But I can,Because of my master,Teach yourself the most,That’s the view of this super jade rough。

Precisely because of this,Just take a look,It also made Xu Yi show an excited expression。
If this time,If you get three top-quality jade rough stones in one performance。
This time,Not only can be a teacher,Still famous。
After all this time,To make yourself famous,Intentionally three days in advance,I also preached that I was going to Jianghu City,Make countless people,I came to the original stone field specially today。
This,Exactly why,Today this original stone field,One of the reasons for the two thirds more people。
opposite,Lin Yu is looking for the finest rough stone。
Watch watch,Curiously take a look at Xu Yi。
just,Not looking,one look,Froze for a while。
This man’s approach,It turned out to be a technique passed down from my master。
To know,Master’s technique,Not ordinary people can learn。
But not to anyone,Until now,Only passed on two people,One of them is myself,The remaining one,It’s his younger brother Li Benwei。
Could it be that,This person is Li Benwei’s apprentice?
Ok!Only one possibility,if not,It’s impossible for him to know Master’s technique。

Shen Huan’s inner activities are very rich,The expression on his face has not changed。

“Your ambition is really big。”Shen Huan shrugged,“‘The Prince of Love Songs’This title,It’s not that easy to get!”
“That’s what he dreamed of。”Ning Wu said with a smile,“As long as you can give him a song every year, Mr. Lu,He’s content enough。”
“Can’t give one song a year。”Shen Huan shook his head。
“Teacher Lu……”Ning Wu is in a hurry。
“you listen to me。”Shen Huan stopped him,“I like kind people very much,So one song a year is not enough!”
Ning Wu just breathed a sigh of relief,Ecstasy。
Guan Yili was also surprised,Surprised and overwhelmed。
He can’t believe it。
“Get ready!”Shen Huan’s grand way,“Go and work hard to collect songs!Don’t be afraid to spend money!Within half a year,I am here to prepare three songs for him,The rest can’t be bad!”
Ning Wu replied。
His breathing is tight。
Teacher Lu is planning to make an album for him!

Hyuga Hanaru’s fingers placed on Druda’s body in rapid succession,Just in a moment,Hit the final blow,Knock Diluda into the air。

“Is this the point that the Hyuga family is proud of??”
Diluda got up from the ground,I patted the dust on my body and said。
“what!”Hyuga Kahuo showed a shocked expression,“how is this possible,The soft fist does not work for you!”
In the eyes of Hyuga Fireworks,Diluda, who has experienced his gossip and 64 palms, has nothing to do,Even the flow of Chakra in the body has not been affected at all。
“Your surprised expression is really funny,Hyuga Fireworks.”
At the moment when Diluda’s voice fell,Hyuga fireworks moved into the air,At the same time in her original standing position,The sharp blade suddenly appeared。
“this is.Scientific endurance!”
The fireworks that jumped onto the trunk looked at Dyruda below and said。
“Is it hiding fast?.”The sharp blade began to transform into Dyruda’s feet and then drilled back through the ground,Diruda put his hands on his chest,He looked up at Hyuga Fireworks and said,“How is it now,Hyuga Fireworks。”
“Soft Step Double Lion Boxing!”
Chakra gathered on the hands of Hyuga Fireworks,Appeared in the shape of a blue lion head。
Although it was a ninjutsu created by Hinata Hyuga,But as the younger sister of Hinata Hyuga,Hyuga Fireworks will naturally be used。
Hyuga Huahuo swung his fist and rushed towards Diruda。
but,Diruda did not dodge,Although it’s a little bit beyond what Hyuga Fireworks expected,But now it’s too late to make a change in attack。
At the moment when Hyuga Fireworks’ soft-step double lion punch is about to hit Diluda,The blue lion head originally attached to the hands of Hyuga Fireworks was suddenly absorbed by Dyruda’s eyes。

At this moment,Ye Tianzong hiccups,Lightly:“It’s boring to ask me directly,Still rely on strength。”

“My mother is rich,But can’t spend it。”
“So lucky,free?Give money back?”
“It seems this shop,We have to come often in the future……”
Chapter Thirty Three People wear horse saddle
And also abducted 100,000 yuan bonus。
Most satisfied,Zhang Chunqin。
When getting up and leaving,Didn’t say much,But that contemptuous look,But as free and easy as a victor reaping spoils。
Let Ren Fengping and others who had been waiting to see the jokes be crushed,Baleful Eyes,But helpless。
Have not eaten,I did not get the Hailong Bay project as I wished.,tonight,They can be said to have lost their wife。

“Lie to me you are a puppy!”

Yang Shiyun said childishly。
Unexpectedly, Qin Liang immediately learned how to bark!The way these two goods show affection is also level enough。
“What you mean by barking a dog is to tell me you actually lied to me, right??”
Yang Shiyun suddenly became very smart,I reacted immediately。
Qin Liang was immediately amused and laughed,If Yang Shiyun this little girl is cute,,That’s the kind of existence that the world is invincible。
“What a little laugh you!Am I wrong??”
Yang Shiyun continues to question Qin Liang。
“Can you not be so cute?You are so cute,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang smiled so brilliantly。
“You are so hateful!Hurry up and cook your meal,Stop playing!hate!”
Yang Shiyun replied immediately……

Yang Shiyun also told Qin Liang his opinion without concealing it。

“Yuer’s business,We can only go one step at a time,For this relationship,This little girl committed suicide once,and so……Ugh。”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“That’s also。”
Yang Shiyun had to answer with a wry smile。
Although in everyone’s heart,I think the relationship between Xiao Yuer and Li Hai shouldn’t exist at all.,But facts are facts,No one can pretend to be blind to what has happened,What exists is reasonable,No matter what others think。
“This girl has a hard life,Let’s treat her as a pampering。”
Qin Liang said with emotion。
“I understand what you mean,I’m just worried,Such indulgence,Will it hurt her in the future?。”
Yang Shiyun said very worried。
“What should come will come,Didn’t I just say,Let’s take one step and count one step first,If you don’t even keep her now,I’m afraid she won’t have any future life,I don’t mean she can’t think of doing anything extreme again,I mean if she is unhappy now,She won’t be happy in the future,Maybe you won’t be happy forever。”
Qin Liangyu said earnestly。
“I didn’t expect you to consider this matter so long,So meticulous。”

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Meng Ke thought about it:“Watched,What can?What do we say to him when we meet?It’s better not to watch。
Although what Meng Ke said makes sense,But Changyi Peng still said:“Monarch,Better take a look,Also a comfort to myself。”
Meng Ke says:“in fact,I want to see him too,Still what I just said,Met,Say what?”
“Maybe,No need to say anything。”
In Peng Changyi’s mind,It emerged from the first time I saw Yuqiong。right now,He felt more truly,Woman,Whether it’s pretty or not,The most important point is that it must be cute,Too many women don’t understand this,But in the process of continuous crawling,Lost the most precious thing。Don’t make a woman respectable,Don’t fall into an abomination,Lovely lost,It can only be pitiful!
Saturday and Sunday,Party school students rest,Peng Changyi didn’t go back,He wants to use these two days,Walk around,One is to see Ye Tianyang,The second is to visit Xiao Dou’s father,and also,He made an appointment with Jiang Fan,Ready to go to a scenic spot near the provincial capital,Peng Changyi called Old Gu,Old Gu rushed to the provincial capital last night。
Peng Changyi went to meet Xiao Dou’s father first,Xiao Dou’s father is now the director of the Provincial Public Security Department,A veritable leader。Peng Changyi deeply understands,Make good use of these relationships,Will be good for his future development,Not to mention,His relationship with Lao Dou and Xiao Dou,Even with this great sinus, there are two sides to it,Visit him,Not abrupt,It won’t arouse him。
In officialdom,Every time you knock on a door,It indicates that you have one more chance in your career。Peng Changyi is a good and good person,Know who is useful to you,Who stay away。Although you can make connections,But not every boat you can board,Not every tree can keep you cool。As the saying goes,Long You Long Dao,Snakes have snake holes,Pig forward,Chicken back。But no matter what,There is a principle that must be grasped,You have to be good at making your head sharp and hard scientifically,Know how to drill,Go crawl,Go roll,Go knock on different doors。
There are big and small officials,The door is also high and low,There are many factors that determine your promotion,Sometimes you grab a straw,Go up in one step,Sometimes climb up half a step,You have to use the strength of breastfeeding,Not sure if it will be possible,and so,Personal connections are very important resources。
relationship,In a way, it’s benefit,Some people are the thighs you want to hold at critical moments,Some people are your crutches,Some people can still be the giant hand that buried you……For people in officialdom,Political life is all you have,It’s you in the limited time,A mountain that needs to be climbed constantly,Is also where all your dreams are。
Peng Changyi, who knows the taste of officialdom,I know how to visit this big sinus,In the past few years,Although he knows Lao Dou and Xiao Dou well,But I have never deliberately contacted Dadou,and so,Take this opportunity this time,Visit like an old friend,Is also a natural thing。
Peng Changyi didn’t bring anything,He only brought him a small bag of spiced peanuts fried by an old craftsman on Huimin Street in Kangzhou.,This is what he specially told Lao Gu to bring。Director Dou was waiting at home long ago,The director and his wife warmly received Peng Changyi,The director introduced to his wife:“This is Peng Changyi, the county party secretary of our second daughter and Xiaoqiang,Has been transferred back to Kangzhou as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,Now studying in the party school。”
The director’s wife said with a smile:“At the wedding of Jin’an girl,I met Secretary Peng。Hello, Secretary Peng,Everyone in our family always talks about you,Sit down,Sit down。”Talking,Peng Changyi was making water and smoking。
Director Dou said:“Secretary Peng is a cadre demanding progress,He doesn’t smoke。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“You shame me。”
Peng Changyi handed a bag of peanuts in his hand to the director’s wife,Said:“Hot weather,I didn’t dare to bring more。”

Beijing Asset Management Association was officially listed, and Liu Donghai, the first chairman of the aircraft carrier-level national team

Beijing Asset Management Association was officially listed, and Liu Donghai, the first chairman of the aircraft carrier-level “national team”
On April 18th, the reporter learned from the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau that the “Beijing Asset Management Association” initiated by the heavyweight asset management institutions such as the consolidated financial management subsidiary of the bank was officially established.The meeting elected the first council of the association, the board of supervisors.Liu Donghai, Chairman of Bank of China Wealth Management, was elected as the first president.The first 60 founding members of the Beijing Asset Management Association span across banks, securities, insurance, funds, trusts and other industries, covering the most important internal equity capital management institutions. Member units have assets under management of billions of dollars.At present, it is the first “large asset management” industry self-regulatory organization with the largest scale of assets under management, the strongest comprehensive strength, and the widest coverage.It is understood that members of the Beijing Asset Management Association have characteristics.Including dozens of domestic rectangular institutions such as Industrial, Agricultural, China, Construction, Post and other 11 bank wealth management subsidiaries, China Life Asset Management, China People’s Insurance Asset Management, Taikang Asset Management, CITIC Securities, CICC, CITIC Construction Investment, etc.It also includes international well-known institutions such as Oriental Consortium and Oak Capital.Yin Yong, deputy mayor of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, attended today’s meeting and delivered a speech.Congress, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other national financial management departments and relevant persons in charge of their offices in Beijing also attended the meeting.Yin Yong pointed out that Beijing is the national financial management center. According to the data of the fourth national economic census just released, as of 2018, Beijing’s financial assets totaled 148 trillion, accounting for half of the country.Beijing has unique advantages in developing the asset management industry in many aspects such as regulatory policies, headquarters economy, opening to the outside world, asset allocation, and business environment.The establishment of the Beijing Asset Management Association has played an important role in promoting the development of the capital ‘s asset management industry, maintaining the national financial security and stability, promoting the international opening up and cooperative development of the Chinese financial industry, and forming a new advantage in China ‘s financial development.In the future, under the guidance and support of the national financial management department, Beijing will actively undertake the task of piloting and piloting the national financial reform and opening up, continue to build an international first-class business environment, and promote Beijing ‘s asset management industry to become bigger and stronger.The relevant person in charge of the national financial management department congratulated the establishment of the Beijing Asset Management Association and said that the establishment of the Beijing Asset Management Association is an important achievement of Beijing ‘s financial reform and development, which is conducive to providing a research exchange platform and communication coordination for the development of the asset management industry.The system plays an irreplaceable and important role in promoting the capital management industry to serve the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and regulating development.It is hoped that the association will fully rely on Beijing’s advantages in the financial policy environment, financial institutions, and financial talents to contribute to the transformation and development of the capital management industry.In fact, the establishment of the Beijing Asset Management Association is of great significance to the previous opening of the financial industry.Asset management is an area where the development of the global financial industry has accelerated in the past 20 years, and the total market size has reached nearly US $ 100 billion.Internationally, “asset management” is usually regarded as an independent type of financial license.Relatively speaking, with the gradual reorganization of the financial industry, the pace of opening up to the outside world and the innovation and development of the asset management industry are gradually opening up the fields of banking, financial management, insurance asset management, and funds.Among the 11 opening measures announced by the Finance Committee of the State Council in 2019, more than half are directly related to the opening of the asset management industry.Foreign asset management institutions can participate in financial asset management companies, wealth management companies, pension management, insurance asset management, public funds, private equity funds and other fields through equity participation, holding shares or sole proprietorship, and apply for various types of asset management from different regulatory agencies.Permits operate in groups under the large asset management pattern.It is reported that the establishment of the Beijing Asset Management Association will provide an exchange and docking platform for international asset management institutions to quickly become familiar with the Chinese market and conduct business, and will serve the establishment and development of domestic capital management institutions in Beijing.According to reporters, at the time of the current global epidemic, the attractiveness of China’s financial market to foreign countries has continued to increase.Many foreign financial institutions choose to set up asset management and related institutions in Beijing.In 2019, Goldman Sachs established Beijing Mosheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. in Beijing, and Oriental Huili established Fengyu Huili Investment Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Beijing.Since the beginning of this year, during the epidemic, Oaktree Capital, a world-renowned investment institution, established OAKTREE (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. in Beijing. This is the first foreign investment law in China since January 1 this year.Financial institutions registered in English.On April 2, the UK ‘s largest life insurance company Prudential Group, a joint venture asset management company, landed in Beijing, becoming the first joint venture insurance asset management company to settle in Beijing this year.In addition, the application for the bank card clearing business license of Masterlink Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been approved.At the end of last month, Goldman Sachs was approved to increase the foreign shareholding of Goldman Sachs Gaohua from 33% to 51%; this week, Credit Suisse was approved to increase its shareholding in Credit Suisse Founder Securities to 51%.As of now, Beijing has UBS, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, three foreign-controlled joint venture securities companies.It is understood that since the current round of opening, more than 30 foreign asset management and other financial institutions have landed in Beijing.Sauna, Ye Wang Huang Xinyu Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Wu Xingfa