I want to give this relic to Donor Lin,if not,The treacherous man came again to snatch,The relic will definitely be unable to keep it。”

“No,Never!This relic is your Buddhist treasure,I’m an outsider,You leave it to me”Lin Yu originally thought the abbot asked him to come in,I just want to thank myself。
did not expect,It turned out to be to hand over Buddhist treasures to myself。
To know,This relic,No value for ordinary people。
But for Buddhism,Like a person’s heart。
“Lin donor,Nothing to do。
If you refuse to accept the relics,Wait until Uemura Musashi comes again,This relic must not be guaranteed,You better accept it!”
The abbot finished saying this,Take out a box from within。
The box is not big or small,Fang Zhengzheng。
“This is the relic,You must protect,Don’t fall into the hands of a traitor。”
The abbot finished,Opened the box。
then,A light flashed from the box。
Subsequently,A golden stone appeared in Lin Yu’s eyes。
For the relics of Buddhism,Lin Yu had heard of it a long time ago,But never seen。
This is the first time Lin Yu has seen the relic。
Worthy of being a Buddhist holy thing,The Hao Ran above is so strong。
“it is good,Then I will accept the relic。”
“Thank you Lin Donor for accepting it,So that I don’t become a sinner,Except this one,There is one more thing to give to the donor。”
The abbot finished,Took out another book。

Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Said:“This is indeed genuine,You can always start!”

Mo Ziqin smiled angrily when he heard this.,Some helplessly rolled his eyes,Does this fucking still use him?,Master Yan just confirmed it,Is genuine,And Mo Xiaosheng held back for a long time, but he only squeezed out a sentence to start,No other comments,Obviously a layman who knows nothing。
“it is good!”
Mo Qingwu nodded,Didn’t say anything more,After all, no doubt about employing people,Suspicious。
“Mr. Mo,Since you said you know feng shui knowledge,I want to ask you,If this god Wangding is photographed by us,Do you know how to use it?”
Mo Ziqin turned his head to look at Mo Xiaosheng and frowned.。
“This one……I’m not too sure……Still wait for us to take it,Let me study and study!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,It’s not that he can’t use it,In the memory of his ancestors,There are so many uses of this artifact,He didn’t know which one to tell Mo Ziqin!
And now the main task is whether the Mo family can photograph this tripod,As for how to use,It’s all afterword。
Mo Ziqin sneered when he heard this.,Then some helpless sigh,I didn’t pay attention to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Boss,I told you already,This is just buying a lottery and meaning,If the Mo family wants to prosper,It’s your hard work!”
Mo Qingwu noticed his son’s frustrated look,Can’t help but hummed in a deep voice。
In fact, he didn’t put the hope of the prosperity of the Mo family on this tripod.,But just in case,He can’t let other families and families grab this tripod,Especially the Nangong family!
Even if this tripod is a pile of scrap iron,He must also fight over,He fought with the old man of the Nangong family for a lifetime,This time is no exception,Must compete!
“Yes,What my father taught is!”Mo Ziqin nodded dejectedly。
“Master Yan,Now that it has been determined that the tripod is real,Can we start the auction now??”
The fat housekeeper saw Yan Binghe holding this god Wangding and kept watching,Can’t help but remind in a low voice。

——Not particularly lack of money,No one wants to give their excellent originality to a traffic to ruin。

Qu Wan’er invests heavily in seeking originality,Not so smooth。
To attend the awards show,But I don’t have my own song to sing,This makes her very worried。
So that when she went to study with the music teacher,There are some absent-minded。
This makes her teacher very upset,I feel that this is disrespect for myself,So he asked sternly:“What happened to you today,So out of state?Is it 10,000 yuan for an hour of class,Can it be spoiled like this??”
Chapter Four and Three apprentice
This music teacher actually likes Qu Wan’er a student。
There is no ambiguous attitude,At his age,I can only have eye addiction,I want to be ambiguous but I can’t get ambiguous。
His granddaughter is older than Qu Wan’er,He is still a normal person,Don’t have that kind of beast idea。
like her,Because I think this little girl works hard,Singing talent is also okay。
Although the previous singing skills were messy and terrible,But that’s because I have not received professional guidance。
It’s gradually like that now。
This growth rate,In his teaching career,Is also extremely rare。
Related to talent,Also related to effort。
Old people,Have kind words to this world,I generally appreciate the kind of hardworking people。
I originally took this job just to find a job after retirement,Make some spare money,Add a dowry to your granddaughter。
That’s a job。
But I taught for more than two months,But gradually changed my mind,A little bit about Qu Wan’er as her apprentice in it。

Quality role players!

As long as the Pacers are slightly strengthened this summer,This Pacers will definitely become one of the top teams in the league!
On the field。
Game start。
Gortat beats Hibbert again with a jump ball,Ball to Wall,Did not make any stay,Right hand throw,Basketball is like Pierce flying forward。
Fast break!”
“The Wizards’ first round is a fast break!”
Pierce turned to wipe the middle distance!
Pacers’ bottom line ball is fast,You are fast and we are fast!
“Pacers are the previous running and bombing lineup,It seems that coach Frank has already guessed how the Wizards will play the same。”
Guess the wool!
Frank just thinks this lineup is very suitable for Xu Xuan to play,Anyway3ratio0Up,They are right how they fight now。

“Want to。”The man nodded repeatedly。

“Rent for 20 yuan per game,Deposit fifty。”
So the other party followed him back to sweep the deposit and rent。
When coming out again,Holding a football in his hand。
Feng Jie didn’t follow it,He returned to his seat behind the counter,Take out the phone,Plan to continue playing games。
as expected,They lost the previous round。
His teammates not only hurried Zuan words to him on the channel, but also reported him to hang up……
“Fuck!”Feng Jie raised his head and looked at the football field outside the window,At the same time he cursed。
The two culprits are on the court。
But he took a look,I couldn’t take my eyes away。
He saw the football fall from a height,And the girl who he thought didn’t understand the ball gently raised her toes,The football that fell was firmly sandwiched between the face bone of her calf and the back of the instep.。
What a joke……
Feng Jie’s eyes widened。
A ball that fell so high,Didn’t even make preparations,Toe up like this,Just stopped the football……Are you putting glue on your shoes??!
The things that left him stunned continue。

He can barely squeeze a smile,Congratulations from colleagues。

He also watched this show,So he can understand the reaction of his colleagues。
But this can only make him more entangled and depressed。
Shouldn’t I stop him from playing football?
He actually has a talent for playing football,It’s more suitable for walking this way than my father?
The coach of the school team said on the show yesterday,To make up for the ten-year gap with others,Hu Lai is very hard and desperate in training……If I let him go to professional football training since I was young,Will he take this road easier??
So I’ve always been wrong?
This series of rhetorical questions made Hu Lixin extremely painful。
As a person who firmly believes that he is for the good of his children,Consider for children,A true father,Facing such a reality, I feel that the Three Views will be broken into pieces。
If he hadn’t seen his son’s goals in the Chinese League,He was really beaten to death and didn’t believe this kid he had seen growing up with his own eyes,It only took three years of training time,From a layman who can’t play football,Become a qualified professional player。
Hu Lai is rising too fast,Too early to fame,This makes him feel unreality。
I always think something is wrong,Is there something being overlooked。
Because it stands to reason,This kind of thing shouldn’t happen。
In terms of Hu Lixin’s life experience and experience,He can’t understand the fact that his son’s rocket rise。
For an adult with a fixed outlook,It’s really not that easy to change the mindset。
So when working this day,Hu Lixin is a little confused,Mind doesn’t seem to be at work。
In the eyes of his colleagues headed by Lao Fan,Hu Lixin’s performance is quite normal。

Among the drug dealers that Yang Shiyun led,One is his own brother,And accidentally came out to take Yang Shiyun as a hostage,The female drug dealer who was shot to death by Qin Liang,Is his sister-in-law!

What Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang didn’t know was:The arrest scene at that time,And the fifth drug gang member……
That person is much more cunning!
After he witnessed the capture scene with his own eyes,Secretly followed Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang’s car to the Haishang City Bureau Criminal Police Team,I waited patiently outside until Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun came out,Then followed them to Yang Shiyun’s house。
Because Qin Liang didn’t leave immediately after arriving at Yang Shiyun’s house,This guy mistakenly thought Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang were a police couple,So I wrote down the house number of Yang Shiyun’s house before leaving,Then report this information to his hungry boss Yang Guang。
So Yang Guang, who was already ferocious,I immediately found the boss of another criminal gang who had a good relationship with him,Xu Yizhongjin,Want them to kill Yang Shiyun,This is his shrewdness,Killing the police is such a dangerous thing,He won’t do it himself,Anyway, he has money,rich,Naturally someone will do this for him。
As agreed in advance,The gang who went to kill Yang Shiyun,After succeeding, he will leave Haishang City immediately,And will not have any contact with him again for three months。
But what he never expected was:More than twenty people,Kill two policemen with guns,Not only failed,Fan’er was swept away,Because of the police’s tight seal,Yang Guang didn’t know that his revenge action had completely failed,I don’t even know that among those desperadoes,Someone will confess him……
So when Bald brought Qin Liang and his special forces to the outside of his villa。Yang Guangzheng is holding a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl,Ready to go to his bedroom……
“Surrounded,None of them are allowed。Swallow,Yang Zhi,Qiangzi and Marin follow me in,Others are responsible for the outside。”
Although Qin Liang has notified Liu Yong,,But he didn’t want to wait for the police to arrive,Because he can’t wait to see the man who wanted to kill Yang Shiyun。
“Boss,Is caught alive?still is?”
Qiangzi specifically asked。
“Capture Yang Guang alive,other people,You are Welcome……If you can not kill,Don’t kill it……”
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Cristiano Ronaldo shoots Bell in 2 minutes and 2 goals Real Madrid 5-0 win over Atletico Barcelona _1

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots Bell in 2 minutes and 2 goals Real Madrid 5-0 win over Atletico Barcelona
At 5:00 a.m. Beijing time on March 30 (22:00 local time on the 29th local time), the 31st round of the La Liga 2013-14 season started a competition at the Bernabeu Stadium, and Real Madrid faced Vallecano at home.Bell assisted Ronaldo in the first half to open the record; Ronaldo assisted Carvajal in the second half to expand his lead, Bell scored two goals in two minutes, Morata added icing on the cake, Real Madrid defeated Vallecano 5-0 and continued to rankThird place in the league.  Real Madrid and Vallecano faced 29 times in the history of La Liga. The Galaxy Battleship had 22 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.The last 10 matches between the two sides, Real Madrid won.The last encounter between the two teams was the 12th round of La Liga this season. Real Madrid beat their opponents 3-2 away. C Romeo scored twice and Benzema scored 1 goal.In this game, Ramos and Di Maria lifted the ban and come back, Coentran and Ilya Lamendi rotated Marcelo and Modric respectively, and Ronaldo, Bell, and Benzema continued to partner the striker.>>>C Luo Tuo 3 people broke the two records to declare war Messi     this game, Ancelotti did not dare to rush to rotate, as expected, C Ronaldo played with injuries.The Portuguese scored in the opening 15 minutes. Bell scored a cross and Ronaldo quickly plugged in from among the 3 defenders of Vallecano and shot a low shot through Luvin’s ten fingers.Cristiano Ronaldo scored 10 consecutive games (Real Madrid + Portugal) and continued to set a personal longest goal record.Since joining Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has “opened cans” in La Liga 40 times, which is higher than Messi’s 38 times in the same period, ranking first in La Liga.  In the 55th minute, Real Madrid expanded their lead. Bell passed from the right and Ronaldo made a selfless back pass. Carvajal shot with a left foot at 12 meters and broke the goal, 2-0!Carvajal scored his first goal in Real Madrid. His last goal was scored when he represented Leverkusen in November 2012.>>> Bison Bell!After 9 seconds and a 65-meter scoring goal, Ronaldo and Carvajal scored, and Bell also opened the goal account.In the 68th minute, Real Madrid continued to pass the ball on the left, Cristiano Ronaldo passed Di Maria, and the Argentine made a cross from the left side of the penalty area. Bell beat the horse and rushed to a close shot. The time was fixed at 67:07; 2:40Seconds later, Bell broke the goal again. This is a display of perfect personal ability: Vallecano’s corner was cleared by Pepe’s header. Bell sprinted from the backcourt, and after a crazy attack, his left foot pushed and scored.160 seconds scored twice, and Bell let the Bernabeu atmosphere culminate.  Real Madrid scored another goal in the 77th minute, Isco crossed, Morata took a free kick from the right foot at the left rib 18 meters from the penalty area, the ball went into the upper right corner, 5-0!>>> Ronaldo is booed!Berian was also attacked after losing consecutively to Barcelona and Sevilla, Real Madrid finally defeated Madrid’s younger brother Vallecano 5-0 at home.But the big score win did not satisfy the home fans.This time, Ancelotti, Diego Lopez, and even Ronaldo were booed!”Marca” said that the “Meilingers (Real Madrid fans)” mood is not good, it is obviously the impact of a losing streak.”National News” also said that before the Champions League, Real Madrid fans boo C Ronaldo, Bell, Ancelotti, it seems not a good thing.Real Madrid needs to rebound and needs the support of fans.Mourinho led the team last season, can boos play a positive role?This even disappointed Cassie, accelerated Kaka’s defection, and once made Ronaldo sad.This time the boos again pointed to Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstars were booed during and after the game.Some people are dissatisfied: “Have you ever heard Barcelona fans boo Messi?”>>>安帅:难理解球迷为何嘘C罗  赛后,安切洛蒂表示对球迷嘘C罗感到费解,“过去我说过很多次,我很理解球迷的嘘声,因为我们表现不Deserve it.Now we are trying very hard to change. We lost to Barcelona and Sevilla. We did not perform well, but this time the fans booed Ronaldo, which makes people feel incredible.Hush Diego Lopez?I believe that he will focus on his work and will not be affected.”Real Madrid (4231): 25-Diego Lopez/15-Carvajal, 4-Ramos, 3-Pepe, 5-Coentran/24-Ilia Ramendi (62’23-Isco), 14-Alonso, 22-Di Maria/11-Bell, 9-Benzema (73’21-Morata), 7-C Robalecano (451): 13-RuVin Martinez/15-Lat, 40-Lopez, 18-Ze Castro, 21-Aberia/24-Falke, 16-Rochena (25’9-Jose-Carlos), 10-Trasolas, 22-Iguz, 23-Bueno (60’19-Vila)/20-Larivi (70’12-Longo)

The actor starring after the 90s, the national dance drama Wind and Rain Cotton will be on stage again after 17 years

The actor starring after the 90s, the national dance drama “Wind and Rain Cotton” will be on stage again after 17 years
The large-scale original national dance drama “Wind and Rain Cotton” created and rehearsed by the Guangdong Song and Dance Theatre will be on the stage again after 17 years.The play began in Beijing Erqi Theater from December 12th to 13th.”Wind, Rain and Cotton” premiered in 2002. At the 8th Guangdong Provincial Arts Festival, it included the first prize for all projects including choreography, repertoire, composition, performance, stage design, and lighting design.In 2004, the play won the Wenhua Award, the highest award for Chinese stage art.In the dance choreography, the innovative dance song “Wind and Rain Cotton” not only retains the classic scenes of 17 years ago, but also uses modern techniques to perform extreme highlights, with the double dance as the main body and the group dance as the narrative background.Director Wen Zhenya said frankly, “The original dance language is very simple. This time we have a lot of body language, making it more suitable for young people’s aesthetics.Gu Lao and Gu Xiao also want to satisfy the audience.”This repeating row adjusts the character’s age setting.The last edition of Zhou Wenyong and Chen Tiejun, set at the age of 30 or 40, is a relatively traditional and mature image of a trade union. This version is based on historical facts and its age is set in its 20s.The rearranged “Wind and Rain Cotton” is starred by two post-90s actors Jin Chao and Wang Minrui, and uses young images to tell romantic revolutionary love stories.At the same time, it can also evoke the “resonance” of more young audiences and let more young people enter the theater to understand the story of revolutionary martyrs.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin Proofreading He Yan