,His consciousness enters his body。
Naruto’s body。

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“How capable is Changyi Peng,Others don’t know,Don’t you guys know?I have no ability at all,Get rid of、Courageous,I really don’t have any skills。Things made me catch up,Just let who catch up,No one can do worse than me。and also,I am not delegating power,I am really worried,Worried about another incident like Niuguantun,In that case, the trouble will be big!”

Lu Hui says:“Sometimes it’s nice to be a bystander。”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m afraid there will be no bystanders at that time,I’m afraid we all have to fight the board。”
“But not so,What can you do?”Lu Hui asked him this question again。
Yes,Not so,What can?Peng Changyi sighed helplessly。
Lu Hui said again:“You see you come back so long,Neither of our brothers had a chance to chat together,but I know,I just won’t be near you,Others will think I am your person,You Peng Changyi won’t take me as an outsider,I think I have a clear conscience。That day,Yao Bin is back,A few of us drank,He didn’t drink less,I sent him home,in fact,He is also full of grievances and suffering,Maybe he drank too much that day,A word repeatedly told me,Chang Yi misunderstood him……”
First207chapter See ex-wife again
Peng Changyi disagrees a little,He snorted in his heart,Did not speak,But looked elsewhere。
Lu Hui continued:“When i say this,I know what you think,Otherwise, I’ll be your dude for so many years in vain。”
Peng Changyi smiled。
Lu Hui went on to say:“I know,You will have different interpretations of Yao Bin’s words,But on Yao Bin,You promise to misunderstand him。”
Peng Changyi said:“I do not have,Really do not have,He is a normal promotion,I won’t be a bastard to the point where I don’t let people go out to work?Say again,I want to stop,Can i stop?Jiang Fan didn’t want Meng Ke to leave?Later, when I heard that Meng Ke was promoted,Can he stop?”
“Don’t take it too far,We are talking about Yao Bin。”Lu Hui reminded him
Peng Changyi said:“Same goes for Yao Bin,I didn’t go to Qingping to see him ignorant,Otherwise,I don’t think I misunderstood him。”
Lu Hui says:“I know that,Although you didn’t say,But I explained to Yao Bin,I said Changyi is very disgusted to see how you do it in series,Rest on my head,I’m not going to see you anymore。How can the government team go?,Municipal Party Committee go again,NPC go again,Even the CPPCC will go again?originally,The municipal party committee is a whole,All included,What do people in Qingping think?and so,Changyi should not go。”
Peng Changyi said:“Ha ha,Not exactly that reason,Later, I received a notice to go to the party school, right??And I was walking in a hurry,Admission letter received on Friday afternoon,Standing Committee on Saturday morning,Reported on Sunday,Really run out of time。”
Lu Hui smiled,Say:“okay,What do you think i don’t know?”

The general obviously doesn’t know much about his daughter,So I was surprised after hearing this news。

“Your daughter,Exactly the same as when you were young,When you need to catch a criminal in an emergency,Totally desperate,Rush,Unstoppable,For our Haishang public security team,Made great contributions,Let her be a detachment leader,I feel wronged to her……”
Liu Yong appropriately slapped the general’s flattery,But what he said is really true,As a young female detective,Yang Shiyun is indeed very good。
“She is young,Don’t promote her to a cadre,Should let her exercise more at the grassroots level,Experience more setbacks and difficulties,To grow up better。”
The general said so,I am still very proud of and proud of my daughter,After all, she didn’t discredit her laozi,Also brought him glory。
“But Comrade Commander,You have to explain to your daughter yourself in a moment,Her little temper is coming up,I am afraid of her too……”
Liu Yongyi remembered how Yang Shiyun lost his temper,I also feel“fear”。
Especially when she shed tears,That’s simply unspeakable,Upset,She has no temper at all。
“Explain a fart,I won’t be over if I don’t see her,Can’t provoke me yet can’t hide……”
The general said this sentence,I’m embarrassed。
It turns out that he can’t provoke his daughter……
Small room,Yang Shiyun by Qin Liang“Smallpox”After one pass education,I’m confused,It seems that I was really wrong,So I pouted aggrievedly and said nothing。
“Why are you pouting??Knowing that I was wrong and not proactively admitting it?”
Qin Liang is a secretive,This silly girl has fooled herself again。

Jiang Fan looked at the glass in his hand,I looked at my cup again,He knew what was going on,The hand holding the water glass is trembling,He said:“She did it?”

Jin Shengshui said with a smile:“I just swept the floor……”
Jiang Fan puts down the cup,Said painfully:“Xiaojin,This glass is not pressed,You go find tools,Remove all the glass on the bookcase,In addition,All the water cups in my house are replaced with paper cups,I also use paper cups。”
“mayor……”Jin Shengshui called,Looked at him sadly。
Jiang Fan waved his hand,Said:“Do as i say。”
Jin Shengshui listened,Took the piece of glass and went out。
Jin Shengshui didn’t go to the hotel to eat with Jiang Fan,He ate in the office canteen,After eating,He did as expected by the mayor,I got pliers from the electrician、Screwdriver and other tools,About to unload the glass on the bookcase,Cao Nan came in,He said:
“Xiaojin,what are you doing。”
Jin Shengshui saw Cao Nan coming in,Said:“The mayor asked me to remove the glass from the bookcase。”
“Why remove?What happened?”
Jin Shengshui said:“The glass on the bookcase broke a piece,The mayor said that it was completely removed,I won’t be able to fight anymore。”
“Her wife did it?”
“Ok。”Jin Shengshui nodded,Nothing else。
Cao Nan said angrily:“Cheng Ho System,Never let go,Put that piece on,We just pretend to let her smash!”
“that,If the mayor is……”
“listen to me,He just said that,Angry words!”
Cao Nan helped Jin Shengshui press the piece of glass。
morning,Work through staff,The foundation turmoil temporarily subsided,in the afternoon,The two foundations are still open,But a big poster was posted at the gate:Notice to all shareholders。The rough meaning of this poster is that the government guarantees to pay shareholders’ cash;More than 20,000 yuan must be declared;Don’t believe the gossip;For those regular depositors,If you withdraw early, you will lose interest,In addition, I specifically explained to everyone that the foundation is currently operating normally,It is a financial institution established by the state and local governments,It’s not that it’s going to go bankrupt,and many more。In the evening, Zhang Huai’s TV speech on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government,Repeatedly broadcast at various times of the TV station,Kangzhou News also repeatedly broadcast this news,The government’s rapid response in a short time,It really calms people’s hearts,Especially those who have fixed deposit certificates,I made some calculations,If spending,Interest is almost nothing。Needless to say others,Kou Jinghai’s wife called Peng Changyi,Said:
“Brother,I watched tv,There seems to be no problem,Otherwise, tell Xiao Li,I won’t pay that money temporarily,I’ll go to her tomorrow to get my passbook。”

2017 Athletics World Championships schedule starts on August 4th Su Bingtian leads the Chinese team

2017 Athletics World Championships schedule starts on August 4th Su Bingtian leads the Chinese team
The 2017 World Championships will be held in London from August 4th to 13th. In this World Championship, the Chinese team will send 46 players to participate in 17 competitions, including 24 male athletes and 22 female athletes.Among them, Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye participated in the men’s 100m race, while Xie Zhenye participated in the 200m race, and Zhang Peimeng was on the men’s relay list.Li Jinzhe, the national record holder of the men’s long jump, and Liu Hong and Wang Zhen, two runners of the Rio Olympic Games, are not on the list. The following is the specific schedule for the World Championships in Track and Field: 2017 World Championships in Track and Field Competition Date Competition Time Beijing Time Competition Stage Competition Items August 4th (Friday) 19:00 the next day 21:00 Preliminaries for men 100m 19:20th day 02:20 Qualifying Tournament Group A men’s discus 19:30 The next day 02:30 Qualifying Tournament men’s long jump 19:35 The next day 02:35 Preliminaries Women’s 1500 meters 19:45 The next day 02:45 Qualifying Tournament Women’s pole vault 20:20th day 03:20 Preliminaries men’s 100m 20:45th day 03:45 Qualifiers Group B men’s discus 21:20th day 04:20 Finals men’s 10,000m August 5th (Saturday) 10:00h00 QualifyingMen’s Shot Put 10:0517:05 Heptathlon Women’s 100m Hurdle 10:3517:35 Qualifying Group A Women’s Hammer Throw 10:4517:45 Preliminaries Men’s 400m 11:0018:00 Qualifying Women’s Triple Jump 11:3018:30Heptathlon Women’s High Jump 11:4518:45 Preliminaries Women’s 100m 12:0519:05 Qualifying Group B Women’s Hammer Throw 12:4519:45 Preliminaries Men’s 800m 19:00 The Next Day 22:00 Heptathlon Women’s Shot Put 19:05The next day 02:05 semifinal men’s 100 meters 19:25 the next day 02:25 final men’s discus 19:35 the next day 02:35 semifinals women’s 1500 meters 20:05 the next day 03:05 the last men’s long jump 20:10 the next day03:10 final women’s 10,000 meters 21:00 heptathlon women’s 200 meters 21:45 days 04:45 final men’s 100 meters August 6 (Sunday) 10:00 17:00 heptathlon women’s long jump10:0517:05 Preliminaries men’s 3000m obstacle run 10:4017:40 Qualifying men’s pole vault 10:5517:55 Final men’s marathon 11:0518:05 Preliminaries men’s 400m hurdles 11:4518:45 Heptathlon group A women’s javelin11:5518:55 Preliminaries Women’s 400m 13:0020:00 Heptathlon Group B Women’s Javelin 13:1520:15 Preliminaries Men’s 110m Hurdles 14:0021:00 Final Women’s Marathon 19:00 The next day 22:00 The last women’s pole vault19:05 the next day 02:05 Qualifying Group A women’s javelin 19:10 the next day 02:10 semifinal women’s 100 meters 19:40 the next day 02:40 semifinal men’s 400 meters 20:10 the next day 03:10 semifinalsMen’s 110-meter hurdles 20:30 the next day 03:30 qualifying group B women’s javelin 20:35 the next day 03:35 final men’s shot 20:40 the next day 03:40 heptathlon women’s 800 m 21:15 the next day 04:15 semi-final men’s 800 meters 21:50 times 04:50 final women’s 100 meters August 7 (Monday) 18:30 the next day 01:30 preliminaries men’s 200 meters 18:35th day 01:35 Qualifying Tournament Men’s Triple Jump 19:00 The next day 02:00 The final women’s hammer throw 19:30 The second day 02:30 Women’s 400m hurdles 20:20 The next day 03:20 Men’s 400m hurdles20:25 the next day 03:25 final women’s triple jump 20:55 the next day 03:55 semi-final women’s 400 meters 21:30 the next day 04:30 final men’s 110 meters hurdles 21:50 the next day 04:50 the last women 1500M August 8 (Tuesday) 19:20 times 02:20 final women’s javelin 19:30 times 02:30 preliminary women’s 200 meters 19:35 days 02:35 final men’s pole vault 20:35 times 03:35Women’s 400m hurdles in the semifinals 20: 40 times 03: 40 Qualifying women’s shot 21: 10 times 04: 10 Final men’s 3000m hurdles 21: 35 times 04: 35 Final men’s 800 meters 21: 50 times 04: 50 finals men’s 400 meters August 9 (Wednesday) 19:05 the next day 02:05 preliminaries Women’s 3000 meters obstacle run 19:10 times the day 02:10 Qualifying women’s long jump 19:20 times the day 02:20 Qualifying AGroup men’s hammer throw 20:05 the next day 03:05 preliminaries men’s 5000 meters 20:25 times the day 03:25 final women’s shot 20:50 times the day 03:50 qualifying group B men’s hammer 20:55 the day 03:55 semifinalsMen’s 200 meters 21:30 times 04:30 finals men’s 400 meters hurdles 21:50 times 04:50 finals women’s 400 meters August 10th (Thursday) 18:30 times 01:30 next day women’s 5000 meters 19:05The next day 02:05 Qualifying Group A men’s javelin 19:10 The next day 02:10 Qualifying women’s high jump 19:25 The next day 02:25 Preliminaries Women’s 800 meters 20:20 The next day 03:20 The final men’s triple jump 20:25th day 03:25 Preliminaries Men’s 1500m 20:35th day 03:35 Qualifying Group B Men’s Javelin 21:05 The next day 04:05 Women’s 200m semifinal 21:35 The next day 04:35 Women’s 400m hurdles21:50 The next day 04:50 Men’s 200 meters finals August 11 (Friday) 10:00 17:00 Decathlon men’s 100 meters 10:1017:10 Qualifying Group A women’s discus 10:4517:45 Preliminary women’s 100 metersColumn 11: 0518: 05 Decathlon men’s long jump 11: 1518: 15 Qualifying men’s high jump 11: 3518: 35 Qualifying group B women’s discus 12: 5519: 55 Decathlon men’s shot put 17:00 The next day 00: 00 TenMen’s high jump 19:05 on the next day 02:05 Women’s 100m hurdles in the semifinals 19:10 on the day 02:10 Last women’s long jump 19:35 on the day 02:35 Women’s 800 meters on the semifinals 20:10 the next day 03:10Semi-final men’s 1500 meters 20:30 the next day 03:30 final men’s chainBall 20:45 Day 03:45 Decathlon men 400 meters 21:25 Day 04:25 Final women 3000 meters obstacle run 21:50 Day 04:50 Final women 200 meters August 12 (Saturday) 10:0017:00 Decathlon men 110m hurdle 10:3517:35 Preliminaries women 4*100m relay 10:5517:55 Preliminaries men 4*100m relay 111:0000:00 Decathlon group A men’s discus 11:2018:20 Preliminaries Women’s 4*400m relay 11:5018:50 Preliminaries Men’s 4*400m relay 12:2019:20 Decathlon Group B men’s discus 14:1521:15 Decathlon men’s pole vault 17:30 Day 00:30Decathlon group A men’s javelin 18:55 times 01:55 Decathlon group B men’s javelin 19:05 days 02:05 final women’s high jump 20:05 days 03:05 last women’s 100m hurdle 20:15 timesDay 03:15 final men’s javelin 20:20 times 03:20 final men’s 5000 meters 20:45 times 03:45 decathlon men’s 1500 meters 21:30 times 04:30 days women’s 4*100 meters relay 21:50th day 04:50 final men’s 4*100m relay August 13 (Sunday) 07:4514:45 final men and women mixed 50km walking 12:2019:20 final women 20km walking 14:2021:20 final men 20kmRace walking at 19:00 the next day 02:00 final men’s high jump 19:10 the next day 02:10 final women’s discus 19:35 the next day 02:35 final women 5,000 meters 20:10 the next day 03:10 the last women 800 meters 20:30The next day 03:30 final men’s 1500 meters 20:55 the next day 03:55 final women’s 4*400 meters relay 21:15 the next day 04:15 final men’s 4*400 meters relay Original title: 2017 track and field world championship schedule Su BingtianLeading Chinese players to participate

Best killing will never make people feel tired, CBA2.0 times really fragrant!

“Best killing” will never make people feel tired, CBA2.0 times really fragrant!
Guo Yifei made a three-point lore.The reason why a miracle is called a miracle is because its probability of occurrence is extremely small.However, previously regarded as a “mirror” of miracles, this season’s CBA is likely to become a routine operation.On the 27th round of the regular season, Nanjing Tongxi team challenged Zhejiang team away on Tuesday. Guo Yifei of Tongxi team made a three-pointer shot before the end of the game. After being blocked for the first time, he got the ball again and lost his balance in the body.In the case of the shot, the ball hit the board and entered the basket, and finally completed the “Lore” 113 to 112.The Zhejiang team coach Liu Weiwei was asked to describe “the mood at this moment” directly after the game. He was so sloppy that there was a reason for this fact: when he was a guest in Nanjing in the first half, Zhejiang team was cast by Tongxi foreign aid Joseph YangThree points for lore, fell twice in the same way on the same opponent.Although the Zhejiang men’s basketball team performed well this season, the damage caused by losing in the most brutal way is also an unavoidable fact.This is the first real “Best Game” in the new year of CBA. In the first 23 rounds of the regular season that ended in 2019, there were more than 14 games that were scored through “Best Game” or “Quasi Game”In the competitions, Guangdong, Shougang and Shenzhen each had two “killer” feats.Counting the gloomy moment this week, this is the third time the Zhejiang team has been “killed” this season, but they also had the highlight of the last three points at home in the 21st round of the Shenzhen team.Guo Yifei scored a three-point lore.Figure / Osports “Surre” is the most flamboyant scene in sports competitions. This is no longer a luxury in the CBA field this season, and even “feng shui rotation” has appeared, becoming the most convincing aspect of the fierce competition in the league.Even the All-Star game was based on the final Hu Mingxuan’s stealing counterattack “quasi lore”, so that the North and South Star teams scored.The exciting and exciting game progress and the lively atmosphere at the battlefield are all indispensable elements to increase the attention of professional leagues, and it also releases a positive signal that the level of CBA competition is improving. Whether it is for league managers, teams or fans, it isHappy to hear and see, exciting phenomenon.For the absolute reason, the popularity of the NBA in the country has declined, and it has just caught up with the foreign fans “show Chinese fans two weeks to see the Shougang team they will beg for the NBA live broadcast”.In this context, Chinese fans raised the banner of “CBA Zhenxiang”, and CBA has really turned the local league into a “large-scale Xiangxiang site.”According to official CBA statistics, the ratings and broadcasts of the platforms in the first 26 rounds of this season have increased compared to the previous season. The official 21-round self-selling CBA box office revenue of the official ticketing platform has exceeded the box office revenue of the entire regular season last season.CBA has advanced 2 this season.In the 0 era, Yao Ming, the chairman of the league, expressed his expectations of “making CBA into the favorite basketball professional league of the Chinese”.In the first year of its inception, the 15 “(quasi) lore” that has appeared has been like a strong needle, allowing basketball to rely on the league to play the foundation to see rewards, and also let the outside see China after the national team World CupBasketball out of the trough hope to revitalize.There are still 18 rounds in the regular season this season, followed by a two-month playoff game. I believe that the “Lore” games will not end there.Miracles may eventually become daily activities, but the “killer” will never make people feel tired.As far as the CBA is concerned, “killer” is more beneficial.□ Liu Chen (Beijing News Sports Commentator) editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Wei Zhuo