But when Shizuka Hiratsuka announced the end of the class meeting!

There was a weak report at the door of the classroom,It caught everyone’s attention instantly。
Kudo Shinichi?
Did this guy finally show up??
Say……You really deserve to be Kudo students,You are really brave!
It’s fine to miss school,Now even Mr. Hiratsuka’s class meeting is dare,Isn’t he really afraid of death??
An instant,Countless admiring eyes were cast on Kudo Shinichi at the door of the classroom。
But at this moment,Kudo Shinichi, who has not fully recovered from the blow, knows nothing about it.。
The scene where Lynn dragged Xiaolan and Yuanzi to escape,Let him stay in the playground for a long time。
After all,He didn’t think Xiaolan would leave her childhood sweetheart,Instead, he was abducted by a transfer student who had just met one day。
Although this happened before his eyes,But if you think about it carefully……
perhaps……This is probably just an illusion!
It should be an illusion!
Ha ha ha ha……
This illusion is really interesting,Lin actually has the strength of a professional player。

Mo Xiaosheng seemed to be moved by seeing Bald,Continue to persuade:“We went in for investigation,I didn’t go in to find death,Neither of us,If it’s dangerous,Then we will hurry and escape!”

Bald licked his lips,Squinted for a while,Then she pointed to Anina’s white wrist,Said:“I want the bracelet on her hand!”
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,I glanced at the table in Anina’s hand,Frown slightly,I didn’t expect this bald man to be so greedy,Anina’s bracelet is jade,At least a few hundred thousand。
“Your appetite is too big, right,We just let you lead the way!”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said to the bald displeasedly,Hundreds of thousands is just a small amount of money to him,But whether he has money or not,He doesn’t like being so pitted。
“You love to agree or not,I won’t take it if I don’t agree to it!”
Bald sneered,Head up,Said proudly。
“it is good,I will give you!”
Anina is very free and easy,The bracelet on one of the handles was rolled down。
Although this bracelet is very valuable,But for her,Really nothing,So she handed it to Bald without hesitation。
Bald eyes light up,Hurriedly took the bracelet,He used to be a livelihood with people,So I have a certain understanding of these jade ornaments,When he saw Anina’s bracelet earlier,I know this bracelet is absolutely expensive。
Chuanzi also happily compacted,Reaching out to touch the bald bracelet,Bald opened his hand,Chongmo Xiaosheng said:“Your fifty thousand yuan,To my brother!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smile,Some were shocked by Bald’s greed,Received such an expensive bracelet,I didn’t even forget the fifty thousand yuan,Obviously Bald wants to use the fifty thousand dollars to get rid of the embolus,And he swallows that bracelet by himself。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t care about him either,Handed the fifty thousand yuan directly to Shuanzi。
Shuanzi grinned to the back of his head after receiving the pile of cash,Repeatedly thank Mo Xiaosheng,At the same time please say:“brother,Give me your bag,Let me carry it for you!”
As the saying goes, take people’s money to do things for others,After emboli put the money in his pocket,Immediately became diligent。
“I don’t need it,You help President Anina get it!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and said,Then motioned to Annina to put the bag on Shuanzi’s back。
The food in this hiking bag、Tools and positioning equipment,It weighs tens of catties in total,For Annina,It’s really hard。

Speaking of which,Song Turn Around,Looking at Huang Lei blankly:“In case the person invited is unreliable to talk nonsense,Then I didn’t kill him,Even if you send someone to go on a blind date,I also have to find a trustworthy,Reliable。”

“I think about it, the only thing I can trust and depend on is Huang Lei, you,Don’t speculate this time,Of course,I will never let Brother Huang Lei help you in vain,Every time I believe I will give a certain amount of money,what do you think?Such a thing should be quite cost-effective。”
Song, whose surname is Song, didn’t say anything here.,Look at Huang Lei and wait for Huang Lei to speak。
Huang Lei originally wanted to refuse,Must refuse such a thing,It’s just that Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, are also very helpful to him.,Almost eat and live them、Use their。
Don’t talk about giving money,Even if you don’t give money,Huang Lei has to help them too,What’s more, people have already said they are willing to pay,Based on this alone, Huang Lei should be on this matter,There can be no doubt or rejection。
Just such a process,Somehow it will make Huang Lei feel a little concerned。
Huang Lei meant to say,Just go on blind dates for people like him?
I won’t say anything else,Just say the only thing,Song, whose surname is Song, and Huang Lei are about the age difference10Around the age of,No10Years old8year old。
This means that the person who has a blind date with Huang Lei is a little girl,The age difference between the two of them makes Huang Lei very mindful,Not to mention anything else,So far, Huang Lei has thought about it and still feels that such a thing is inappropriate。
“brothers,I’ll tell you directly,Don’t hide it,There is a big gap between my age and yours,You let me go on a blind date?But have you ever thought about it,When the time comes, the girl will see me as an uncle,Not good-looking,Old,You are not afraid of affecting your reputation。”
“Nothing else,Just tell your parents about this matter,Then how do you explain?I think this kind of thing is better not to find me,See if you can find someone else,Maybe this thing will become more smooth。”
“Brother Huang Lei,Where did i find someone else?I can’t find anyone like that,Except you,I really don’t know who to call。”
“Anyway, I don’t know who to call for help this time except you,Brother Huang Lei, just take a look,See how to handle this。”
Speaking of which,He said while pulling Zhang Bai’s white away。
Huang Lei didn’t react at first,I didn’t know until later that these two guys were going to bug,Chase out,But these two guys have already driven away。

“What do you want to do to dad,I advise you to cancel this idea。”

“dad,Let’s kick Lin Zhicheng out of the house!”
Lin Zhiqiang said eagerly。
Unexpectedly, my father Lin Dexuan was still unmoved,Look from left to right like a child。
Lin Zhicheng smiled:“Dad got a stroke,Can’t speak,Can’t walk,All company matters during this period will be handled by Lin Zhihao,Lin Zhicheng takes care of the housework。”
“You can go back。”
Lin Zhicheng said coldly。
Lin Zhiqiang took a breath。
Really despicable。
Of course Lin Zhicheng didn’t kill his father。
But even more,He didn’t know what method was used,Make my father speechless,Plus the inability to walk,Discomfort,Writing is also very difficult。
Thus,Lin Zhicheng’s thoughts,Lin Zhihao’s intention,Will become the command of the Lin Dexuan Patriarch。
“Lin Zhicheng,Don’t forget your roots,Are you too much!”
“I’m too much?Haven’t I been serving my father this time??What are you doing again?Aren’t you lying on the bed?How come to the end,Become me too much?”
Lin Zhicheng was surprised that Lin Zhihao’s injury suddenly improved。
In Lin Zhicheng’s heart,Lin Zhiqiang can only maintain the IQ of a child for a lifetime。
but,To be honest,Even if Lin Zhiqiang is injured now,The trend is gone,He can’t help Lin Zhicheng。
Lin Family,Really become Lin Zhicheng and forget it。

Shen Ruoxue didn’t dare to speak immediately!

“master,how about it?Are all arranged??”
Meizi was the first to inquire about Yang Shiyun,After all, she still cares about work matters,Although the girls present are now all policemen,But professionally,Or only Yang Shiyun and Mei Zi are really professional police。
“Ugh,I’m exhausted!Finally got this thing done。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。
“Is it troublesome??Imaginable,Hard work, beautiful girl。”
Qin Liang took the initiative to show Yang Shiyun this time,When he was pulled back by Liu Xiaoyun just now,Didn’t talk to Yang Shiyun on purpose。
“Don’t call me that,These sisters are here,What a beautiful girl I am,These are the beautiful girls。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and answered。
“They are all beautiful girls,You are a beautiful girl。”
Qin Liang also smiled and pleased Yang Shiyun……
When Shen Ruoxi and others walked into the door of Ouya company,It happens to be exactly one o’clock in the afternoon,It’s when the company’s employees just started to work after a lunch break。
I saw several bosses of the company suddenly appear collectively,The reception girls at the front desk immediately became nervous。
“Don’t be so nervous,Like this to you,Made us nervous。”
Shen Ruoxi was very easygoing and deliberately joked with a few reception girls。

Two hours later,Shen Ruoxue’s phone rang suddenly,Shen Ruoxue immediately picked up the phone and took a look,It’s the fat guy,The bell rang twice,Bye。

“Can do it,Fatty just sent me a signal!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately said to Yanzi and Yang Shiyun。
“it is good,Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan,Take the key to stay in the car and be on guard,The other girls of the Rose Legion,start to act!”
Yanzi immediately gave the order loudly。
The girls of the Rose Army rushed out from where they were hiding!Surrounded from all sides of the villa。
“I go in,Then you go in!This is an order!”
Yanzi gave the order again,Then he reached out and handed his assault rifle to a girl next to him,Pull with both hands,Two favorite weapons have been taken from both sides of the thigh;Double knives out,Then walk step by step towards the door of the villa!
Knock on the door。
Wei Ge immediately asked nervously。
“Don’t say anything,I gonna go see。”
The fat man stood up with the same nervous look,I told Wei Ge and his hands,Then slowly walk towards the door of the villa,All of Wei’s thugs who had stayed in the two rooms nearby also ran out。
“You all hide,Don’t show up!”
The fat man waved his hand in a hurry,The thugs immediately returned to the room。
When the knock on the door sounded again,The fat man deliberately asked loudly。

Qin Liang said carelessly,In fact, the real reason he didn’t care was;Dragon Soul Warriors have their own unique“Secret medicine”,That green magic ointment,Can erase the scars on their bodies without any trace!But this“secret”,Qin Liang doesn’t need to explain to the doctor in detail。

Talking here,The door of the rescue room opened again,Xiao Yuer was pushed out in a car。
The sisters of the Shen family immediately embraced again,Surrounded Xiao Yuer。
“You don’t need to call her,He is still under anesthesia,Totally unconscious,She can’t hear you calling her。”
It was the female doctor who said something。
“How long will she have to wake up??”
Meizi couldn’t wait to ask again。
“probably……In half an hour。and also;After she wakes up,You must do her ideological work well,Must open her heart knot,otherwise,This girl can do a stupid thing once,Can do it the second time。”
The female doctor seriously told everyone。
“Our mind experts,Already on the way here。”
Murong Shan replied。
“and also,After she wakes up,The wound will hurt more and more,usually,We don’t recommend to inject painkillers into patients,not good for health。”
The female doctor said patiently。
“We will always be by her side,We try our best to help her relieve her pain。”
Qin Liang hurriedly answered。

56779_007之Goldfinger 金手指等390个文件_

the account given by Mr. Lamon in his Life of Lincoln:

鈥淥ne day, during these many marches and counter-marches, an old Indian found his way into the camp, weary, hungry, 鏉窞澶滅敓娲婚緳鍑?and helpless. He professed to be a friend of the whites; and, although it was an exceedingly perilous experiment for one of his color, he ventured to throw himself upon the mercy of the soldiers. But the men first murmured, and then broke out into fierce cries for his blood.

鈥?鈥榃e have come out to fight the Indians,鈥檣74} said they, 鈥榓nd by G鈥攚e 鏉窞涓濊璋冩暀 intend to do it!鈥?

鈥淭he poor Indian, now in the extremity of his distress and trouble, did what he ought to have done before: he threw down before 鏉窞涓嶆瑙勭殑瓒虫荡搴楄繕鏈夊悧 his assailants a soiled and crumpled paper which he implored them to read before his life was taken. It was a letter of character and safe conduct from Gen. Cass, pronouncing him a faithful man, who had done good service in the cause for which this army was enlisted. But it was too late; the men refused to read it, or thought it a forgery, 鏉窞鍝佽尪澶滅綉 and were rushing with fury upon the defenceless old savage, when Capt. Lincoln bounded between them and their appointed victim.

鈥?鈥楳en,鈥?said he, and his voice for a moment stilled the agitation around him, 鈥榯his must not be done; he must not be shot and killed by us.鈥?

鈥?鈥楤ut,鈥?said some of them, 鈥榯he Indian is a spy.鈥?

鈥淟incoln knew that his own 鏉窞妗戞嬁鎸夋懇涓€鏉¢緳 life was now in only less danger than that of the poor creature that cowered behind him. During the whole of this scene Capt. Lincoln seemed to 鏉窞姘寸枟spa rise to an unusual height of stature. The towering form, the passion and resolution in his face, the physical power and terrible will exhibited in every motion{75} of his body, every gesture of his arm, produced an effect upon the furious mob as unexpected perhaps to him as to any one else. They paused, listened, fell back, and then sullenly obeyed 鏉窞鍝佽尪缇庡コ缇?what seemed to be the voice of reason as well as authority. But there were still some murmurs of disappointed rage and half-suppressed exclamations, which 鏉窞妗戞嬁qq缇?looked toward vengeance of some kind. At length


one of the men, a little bolder than the rest, but evidently feeling that he spoke for the whole, cried out:

鈥?鈥楾his is cowardly on your part, 鏉窞灏忎斧澶磋冻娴存瑙勫悧 Lincoln!鈥?

鈥淲hereupon the tall Captain鈥檚 figure stretched a few inches higher again. He looked down upon these varlets who would have murdered a 鏉窞澶滅敓娲绘澀宸炵櫨鑺卞潑 defenceless old Indian and now quailed before his single hand, with lofty contempt. The oldest of his acquaintances, even Bill Green, who saw him grapple Jack Armstrong and defy the bullies at his back, never saw him so much aroused before.

鈥?鈥業f any man thinks I am a coward, let him test it,鈥?said he.

鈥?鈥楲incoln,鈥?responded a new voice, 鈥榶ou 鏉窞妗戞嬁鎸夋懇qq缇?are stronger and heavier than we are.鈥檣76}

鈥?鈥楾his you can guard against; choose your weapons,鈥?returned the rigid Captain.

鈥淲hatever may be said of Mr. 鏉窞鍝佽尪涓婅寰俊 Lincoln鈥檚 choice of means for the preservation of military discipline, it was certainly very effectual in this case. There was no more disaffection in his camp, and the wor

Interpretation of the 2015 Western Conference All-Star Game Who is the first festival king?

Interpretation of the 2015 Western Conference All-Star Game Who is the first festival king?
On February 14th, Beijing time, the New York All-Star Weekend has been opened. All stars will show their style on this big stage. The All-Star race may be the main course of this dinner.From the perspective of data, read all the stars this year and see that each superstar has unique data.The first will be the Western All-Stars: Data Interpretation of the All-Star Western Conference Kobe Bryant Lakers 1.Bryant is averaging 10 per game this season.The 4 emergency stop jumpers ranked first in the league.  2.The only two All-Stars who have won multiple triple-doubles this season (the other is Russell Westbrook).  3.Kobe has the most critical free throws (81) so far this season.Stephen Curry Warriors 1.Curry has the league’s highest plus-minus so far this season, at +585 (when he was on the court, the Warriors totaled 585 more points than his opponent).  2.Curry’s field goal percentage has increased in the last three seasons, and this season has reached 67%, ranking fourth among all guards who have made more than 100 shots under the basket.  3.Curry’s assist-to-turnover ratio, rebound rate, true shooting percentage, round possession and player influence (PIE) are all career highs this season.Anthony Davis Pelicans 1.Davis made 22 of 32 shots at key moments this season, with a 69% shooting percentage among all players who made more than 20 shots at all key moments.  2.Brother Nongmei averaged 12 per game this season.A 6-point basket is the best in the league.  3.His turnover rate is only 5.6% is the fourth lowest in the entire league and the lowest among all-stars.Mark Gasol Grizzlies 1.Xiao Jia touched the ball near the free throw line 13 times this season, the most in the league.  2.Over the past four seasons, Xiaojia’s round share has increased every year, 24 this season.8% is a career high.  3.The Grizzlies had 23 when Xiao Jia was on the court.8% of his assists came from his hand, and this number ranked third among centers Blake Griffin Clippers 1.Griffin is the only player in the league to get stacks, rebounds and assists with 20 + 5 + 5 stats and a shooting percentage of more than 50%.  2.Griffin and his four starting teammates are the league’s longest starting five tigers this season, 206 minutes more than the second.  3.Griffin has increased his percentage of shots and sights outside the three-second zone every year in the last four seasons. Whether this season is outside the three-second zone 47.The percentage of 1% shots is still 40.4% hit rate is a career high. LaMarcus Aldridge Trail Blazers 1.Adelaide has become the player with the most casts in the league for the third consecutive season, and this season he has made 100 more shots than the second.  2.Arder made 30 free throws at 29 critical moments this season, and 97% of his hits reset the league’s second-highest (Jeff Green had the highest, 24 free throws).  3.Ade is playing against the Eagles (59.2%), Bulls (56.8%) and Mavericks (55.3%) All three teams have the highest shooting percentage in the league.King DeMarcus Cousins 1.Kao Shen can win 8 per game this season.Eight fouls, the highest in the league.  2.Kao Shen can catch 20 when he is present.With 6% rebounds, the rebound rate is the seventh in the league and the first among all All-Stars.  3.Kao Shen’s turnover rate reached 14.7%, not only the highest since the rookie season, but also the highest among all All-Stars.Tim Duncan Spurs 1.Duncan’s 72% of all attempts this season are in the penalty area, which is the highest among all-stars and ranks fourth among all players who have made more than 500 attempts.  2.Duncan made only 53% of his free throws at critical moments, the lowest of all players who made more than 20 free throws at critical moments.  3.With Duncan’s assists, his teammates can achieve a 51% field goal percentage.Kevin Durant Thunder 1.Durant has a 57-point field goal percentage this season.3% is the highest in the league. At the same time, he is also one of the only eight players with an emergency stop jumper that has a higher hit rate than a catch jumper (more than 75 shots).  2.Durant’s turn share was 32 from last season.7% fell to 29 this season.1%, the biggest drop among all-stars.  3.Against the top five teams in the league’s defense (Warriors, Bucks, Spurs, Trail Blazers and Wizards), Durant’s effective shooting percentage reached 65.7% is the highest among all players who have made more than 75 attempts.James Harden Rockets 1.Harden made 10 of 19 3-pointers at a critical moment this season, the most accurate of all players who made more than 15 attempts.  2.Harden is the player with the most free throws in the first quarter of the league this season, 33 more than the second, and he is the only two players in the league with more than 90% free throws in the first quarter (more than 50 free throws)).  3.Harden is the only player in the league to make more than 200 field goal attempts and at least 100 three-pointers.Damian Lillard Trail Blazers 1.The average bloom of each of Lillard’s four quarters is increasing. The first to fourth quarters are: 4.3. 5.1, 5.5, 6.6 points.  2.Lillard hit 62 in the basket this season.3%, compared with 49 last season.9%, the third highest growth rate in the league.  3.Lillard’s teammate Wesley Matthews, when Lillard passed him, made a three-pointer percentage of 45.6%, and when other teammates pass to him, the three-point shooting is only 36.6%.Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks 1.Nowitzki is only 17.3% of the shots come from the three-second zone, the second lowest among players who have made more than 500 shots.  2.Nowitzki has shot more than 45% of his mid-range shots in a single season in the past 10 seasons. Only Durant (6 seasons) has done more than 4 times in this period.  3.Nuo Tianwang’s single quarter effective hit rate is declining every quarter, from 58 in the first quarter.7% to 46 in the fourth quarter.6%.Chris Paul Clippers 1.Paul has provided 202 assists for Griffin this season and 121 for Redick. No one except him has more than 114 assists for a teammate.  2.The Clippers can score 115 points per 100 rounds when Paul is on the court. Paul’s offensive efficiency is the first in the league.  3.Paul had gains in the first half of the round.4%, the share of the second half of the round soared to 26.4%, this increase is the second highest in the league (the first is Kobe). Clay Thompson Warriors 1.Tang Shen can get 0 every time he touches the ball.485 points, the highest among all players who have touched the ball more than 1,000 times.  2.Tang Shen made 53 three-pointers in the second quarter.6% is the highest among all three-pointers who have made more than 50 attempts in the second quarter.  3.Tang Shen has an effective field goal percentage of 63% at home and 49 on the road.4%, this gap is the third largest in the league. Russell Westbrook Thunder 1.Wei Shao 36.The 5% round share is the highest in the league.  2.Wei Shao averages 7 per game in fast breaks.5 points, the highest league.  3.Wei Shao is the first bloomer of the league in the first quarter, averaging 8.3 points.(Big speakers)

Last year, more than 50 million Perfect World Holdings Group withdrew from Lizhong Studios

Last year, more than 50 million Perfect World Holdings Group withdrew from Lizhong Studios
On May 17, Sauna and Yewang learned from Industry and Commerce Information that a subsidiary of Perfect World Holdings Group withdrew from a studio management company.According to industry and commerce information, Foshan Perfect World Lizhong Studio Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Perfect Lizhong Studio”) changed its shareholding, and Beijing Perfect World Film Projection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Perfect Movie”) withdrew its equity.Behind this, the performance of Perfect World Holding Group and some subsidiaries improved: In 2019, Perfect World Holding Group replaced 5126.530,000 yuan, Beijing Perfect World Cinema Development Co., Ltd. replaced 263 net.660,000 yuan.Listed company Perfect World disclosed that Perfect World Holding Group holds a total of 4 shares in the company.0.9 billion shares, gradually pledged 2.1.3 billion shares.Chi Yufeng holds Perfect World 1.1.2 billion shares, the shares held were gradually pledged 9557.540,000 shares.The announcement disclosed that in order to return the stock pledged mortgage and related indexes, Perfect World Holdings Group reduced its holdings to Perfect World.On May 18th, the sauna and Yewang called the Perfect Holding Group media interview phone, and no one answered the phone.Perfect World Holdings Group’s subsidiary withdraws from the Lizhong Studios industry and commerce information. Perfect Lizhong Studios was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 8.4 million yuan. Its business scope includes studio management, design, production, agency, and various domestic advertisements.Sales, crafts, stationery, conference services, movie screenings, etc.Industry and commerce information shows that democracy, Perfect Film holds 100% equity of Perfect Lizhong Studios, and has subscribed a capital contribution of 8.4 million yuan.On January 19, 2020, Perfect Movies withdrew from Perfect Leak Studios.Perfect Film was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 1 million. Its business scope includes film screening, food sales, catering services (drink shops), corporate management services, investment management, design, production, agency, and advertising.It is hoped that there are currently 48 Perfect Film Outbound Investment Companies, including Kunming Perfect World Studios Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Perfect World Studios Management Co., Ltd., Chongqing Perfect World Zhongye Studios Management Co., Ltd., etc., with 46 holding companies.Industry and commerce information shows that the majority shareholder of Perfect Film is Perfect World Holding Group, which holds 100% of the shares.At present, the only shareholder of Perfect Lezhong Cinema is Beijing Dianxing Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dianxing Film and Television”).Business information shows that the company was established in December 2019 with a registered capital of 100,000 yuan. Its business scope includes the organization of cultural and art exchange activities, design, production, agency, advertising, computer animation design, corporate planning, corporate management, and rental of photographic equipment., Clothing, cultural brokerage business, radio and television program production, film distribution, etc.It is hoped that the shareholders of Dianxing Film and Television include Li Changhua and Li Yanlong, two of whom are natural persons, of which Li Changhua holds 99% of the shares and Li Yanlong holds 1% of the shares.Perfect is the merger company’s poor performance. Last year, the group introduced at least 51.26 million Perfect World Holdings Group’s official website. The group covers business sectors such as film and television, games, e-sports, cinema, animation, and education. At the same time, it has strategic layout in literature, media and other fields.A-share listed company Perfect World (002624).Perfect World’s short-form equity change report disclosed on May 7 mentioned that Perfect World Holding Group was established in August 2013, and its main shareholders are Chi Yufeng and Yang Xiaoxi.Among them, Chi Yufeng holds 90% of the group’s equity and Yang Xiaoxi holds 10%.Before the equity changes, Perfect World ‘s shareholders include the shareholding ratio.06% of Perfect World Holdings Group, with a shareholding ratio of 12.24% of Chi Yufeng has a shareholding ratio of 2.35% of Shihezi Happy Permanent Equity Investment Co., Ltd. (Chi Yufeng holds 90% of the shares), the above three are parties acting in concert.The announcement disclosed that in order to return the stock pledged mortgage and related interest, after the equity change, Perfect World Holding Group’s shareholding in Perfect World will drop to 31.At 63%, Chi Yufeng ‘s shareholding in Perfect World dropped to 8.72%, the proportion of people in concert with Perfect World is 49.65% fell to 42.70%.As of May 7, Perfect World Holding Group held a total of 4 shares in Perfect World.0.9 billion shares, gradually pledged 2.1.3 billion shares.Chi Yufeng holds a total of 1 share in Perfect World.1.2 billion shares were gradually pledged 9557.540,000 shares.After the stock was pledged and the shareholding was reduced and returned to the pledged balance of the stock, Perfect World Holding Group and the merged and acquired subsidiaries both experienced performance replacement.On April 23, Perfect World Announcement disclosed that Perfect World Holdings Group will achieve its main business income in 201986.9.6 billion, with a net profit of 5,126.530,000 yuan.Perfect World’s 2019 annual report shows that the company achieved operating income of 80 in 2019.3.9 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 0.07%, net profit attributable to mother 15.02 trillion, with a ten-year average of 11.92%.Perfect World announced on April 23 that Beijing Perfect World Cinema Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise controlled by Chi Yufeng.In 2019, Perfect Cinema will achieve its main business income1.07 billion, with a net profit of 263.660,000 yuan.In addition, Chi Yufeng’s Perfect World (Beijing) Software Co., Ltd. also recorded a replacement last year.In 2019, the main business income will be 7987.640,000 yuan, with a net profit of 7,758.970,000 yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Linzi editor Zhao Ze proofreading Liu Baoqing linzi @ xjbnews.com