Lu Hui says:“Those real estate developers who are not hitchhiking。”

Peng Changyi said:“Isn’t one of them opening wider??Someone else?”
Lu Hui says:“The bigger the opening50Mu’s approval,Those predators don’t even have an acre of approval。”
Peng Changyi thought。
Lu Hui said:“But you don’t care about it,Many of them were introduced by Jinan leaders,Some projects are personally greeted by the secretary,You,Study hard in Beijing。If those real estate projects are built on a large scale next year,The people must be making noise。”
Peng Changyi said worriedly:“I can’t run away no matter what happens。”
Lu Hui says:“If we increase compensation,The people may recognize it。”
Peng Changyi said:“Is the construction area of Yuda Demolition 50 mu??”
Lu Hui says:“Long story,It started with fifty acres,It’s not this number long ago,let me tell you,Not a hundred acres,Is one hundred and fifty acres,Including supporting land,Why don’t anyone say anything at the team meeting today,Because other people and Ben don’t know this。and so,Dongliang scolds his mother behind his back,Something happened and asked everyone to wipe his ass,When there is no accident, no one knows what the situation is。”
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t talk about it now,Let’s stabilize people’s hearts first,In addition, report the results to the province,Don’t forget this,Communicate with me if you have any questions。”
Lu Hui says:“I think you should avoid this,Promised to be shit in the future。”
Although Peng Changyi knows this shit is less subtle,But I won’t say that when my superiors blamed me,If something happens,No one can escape the relationship,He said:“You have to remind you of National Day。”
Lu Hui says:“remind?We mentioned,But they don’t accept it。In addition,Some specific plans are not clear at all,I asked this question once at the meeting,Liu Xing said,The next thing is still going through the formalities,Some inconvenient to disclose。What do you still ask?”
It’s not surprising why Peng Changyi didn’t know,Even Lu Hui don’t know the details。He was very angry,I have never seen such a job,He said:“Didn’t these plans come up for a decision??”

Playing game,Seems to be very hot recently……King of Glory?

Looks a bit dangerous,Not much blood,He is irritable。
Even the tone of speech is wrong。
Ye Tianzong didn’t think much,Young man,Get upset,Normal。
He stands by and waits。
By the way, I looked around。
Rows of shelves,Various medicinal materials are placed inside,Almost Ye Tianzong could think of,All within sight。
in the middle,It’s a door,The inner courtyard extends directly inside,Generally this kind of store design,Is the front sale,Back courtyard。
Under observation,From**,Vaguely heard some coughing,It seems that things are not so good。
In thought。
Was interrupted by the sound of something falling。
Ye Tianzong is back,Take a closer look,The young clerk slammed the phone on the table,Very angry。
Red face,Still thinking about it。

Guan Hao appreciates Peng Changyi’s tigerish air,Said:“you are right,The road we have taken。What i need to remind you is,No matter which of these two jobs,Before head do,We must first find the policy and theoretical basis。”

Peng Changyi nodded,Say:“Yes,Don’t fight unprepared battles。”
That’s it for Peng Changyi,Some gearing up,Fight,He is excited。In his ruling career,He likes to fight,Fight hard、Difficult,He likes to gnaw hard bones,He likes to do the job like this,Play tricks、Intrigue is his worst。He always thought,Fight appropriately,Is to train the cadre team,The best way to hone a leader’s will,If singing and dancing like this every day、Doing nothing,The cadre team will fall apart,No combat power。Grassroots cadres,Is to be able to fight,Can fight tough。This process is also a process of survival of the fittest among cadres!
of course,All this has to wait until he returns to Kangzhou smoothly after his studies。
Friday will be here soon,Peng Changyi decided to take his daughter and minister to Beidaihe for two days,Relieve the minister。He called Old Gu two days in advance,Let him prepare some summer medicine and food necessary for going out,And some outdoor products,Specially asked Lao Gu to bring enough mineral water,Fill two thermos bottles for outdoor travel with hot water。Peng Changyi has a taboo,The more out,The more he dared not drink the local water,He used the time for a nap at noon,To the clothing wholesale market a little closer to the party school,The clothes here are very cheap,He bought two long and short clothes for everyone,And everyone’s swimsuit,Beach shoes,I specially bought a brightly colored parasol and sunglasses for my daughter,After preparing all this,He called the minister the night before,Wang Yuan answered the call,He told Wang Yuan that he was going to take the minister out to relax。
Of course Wang Yuan is happy,So I gave the phone to dad。Minister thought for a while,Finally:“Ok,Since you have a heart,I’ll arrange it as you wish。”
Peng Changyi asked him to take the medicine he usually takes。
Peng Changyi didn’t want to ask for leave in advance because he went out to play,He and Old Gu decided that he would wait for them at the gate of the party school after 6:30,Stay in Beidaihe this morning and evening。
Don’t know,After class,Just turned on the phone,I found out that there was a text message from Shu Qing。Shu Qing said:Go back later in the evening,Come to my house for dinner。I’m on the train home。
Peng Changyi took a closer look at the time she sent the text message,It happens to be his class time in the afternoon。Too exhausting to send messages,He dialed Shu Qing’s phone。
Peng Changyi said after Shu Qing answered the phone:“What a coincidence,I forgot to tell you last night,I will take Minister Wang and Nana to Beidaihe today,I guess they are already on the road。Why didn’t you say it earlier?”
Shu Qing said:“I also decided to go home temporarily。”
“What to do then?”
Shu Qing said:“Or you will get up early tomorrow,Find a hotel today,Then we all have a meal together。There are no outsiders anyway,I can let Nana get to know my parents。”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“Or next time,look,Although I knew your parents before,But this visit is considered an official visit,Don’t say bring gifts,Even I personally have to prepare well,It’s not appropriate to bring so many people to your house,That will divide my heart,This is my first visit,Can’t be vague;But if I leave them in the hotel, it would be inappropriate,Especially the theme of this trip is to let Minister Wang relax。Not suitable from multiple perspectives。”
Shu Qing thought about it:“It would be nice if I made this with you yesterday。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“baby,Not yesterday,I ordered it when I went back last week。”
“Oh,It seems that I will have an appointment one week in advance next time。”
“Ha ha,No need to,Just this time,Went on Sunday with Sunday。”

“Qinbao went to take a bath。”Xie Yunchu said this。Then hung up。

“.”An angry Si Guangnian threw the phone out。Yuze is going to the kitchen to find Xie Yunchu with a kitchen knife。Fortunately the nanny at home stopped,It’s been a long time,Just stopped。Huaiye was also notified,He is very calm,“Get Xie Yun out of the sack,Waiting for me to go back。”Si Guangnian looked at Huaiye’s eyes,I knew he was the most angry one。
After drinking in the middle of the night,There is more than half a day of cooling during the day today,Si Guangnian can already be a little calmer,Face this fact。
Yuze is similar here。He actually,I had expected such a day。just,This day really came,He still breaks down。
My good child,Why did you go to Gongrong Cabbage?.
Unexpectedly, Baby Ou,Big brother would actually ask such a question。amount,Raise hand,“I。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Six Tonic
Si Guangnian tut,This is fine too,Better than Xie Yunchu taking the initiative,Passive。
“How can you take the initiative???”Yuze jumped again,“Is he worthy of your initiative??Not good-looking,Bad personality,Waxy,Mess in the house,There is nothing worthy of your initiative?!!!”
Baby Ou never interferes with the dispute between family members and Xiaoyun,It’s not appropriate to help anyone,Just change the subject,“When you spent the night with the girl for the first time,I didn’t even ask you where is that girl.Mom gave you a red is my turn,No red envelopes,Still tell me.”
“.”You still want red envelopes???You little girl,What red envelope!!!
Si Guangnian held Yuze,“Brother gave you a red envelope,You say so,Seriously,Just spend a night,Still in love?”This point must be made clear。

Leng Jun refreshed his personal auction record, Little Jiang 70.15 million fell mallets

Leng Jun refreshed his personal auction record, “Little Jiang” 70.15 million fell mallets
On the evening of November 16th, China Guardian’s 2019 Autumn Shooting “Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Night Show” held a mallet at the Guardian Art Center.In this auction, 40 works were auctioned, among which, the director of Wuhan Academy of Paintings, a national first-class artist, and Leng Jun ‘s portrait of “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Jiang” started with a shooting of 30 million. After a lot of competition, he finally fell to 61 million.The commission was 70.15 million yuan.Leng Jun’s work “Portrait of Portrait-Xiao Jiang”.As early as June this year, in the antique China Guardian spring auction “Twentieth Century and Contemporary Art Night Show” auction in June this year, Leng Jun’s work “Landscape of the Century III” fell 38 million yuan, and the commission price was 43.7 million yuan.Personal auction record (Democracy record for the 2012 Beijing Poly Autumn Auction for 31.36 million yuan, “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Luo”), and through the “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Jiang”, the work of Leng Jun was at an interval of 5Months later, once again broke through his personal auction record.It is understood that the oil painting “Portrait of Phase-Xiao Jiang” was created by Leng Jun in 2011. The pre-shooting estimate: 40 million-60 million yuan. Leng Jun outlined the black and thick hair with extremely fine lines.In the picture, the natural red on the lips of the person and the color of the complexion of the face appear, and the little folds of the clothes, including the cutouts of the clothes, are extremely clear.After the completion of “Portrait of Portrait-Xiao Jiang”, Leng Jun’s popularity has been greatly improved, and he has become a part of his ultra-realistic field.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Shihui