No solution!

“Raptors’ role players performed well,But their core performance is slightly lacking today!”
More than Lowry,DeRozan is also a little autistic today。
As the league’s top mid-range pitcher,Today I was shot near the high position defended by pickled peppers11in2.Poor hit rate!
The first half of the fourth quarter,Xu Xuan rests as usual,Pickled peppers played on the court for a while,The difference has been maintained at10Points around。
Single section10The difference in points is no longer a small number。
Lowry is trying。
Lowry caught attention and then took the ball to the right side of DeRozan,DeRozan meets defense!
Valanciunas takes off the rebound,Return to Lowry,Lowry turned around and stopped throwing a board!
still none!
Valanciunas rebounds again,DeRozan cuts in for a layup.
Action so standard,The sound of iron strikes is so crisp!
First281chapter Bai Qiao talent starts advanced!
2015year10month28day,Canada Route Center Stadium,Able to hold19800Multiplayer Arena,Packed today。
As far as the attendance rate of the Canadian Airline Center Stadium is today,The cheers at the scene must be deafening。
But now,The Canadian Airline Center Stadium is terribly quiet!
Raptors fans watching the game from the sidelines,Now everyone’s face is full of misunderstanding!

“Think about how to do it?”Young handsome counts his fingers。

“No”Anji shook his head depressed:“I heard that the Cavaliers are also interested in getting Xu Xuan,obviously,It is too difficult for us to successfully trade now!”
“How much hope?”
“Less than 20%.”
The marshal nodded,Can make Anji say something like this,It seems that the form is really not good.
Xu Xuan, Xu Xuan,Am I really going to miss you?
Knicks on the bench。
“how about it?Take a break in the second quarter?”The old fish looked at Xu Xuan caringly。
Xu Xuan’s style of play is very physical,In the old fish’s vision,Xu Xuan play a game25A minute or so is just right,This will not affect the mental state of the body。
“Nothing,I’ll just take a rest。”
Xu Xuan drank Gatorade to replenish his energy,A small gasp calms me down。
The silver-level Wei Shao’s physical talent is still weaker,Now Xu Xuan urgently needs to upgrade it to the gold level,That would be much better than now。

On the field,Cheers are already shaking!

In the ears of the Pacers fans at Bankers Life Arena,Now all home teamDJHoarse cry。
Each of them admires passionately looking at the player on the court who stretched out three fingers to the sky。
The player who is like a god in this game!
The Heat fans in front of the TV were silent。
The Heat performed very well in this game。
From the start of the game to the present,The Heat players are also very good。
This highly anticipated game has always been in suspense。
As usual。
Facing such a game, the team is in excellent condition,Players perform well,When the game is still unclear,Their emotions must be the most exciting,Craziest time!
Quiet as a chill?
They are fans of Miami!
They are the league’s triple crown team!
But now.

After taking a look at Huo Yuhao, he said“Yuhao,Then I’ll go one step ahead!”

Stop talking,Incited the wings to disappear……
Huo Yuhao smiled,“I won’t lose to you”
immediately,He directly displayed the Tang Sect secret skills,Ghost!
The whole person rushes towards the island in the lake like a phantom……
Not for a while,Wang Dong slowly fell from the sky to the island in the lake,Staring solemnly at the scene in front of you……
I saw that the entire lake island is constantly erupting with terrifying white ripples,Just looking far away,Wang Dong also felt the extreme pressure……
After a while,Huo Yuhao has also rushed to her side,When he felt the throb of the whole lake island,I couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat from my forehead……
How strong is Xiao Yu’s limit?
Even if I have reached the soul sage,The spirit rings are even more than 100,000 years old,I also felt crushed and suffocated here……
Tianmeng ice silkworm slapped his mouth“Yuhao,This man is still terrible,Fortunately, the misunderstanding between you is resolved”
Bingdi agrees“Yes,Compete against people with this talent and strength,Even if you try your best, you may not be able to catch up to one percent of the latter!”

Yang Shiyun can’t help but speak,Look at Qin Liang’s appearance, this is the rhythm of going to bed!

“Didn’t you acquiesce in the bridal chamber with me??Why don’t I go to bed with you??Really,I have to ask such an idiot question。”
Qin Liang has already taken off his shoes,Turned over and really went to bed!
“I did not acquiesce!I didn’t promise!”
Yang Shiyun panicked,Don’t care about anything,Sitting up and turning over, I want to run under the bed。
“Where to run,Bride。”
Qin Liang grabbed Yang Shiyun back,Then I hugged her and lay down on the bed。
Yang Shiyun won’t move if he’s nervous……
Qin Liang sat for a day,My waist hurts,He just wanted an excuse to lie down in bed for a while,of course,By the way, holding the big breasted beauty beside you in your arms will make you lie more comfortable。
“I’m tired,Lie down for a while,Let’s go to the bridal chamber in a while。”
Qin Liang said like the truth,But the current situation,Everyone will believe it,I thought he really wanted to do that with Yang Shiyun。
Yang Shiyun didn’t even doubt Qin Liang’s words at all,She feels that she is in danger today。
Her mood has never been more complicated,The man in front of you is someone else’s husband,But at the same time the only person I love,She is willing to do anything for him from the heart,Even at the critical moment,Willing to sacrifice himself for him,But she never thought about having that kind of relationship with him。
She feels she can’t do that,So being yourself makes you a junior……
But if Qin Liang insists,Can I refuse him?
The key is;Would you really reject him?!

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen Hot

Family with filters,I always think she is cute。But also worry about her dull personality,Not conducive to social.
Baby Ou feels at this moment,Family should not worry about her social skills,Should be worried about her psychological problems。
She seems to need to see a psychologist。
For the first time facing this strange anger and tyrannical mood,Baby Ou is really helpless。
She knows she shouldn’t anger others,Can’t use it,Vent your anger on innocent people,But she really can’t help it.
“Jiao Yuan, you and Nini go first,I have something to say to Xiaoyun.”
Yin Nini nodded,I walked away from Jiao Yuan, who opened his mouth and wanted to talk。Struggling,Jiao Yuan didn’t dare to stay。
Because this way,Qinbao is indeed getting silent。Seems to be in a bad mood,This is how they grew up together till now,The first situation。
Xie Yunchu plans to speak for a while,Now Qinbao takes the initiative to speak,honestly,Although he is worried about his relatives,But feel a little happy。
This is the first time that Qinbao has such a low air pressure,And in her unusual state,The first person to find,It’s him。
Ou Baobao took Xie Yun out to a step,Sit down anywhere。
Xie Yun took out the kettle and poured her water,Baby Ou gave his kettle to Xie Yunchu。Her kettle is filled with water from her mother。
“My elder brother is indeed injured。I suspect,He grew up,In that home,Suffer this all year round**Hurt on。I think,Mostly Bai Ling。And a kind-hearted person like her,In order to cover up his evil deeds,Sure means,Big brother will only suffer from her twice。”
Baby Ou didn’t hide it,Speaking of which,Clenched fist,“Xiaoyun,I now,Really,There is a volcano in my heart about to erupt,I’m still angry,So angry,Want to smash something.But I don’t want to be like this,So I am really uncomfortable now.It seems to be crazy,Half ice and half fire.I was nosy,I thought of when my eldest brother was tortured by Bai Ling,I don’t know if anyone is nosy,Help big brother.”
“I know this is just a vent,I shouldn’t be like this,But I really didn’t control it.”Baby Ou is very pitiful asking for help Xie Yunchu,“you,You help me,How am i right now,To channel out this strong anger?Can vent,Without hurting myself,Won’t hurt others?”Follow along,“I don’t want to smash things.But I just wanted to crush that persimmon.You help me.”

“what?you know?Why bother……”Aunt Su looked at Luo Ting a little puzzled and said。

Luo Ting was so wronged,Said:“Aunt Su,From small to large,You and Dad gave me everything,You give me everything I want in advance,No one ever robbed me,I don’t know how valuable what I got,But since I was a child, I’ve been stubborn that as long as others grab this thing from me,Then it is valuable,The valuable things should be mine。”
Luo Ting was right,Aunt Su brought her up from childhood,She knows the princess’s character too well。Her toys can not be,But you can’t give it to others,This is neither like her father,Not like her mother。
of course,She has never seen her real father, Aunt Su,It’s just that Luo Ting’s mother mentioned it by chance。
“Aunt Su,Do you still remember the two of us traveling to the south??”
Aunt Su nodded。
Luo Ting went on to say:“After we got off the taxi,Saw a man hugging a woman,You said that the person seemed to be Xiao Guan?I deceived you,Actually that’s him,The man with his arms around is his so-called fiancee。”
Yes,Luo Ting blocked Aunt Su’s gaze at the time,in fact,She didn’t do all this to protect Guan Hao,But to maintain one’s self-esteem,For fear of others knowing that Guan Hao has no place for her。
Aunt Su suddenly understood what,No wonder she is so unhappy in the south,Preoccupied,She originally proposed to travel,But after coming out, she didn’t want to play,And return to Beijing three days in advance,She was still wondering what upset her,It turned out to be because of this。
She suddenly felt that Luo Ting was also big-hearted,I kept it from her for so long,But what Luo Ting said next surprised her。
Luo Ting obviously ignored Aunt Su’s surprised expression,She continued:“After traveling back,I went to Ducheng again,Met his so-called fiancee,It is said that the woman was just discharged from the hospital。”
“Discharged?”Aunt Su asked immediately。Luo Ting went to Ducheng and Aunt Su did not know at all。
“Yes,Just discharged,Her hospitalization is related to Guan,She got a knife。Should be of the kind,It’s just that she didn’t save the city party secretary,But the long-term meal ticket she wants。Later I heard that he was going to be the mayor,I went to Uncle Liao,Don’t let Uncle Liao promote him,But I was trained by the surname Liao。”
Luo Ting dropped her head on the table after finishing。
First200chapter Finally dared to let him see the sun
Everyone welcomes you,Please remember this site address:,,For reading anytime《Absolute power》latest chapter.
Aunt Su’s eyes widened, unable to speak,She was surprised that someone saved Guan Hao’s life,Surprised to find Liao Zhongcheng for Luo Ting!

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The opening of the power sharing of walking in 2019, Chen Kun said that he was more calm and open

The opening of the power sharing of walking in 2019, Chen Kun said that he was more calm and open
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) Spiritual Construction Public Welfare Project “The Power of Walking” The 2019 Annual Sharing Exhibition opened on December 16 in Beijing’s Yamashita Theater. The promoter Chen Kun and the interested counterpart Ni Ni came to the scene to review walking life and chatWalking experience, Chen Kun even turned to share the exhibition instructor to take everyone to the exhibition, and asked Ni Ni to open the interactive exhibition area in the exhibition with handwritten questions and answers.From now on, a fun and meaningful emotional space is officially open to the public for free.Ni Ni and Chen Kun at the event site.When the “power of walking” starts at the beginning of each year, it also recruits pedestrians for all people. It is hoped that through the feelings and sharing of pedestrians with different identities and experiences in walking, it will bring more people thinking and strength.As a promoter, Chen Kun personally walks on the team every year. The difference is that his attitude is more and more relaxed and gentle. “I took a step back this year to let the pedestrians communicate and share themselves. I am just an observer.We do n’t want to give a deliberate form anymore, we just use a coincidence to resonate a magnetic field of ‘walking’, and everyone can experience it separately.Whether it’s the walking method itself, or the accompanying accompanying yoga, psychology teacher, or everyone’s sharing, it provides more perspectives and suggestions to help everyone see their own inner vastness and tolerance.Asked about not standing in the role of the promoter, or the involvement of another relative, the meaning of walking itself to itself, Chen Kun said that he is the most direct beneficiary of “walking”.He has been growing together with the project, more and more calm, open, and more and more accepting his multi-faceted.Ni Ni, who participated in outdoor walks on the plateau for the first time, reviewed the road of walking: I wanted to be a backpacker when I was in college. I realized this desire this year and stayed with a group of people.The fatigue of the body is replaced by the joy of fulfilling the desire, and the physiology is particularly active and energetic, which is really very enjoyable.Recalling the experience of fatigue and stress is nothing. All the hard work is for the joy of the end.Ni Ni also said that in the tenth year of walking next year, whether it is a ceremonial walk away from the city, or as Chen Kun said, it will link young friends to organize more urban offline activities.At the same time, spread the public welfare concept of walking “focus on emotion and soul”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Yang Xuli