“If it’s a divorce,Please don’t open your mouth,If it’s something else,Can also discuss。”Said the electrician。

“Haha。”Woman smiled:“Did the husband catch him??”
The man said irritably:“none of your business。”
“But the man found me,You say it’s my business?”Woman talking while lighting a cigarette。
“Why are you looking for?”The man asked。
“Of course it’s an alliance。”
“What do you say?”
“I did not say anything。”Man sit up,Said:“Please。”
“As long as you agree to divorce,Can talk about anything。” The woman spit out a smoke ring and said。
Man thought about it,Said:“Forget it,I am not stretched anymore,Leave,My child,I own the two houses on the street in the city,In addition,Transfer me back to Jinan,Or the head of a local authority with a good economy,agreed,I just leave,Sign immediately。”
Woman spit out a smoke ring,Said:“Was she threatened by her man??I said,This time you played Dafa。I don’t think her man is good。”
The man ignored her。
She continued:“Intuitive,That woman is a good woman,You are not afraid that she will pester you,marry you?”
The man said:“This is not something you consider,Hurry up and call the province,Do as i say,This is my condition。”
After the woman listened,I flicked the soot with my index finger gracefully,Said:“Based on your current situation,You can’t take care of the child。”
“I can’t take care of,Grandpa and grandma。”There is impatience in a man’s tone。
“How about this,The house in that central area belongs to you,The one a little further away belongs to me,You are now part of the unit,How many houses do you want?”
“You too?”
“I have a small game,Can’t compare with you Kangzhou。”

He quickly entered the house。

Xia Jihan closed the door,I found that he was wearing too little,Inside a thin suit,Just a warm shirt,Tie loose,The whole body exudes a strong smell of smoke。He does not smoke,Must have just finished,The smell of smoke has not disappeared。
He quickly covered his nose and mouth with his hands,Lower the voice,Sneezed twice in a row。
She handed him a tissue,said laughingly:“Cold,I am a veritable cold room。”Finished,I sneezed twice。
He opened his broad arms,Hold her tightly in my arms,Said:“Get dressed quickly,Come with me,It’s too cold here。”
in fact,As soon as he entered the house, he found that the fire in the stove had gone out,And the first feeling is that she hasn’t eaten dinner yet。Drilling the bed so early is to prevent freezing and starvation。
“I do not!”She stubbornly said。
He frowned slightly,Why is she so sensitive to this question,Just say:“You are too cold here,Kills。”
“If you don’t come, I won’t be cold in the bed,Has a warm water bag,Can it be hot。”She pretended to say easily,just,Shivering with cold。
This is an old south facing house,Wooden windows,Lax closure,The cold wind came in through the crack in the door,Guan Hao felt cold from bottom to top,He hugged her tightly and said:“move,it’s too cold,If I had a cold before, I couldn’t do anything.。”He spoke softly。
“Then you go quickly。”She broke free of his embrace,Although she is so greedy for his warm embrace and his unique refreshing smell,But she pushed him away。
“You have to follow me!”He is a little angry,My tone becomes tough。
“Do not,I won’t live with you illegally!”She said childishly,My face flushed red,Like making a declaration。
He laughed,Point her forehead with a finger and say:“What do you think, comrade?,Why are you so nasty?,Mentally unhealthy,Who lives with you?”
“Damn,you really——”She blushed immediately,Gave him a heavy hammer。

“Ok。”Ye Tong hung up after speaking。

Peng Changyi’s construction site,It’s actually the construction site of the family building undertaken by Xiao Jin,Xiao Jin’s construction team has been stationed on the site,Under construction。Yesterday he heard Xiao Aiguo say,Some veteran cadres in the nearby rest camp refused to allow construction,Said that the family building will block the sun from the retreat。
Peng Changyi knew something was going on here,After a winter of inspection and planning,In the process of designing drawings,The surrounding environment、Factors such as terrain are taken into consideration,There shouldn’t be anything blocking the sun,Furthermore,The folk view of blocking the sun is somewhat contrary to the architectural view of blocking the sun。
After he put down Shu Qing’s call,Called Shang Xiao Aiguo、He Jin and a deputy director in charge of construction planning of the Construction Bureau came to the site。
After all the people gathered at the construction site,Peng Changyi said to the deputy director of the Construction Bureau who is in charge of planning:“Lao Guo,Was the lighting problem of surrounding residents taken into consideration when planning??”
Deputy Director Guo walked to Peng Changyi’s side,Whispered:“mayor,This question is not a matter of consideration,It is clearly stipulated by the state,Must be considered,And we were also scientifically calculated,We are in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country and the relevant regulations of our province,Just designed。”
Peng Changyi looked at him。
Deputy Director Guo continued:“The national standard urban residential area planning regulations and the property law have provisions:The sunshine standard for residential buildings in big cities is cold sunshine2Hour standard,Small and medium-sized cities adopt big cold sunshine3Hour standard,The winter solstice day is greater than or equal to1hour,The residential buildings for the elderly should not be lower than the winter solstice sunshine2Hour standard,Any addition of facilities outside the original design building shall not reduce the original sunshine standard of adjacent residences;Sunshine standards for newly built residential buildings in old district reconstruction projects can be lowered as appropriate,But it should not be lower than the sunshine1Hour standard……”
Deputy Director Guo was right,Peng Changyi looked at him,Asked:“Then why did people tell us to block the sun??”
“That’s their business,Has nothing to do with our design and planning,Moreover,Now our design,Much higher than the national and provincial standards,There is no problem of blocking the sun。”Deputy Director Guo said frankly。
Peng Changyi said:“Well,I invite you to the retreat,What you just told me,Explain to old people。”
Deputy Director Guo listened,Raise eyebrows,Said:“Why are we going to explain?We just do planning and design work?”
Peng Changyi said:“Why don’t you explain?We are a leading group,Is the whole,Since you have sufficient legal principles and reasons,Why didn’t explain in advance?What you said,Only you know that,Let every member of the leadership team know,This is how to do mass work。”
Deputy Director Guo doesn’t know what to do。

53250_007之Goldfinger 金手指等390个文件_

give room for all that he’s stowin’ away.”

“Harry Joslyn 鏉窞瓒虫荡瀵绘ml ‘s runnin’ nose-and-nose with him. There ain’t the width o’ their forelocks difference. Harry’s yelled for more beans at the same second that Gid has. In fact, not one of ’em has lagged. They’re a great gang, I tell you, but I wouldn’t 鏉窞娲楁荡鐨勫湴鏂?want to board any one of ’em for six bits a week.”

Maj. Oglesvie came up.

“Serg’t Klegg,” said he, “the Quartermaster says that he’s got a train load of ammunition to send forward, but he’s scarce of guards. I


thought of your squad. Don’t you think you could take charge of it? I don’t imagine there is much need of a guard, for things have been pretty quiet down the road for some weeks. Still, it isn’t right to send off so important a train without any protection.”

“Only be too glad of the dooty, sir,” answered Si, saluting. “It’ll give the 鏉窞妗戞嬁涓績鐗规湇 boys something to think of besides hanging guerrillas. Besides,


they’re just crazy to git hold o’ guns. Where kin I git muskets for ’em?”

“March them right over to that shed there,” said the Major, “and the Quartermaster will issue them muskets and equipments, which you can turn over again when you 鏉窞妗戞嬁ml reach Chattanooga. Good-by. I hope you’ll have a pleasant trip. Remember me to the boys of the old brigade and tell them I’ll be with them before they start out for Atlanta.”

“Purty slouchy bizniss that, givin’ these kids guns before they’ve had any drill at all鈥攄on’t know even the facin’s, let alone the manual of arms,” remarked Shorty doubtfully, as they marched over to the shed. “They’ll be shooting holes through each others’ heads and the tops o’ the cars, and’ll waste more ammynition than a six-mule team kin haul. They’ll make a regler 鏉窞姘寸(q寰俊 Fourth o’ July from here to Chattynoogy.”

“Don’t be worried about them boys,” Si reassured him. “Every one of ’em is used to handlin’ guns. Then, we kin keep the catridges ourselves and not issue any till they’re needed, which they mayn’t be.”

The boys were in a buzz of delight at getting the guns they had so longed for, and Si’s first duty was to end an exuberant bayonet fencing match between Gid and Harry which was imitated all along the line.

“Stop that,” he called. “Put your minds to learnin’ to load and shoot first. It’ll be some time before you git a chance to prod a rebel with a bayonet. Rebels are as wild as crows. You’ll be lucky to git as close to ’em as the other side of a 40-acre field.”

“But s’posin’ a rebel runs at you with his bayonet,” expostulated Harry Joslyn, “oughtn’t you to know how to ward him off and settle 鏉窞娌瑰帇鎸夋懇浼氭墍璁哄潧 him?”

“The best way’s to settle him jest as he comes over the hill, half-a-mile away, with an ounce o’ cold lead put where he lives. That’ll take the pint offen his bayonet mighty certainly.”

Si and Shorty showed the boys how to put on the belts carrying the cap- and cartridge-boxes, and gave them a little dumb-show instruction in loading and firing, ending with exhibiting to them a cartridge, and the method of tearing it with the teeth and putting it in the gun.

“Now give us some catridges,” clamored the boys, “and let us do some real 鏉窞鐢峰+spa浼氭墍 shootin

Haitian Taste Industry Makes Forbes Global Enterprise 2000 List

Haitian Taste Industry Makes Forbes “Global Enterprise 2000” List
Sauna, Yewang learned today that the 18th Forbes Global 2000 list has been released a few days ago.Among them, Haitian Taste Industry priced at USD 2.9 billion, 7.With a profit of 8.7 billion US dollars, assets of 3.6 billion US dollars and a market value of 47.1 billion US dollars, it ranked 1073, and its ranking increased 161 places from the previous year.According to the report, the list is based on a comprehensive selection of the company’s initial, profit, assets and market value.A total of 367 companies in China are on the list, with 266, 58 and 43 in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively.Andrea Murphy, editor of Forbes statistics, said: “The epidemic has caused market turmoil and severely affected the market value of the companies on the list.To calculate the market value of the companies in this list, the price figures on April 30 are used.The market value of a company needs to be at least 52.Only 700 million US dollars can be considered for the list.This figure is lower than last year’s 62.500 million US dollars.”Sauna, Yewang learned that Haitian Flavor is the only condiment company on the list this time.According to the 2019 annual report, Haitian Taste Industry achieved revenue of 197 in 2019.9.7 billion, an increase of 16.22%; of which, soy sauce revenue was 116.2.9 billion, an annual increase of 13.60%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies53.5.3 billion, an annual increase of 22.64%; total assets 247.5.4 billion, an annual increase of 22.89%.In addition, Haitian Flavor, as a company’s condiment manufacturer, has continuously increased its market value since it was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2014.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Huan Zhu Fenglan proofreading Chen Diyan