Leng Jun refreshed his personal auction record, Little Jiang 70.15 million fell mallets

Leng Jun refreshed his personal auction record, “Little Jiang” 70.15 million fell mallets
On the evening of November 16th, China Guardian’s 2019 Autumn Shooting “Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Night Show” held a mallet at the Guardian Art Center.In this auction, 40 works were auctioned, among which, the director of Wuhan Academy of Paintings, a national first-class artist, and Leng Jun ‘s portrait of “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Jiang” started with a shooting of 30 million. After a lot of competition, he finally fell to 61 million.The commission was 70.15 million yuan.Leng Jun’s work “Portrait of Portrait-Xiao Jiang”.As early as June this year, in the antique China Guardian spring auction “Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Night Show” auction in June this year, Leng Jun’s work “Landscape of the Century III” fell 38 million yuan, and the commission price was 43.7 million yuan.Personal auction record (Democracy record for the 2012 Beijing Poly Autumn Auction for 31.36 million yuan, “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Luo”), and through the “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Jiang”, the work of Leng Jun was at an interval of 5Months later, once again broke through his personal auction record.It is understood that the oil painting “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Jiang” was created by Leng Jun in 2011. The pre-shooting estimate: 40 million-60 million yuan. Leng Jun outlined the black and thick hair with extremely fine lines.In the picture, the natural red on the lips of the person and the color of the complexion of the face appear, and the little folds of the clothes, including the cutouts of the clothes, are extremely clear.After the completion of “Portrait of Portrait-Xiao Jiang”, Leng Jun’s popularity has been greatly improved, and he has become a part of his ultra-realistic field.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Shihui