Hong Yan’s voice came from the kitchen。

And the last dish is not ready,He is busy in the kitchen alone,No time to come out。
“One more person?”Zhan Li frowned,Ask Chi Jiao,“Who?Sounds familiar。”
She doesn’t bother to ask others,I don’t think other people deserve her question。
The people in the kitchen knew she was here,But didn’t come out to meet her,Make her feel uncomfortable。
“It’s teacher Hong Yan,”Chi Jiao said with a smile,“He is cooking in the kitchen now。”
“Hong Yan?he came!”
Zhan Li was taken aback。
When she was popular,Hong Yan is also very red。
When she had no scene to film,Hong Yan is still very red。
People have been really popular for more than ten years,Evergreen Tree,Although it’s not as popular as her,But more than ten years of accumulation of popularity and connections,Are quite amazing。
Although the personality is recognized as gentle,But everyone in the circle knows,Such people can’t afford。
In front of this person,She can’t put on the predecessor’s score。
A surprise smile suddenly appeared on his face,Squealed:“Rock brother,is it you?I’m Zhan Li!”

To put it bluntly, except for this Knicks“Triangle attack”Outside,There are no other tactics,Four words:Go around。

Because I never use tactics,Tactics are like clouds.
This kind of team will play the dominant game smoothly,It’s just like the previous game against the Pistons.,And once in a disadvantage,There is basically no hope of a comeback.
This is the toughest match Xu Xuan has ever played!
Only after three quarters was it worthwhile to get a free throw2Minute,Sports war1No points!
Frequent passing errors,De Xiaopang’s experience is too rich,Xu Xuan can judge the accurate passing direction when he raises his hand.
2Minute、4Assist、1Backboard,Miserable data in addition to4Foul,5Mistakes.
“obviously,This kid from the east doesn’t know how to play.”Barkley turned to Kenny·Smith says:“I can bet,He will definitely doubt his life after this game.”
Mocking voice。
Kenny·Smith echoed:“Maybe this is the common problem of young players,Their condition is good and bad,I can’t see clearly what the strength is.”
“He still needs to grow。”Kenny·Smith added:“I will encounter training in my growth,And this is part of the training.”
On the field,Xu Xuan is very angry,Lin Yun was sitting on the sidelines watching,But he played so badly。
Deron’s style restraint made him unable to deal with it.,Can only be passively beaten infinitely。
And he didn’t feel very good in two consecutive games,Pitifully low scores in sports games。
“What’s wrong with me?Is there a bottleneck??”Xu Xuan is puzzled:“Although the opponent defended well,But it’s not the reason why I can’t get points?”
Xu Xuan thought slowly,Try to slow down the movements under your hands。
“It’s always good to be slower!”
“And you can not score,But we must not make any more mistakes!”Xu Xuan whispered secretly in his heart,He hit in front5There are not as many mistakes as this one.。

Shen Chen is also very busy this time,And as Fang Hao’s eyeliner here,Location is very important。

Fang Hao also gave her a higher reward。
Fang Hao is in a good mood this time。
Decision to donate masks,It was really painful at the time,But later facts proved that his decision was very correct,Didn’t bring him any loss,Instead, it brought him huge benefits。
Raising prices during the epidemic can indeed sell,There is no need to worry about sales。
but,If the price is raised too high,Make money,It’s not just that his traffic career was ruined,I will even face liquidation in the future。
It’s not just one or two shops that were checked for taking the opportunity to increase prices significantly.。
That is tantamount to ruining his future。
And donated those masks,His future is bright。
Even if there are some problems with personal morality in the future, I get caught,Not to have too much impact on his image。
A good mood,Spend the money naturally。
After those people get rewards,To express his sincere gratitude,Also made him feel very fulfilled。
For Shen Chen,Fang Hao still has some expectations,When two people talk in private,He told Shen Chen:

Tu Yuesheng thought about it too,Don’t insist。

at this time,Buyiyi gave a light cough,“I have a bad idea,Don’t know if it’s appropriate。”
“Speak!”Aunt Zhang Fen nodded。
“When you go tomorrow,Just click this。”Buyiyi turned to his aunt,“tell them,if not,Just let their daughter go back to her mother’s house with a big belly,It’s not that men suffer。”
Bu Changwei scolded,“You can think so?Men don’t have this responsibility,Is it plausible??No matter how difficult it is,Can’t let the child be wronged like this??”
Tu Yuesheng was also a little nervous。
“you shut up!”Tu Rumei scolded her husband again,But thoughtful,“You want to use this to threaten them,Let them back down?”
Bouyei:“The more you show that you don’t care about your children,The more you can win the negotiation。What is their dependence?Isn’t it Fang Xing and the child in her stomach??When these advantages are gone,How do they do?”
Zhang Fen nodded without noticing,“Yiyi is a good way,If we are more nervous,Instead, they caught the weakness,Keep making progress。”
“Well,Can do this!”Tu Rulong also agreed。
Although this is a bit unkind,But to deal with such a weird in-laws,He always has no choice but to be honest。

Speaking of which,Song Turn Around,Looking at Huang Lei blankly:“In case the person invited is unreliable to talk nonsense,Then I didn’t kill him,Even if you send someone to go on a blind date,I also have to find a trustworthy,Reliable。”

“I think about it, the only thing I can trust and depend on is Huang Lei, you,Don’t speculate this time,Of course,I will never let Brother Huang Lei help you in vain,Every time I believe I will give a certain amount of money,what do you think?Such a thing should be quite cost-effective。”
Song, whose surname is Song, didn’t say anything here.,Look at Huang Lei and wait for Huang Lei to speak。
Huang Lei originally wanted to refuse,Must refuse such a thing,It’s just that Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, are also very helpful to him.,Almost eat and live them、Use their。
Don’t talk about giving money,Even if you don’t give money,Huang Lei has to help them too,What’s more, people have already said they are willing to pay,Based on this alone, Huang Lei should be on this matter,There can be no doubt or rejection。
Just such a process,Somehow it will make Huang Lei feel a little concerned。
Huang Lei meant to say,Just go on blind dates for people like him?
I won’t say anything else,Just say the only thing,Song, whose surname is Song, and Huang Lei are about the age difference10Around the age of,No10Years old8year old。
This means that the person who has a blind date with Huang Lei is a little girl,The age difference between the two of them makes Huang Lei very mindful,Not to mention anything else,So far, Huang Lei has thought about it and still feels that such a thing is inappropriate。
“brothers,I’ll tell you directly,Don’t hide it,There is a big gap between my age and yours,You let me go on a blind date?But have you ever thought about it,When the time comes, the girl will see me as an uncle,Not good-looking,Old,You are not afraid of affecting your reputation。”
“Nothing else,Just tell your parents about this matter,Then how do you explain?I think this kind of thing is better not to find me,See if you can find someone else,Maybe this thing will become more smooth。”
“Brother Huang Lei,Where did i find someone else?I can’t find anyone like that,Except you,I really don’t know who to call。”
“Anyway, I don’t know who to call for help this time except you,Brother Huang Lei, just take a look,See how to handle this。”
Speaking of which,He said while pulling Zhang Bai’s white away。
Huang Lei didn’t react at first,I didn’t know until later that these two guys were going to bug,Chase out,But these two guys have already driven away。

Because of the popularity of this game,The home audience began to scream。

Curry is a little embarrassed,After all, this was their first move。
Xu Xuan doesn’t matter,That guy Green is a messenger,Curry is a good baby。
After Green,Corso Sexual Change Strategy,Go straight to Iguodala and Livingston,Pachulia was also removed。
“Death Five”Start early!
And the Lakers,Frank·Vogel also began to change,Randall,Up to Barnes。
Barnes was once the Warriors“Death Five”A member of,Now use him to fight,Just right!
Regroup,What makes Lakers fans the most happy,Xu Xuan really has no big problems,When he was pulled down, he fell on his back,Basically no injuries。
The two teams finished in the first quarter30ratio34,Lakers lead4Minute。
Not low score,All on30Up。
Section Two,Both sides replaced。
I didn’t have time just now“battlefield”Yang Shaoxia and Lu Wei are suffocated,I want to take away the opponent with a wave,The result was blown by Iguodala。
Brother Yi has already32Years old,But thanks to the perennial regimen,The state is still very good。

Chapter Three Hundred Seventy One Hero prison

“Don’t!I will never die again!”
Frieza has a hideous expression on her face,Sasuke controlling Naruto to throw into the air,And then immediately turned and fled。
The thunder and lightning shield envelops Naruto who was thrown towards him,Brought Naruto to the ground。
Frieza’s body suddenly stopped,Frieza, who was too anxious to escape and had no time to adjust, immediately fell to the ground。
“Damn guy!”Frieza, who was lying on the ground, turned his head and looked at Aksia,“Since I can’t run away,Then don’t think about feeling better!”
Frieza stood up from the ground,Open your hands and aim at the sky,Make a scream that can ring through the entire universe。
Whenever you find an enemy that you cannot deal with and may affect the plan of the Great Dark Sky,Official members of Great Dark Sky can locate their coordinates in this way,Open space-time wormhole,Imprison the enemy in the hero prison。
A big hole is gradually broken in the sky,Strong suction emerges from the big hole。
The strong with the combat effectiveness will be sucked into the big hole and sent back to the hero prison。
Sasuke, who is closest to the big hole, is the first to be gradually dragged to the big hole,Even if Sasuke’s wings flap like crazy, it won’t help.,Next is Aksia on the side。
Naruto,Seems to be because the combat effectiveness is not up to standard,So the impact is minimal。

Seeing the spider spitting out flames between the antennae,And skeleton-like creatures covered with bone spurs, etc.……

These weird soul beasts are not creatures on the Douluo Continent at all,It is very likely that the god Shura placed here from other planes。
Ghost:“These monsters,Never seen,Unable to judge the weakness”
Xu Sheng controls the ghost vines to grow around,Then let it slowly converge into a circular obstacle beside the ghost,There was a ghostly flame among the vines……
In this way, I can barely stop the Ten Thousand Years Soul Beast from using them。
Ghostly eyes looked at the surrounding plants burning with ghostly flames,There was a deep doubt in the eyes,The neutral voice said slowly“What kind of spirit is this?Why have I never seen Xu Sheng use it??Could it be that he actually has three martial arts??”
After solving these,Xu Sheng looked at these spirit beasts with cold eyes……
I saw his feet,Nine scarlet spirit rings suddenly floated up……
Yes,Just nine scarlet one hundred thousand year spirit rings!!
His martial soul,After Jiuxin Xuetang evolved into a ghost vine,Together with all the previous spirit ring years, they have increased by at least 80,000 years!!
The first spirit ring under my feet lights up……
First Spirit Ability!Ghost Vine Flame!
Able to extract the flames on the ghost vine separately,Then carry out a large-scale coverage attack on the front target!
From above the ghost vine,Those burning ghost flames slowly escaped out of the martial soul,Then it condensed into a huge ghost flame of tens of meters in the air,The extreme cold temperature even caused the surrounding spirit beasts to retreat a few steps。
With Xu Sheng’s eyes condensed,This ghost flame of tens of meters finally moved,Moving towards the countless soul beasts ahead,Faster and faster!
After tens of meters of ghost flames hit the ground,There was a huge white ripple,Nether fire spreads wildly at a speed of tens of meters per second,In an instant,The entire soul beast with a radius of several hundred meters was instantly ignited by this terrifying ghost fire!
These nether flames burn their souls frantically,Struggle anyway,Can’t get rid of it……
Road to hell,Suddenly the painful and wailing sounds of countless soul beasts sounded……

The flying soul guide just touched him too much,Whether it’s speed or altitude,Are far better than their Shrek Academy!

Qianyu stared at Jing Hongchen with cold eyes……
The latter felt his gaze,I suddenly felt cold……
Jing Hongchen warned“My illusion?This kid……”
Yan Shaozhe said lightly“These are two students from our Shrek Academy who are sent to your school to exchange and study,Huo Yuhao,Outer Academy Students,Soul Master III,Qianyu,Outer Academy Students,Eighth-level Soul Teacher!”
He deliberately added four words for students from the Outer Academy,Just to see Hongchen’s jokes!
The original disdainful mirror Hongchen heard the words,Look shocked“what??Eighth-level Soul Teacher??”
How can this be??
How could Shrek Academy cultivate such a terrifying student?
He has been to Shrek Academy,Know that there are six grades in the outer courtyard,And the highest in sixth grade is seventeen!
In other words,He reached the eighth-level soul teacher at the age of seventeen!
How can it not be surprising!
Subsequently,Looking fiery toward the upper right corner of Qianyu and Huo Yuhao’s costumes……
When I saw Huo Yuhao’s third-level soul teacher,I just ignored him,Then stared at Qianyu……
This kid,Maybe it can be used by my Mingdetang!
Jing Hongchen suppressed the thoughts in his heart,Zhao Yan Shaozhe sighed“Your hospital is really amazing,Can actually cultivate such a young,Students who are accomplished in Soul Guidance Device!”

And Huang Lei is a little confused,He doesn’t seem to have any powerful martial arts,As the leader of the martial arts at this time,Does it mean that more troubles will appear next to him,But he doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself,This in itself is a bad thing,In Huang Lei’s opinion, such a thing shouldn’t exist anyway,This is one of the flaws,He wants the chick to change places as soon as possible。

In the game, Huang Lei cannot directly contact them,Unless the chick, they are watching his every move in front of the game console,If Huang Lei wants to come, they can’t be a day24Staring at him。
This group of guys are working on a big project recently,That is to expand the acquired game company,To become more powerful,At this time they need to do more work,More things besides audio,Various technicians have to go to other game companies to dig corners,Including the maintenance of the company also takes a certain amount of time,And chick,Some time ago, I told him that the company was attacked by hackers.,This in itself is an extremely bad thing,There are many situations they face now,There are many crises that are about to be faced,At this time, where is the time to take care of Huang Lei’s affairs?,The little girl said at the time,If something happens they will appear from time to time,You can naturally help Huang Lei at this time,Who knows how long the timing represents?Anyway, Huang Lei feels the situation is worse now,Not optimistic。
Of course the only thing I can do now is to wait。
I don’t know how long to wait,I don’t know what to do,Anyway, Huang Lei should let himself be honest in the past few days.,Lest there be other problems in this matter,It’s not a good thing。
Middle-aged people seem to be,I gave a heavy breath,Huang Lei said,He won’t do something indifferent,Will be quiet at this time。
Despite this,He still showed peculiar caution and caution and was also staring at Huang Lei’s every move,I’m afraid Huang Lei can’t even think about it at this time and walks outside,The current situation is very complicated,The bunch of people outside are dealing with Huang Lei,He became the leader of the martial arts,This position is not a good position,The capable,As long as you have enough ability to solve this leader,And then replaced it. That’s why so many people suddenly attacked him,Of course,Except for the position of this martial arts leader, it is very hot,There is another reason,Just,Huang Lei is too young。
In the eyes of everyone, Kaimai is currently the youngest martial arts leader,It looks unremarkable,But such a person is the leader of all the people in the arena,Martial artist,Is there a few people who can convince him?
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen Can’t stay
So there is one scene after another,The more people provoked the martial arts leader,All tried to defeat him at this time,Then replace him。
So far, no one is close to Huang Lei. Most of them are solved by middle-aged people or other guards lying on the four sides.,There are no other problems。
But this situation must not last long,More and more people appeared around,Some knocked on the door to prepare for the challenge,This situation will only make things worse,Over time,Will only be out of control。
Middle-aged people think of this,Frowning slightly,I thought he should do something at this time,But what can he do now?The current situation is not optimistic at all,Huang Lei became the leader of the martial arts,result,So many things happened。
It’s unrealistic to want to leave at this time,There are already so many people waiting for this,This also means that at this time they can’t run away alone,Must pay for this,Because of this, middle-aged people have a headache,Besides restricting Huang Lei’s freedom,He has to find a way to drive away all the guys outside,Otherwise, the more people accumulate,I’m afraid that no one will be able to face this situation,The so-called alliance master will become more passive and worse at this time,Things will naturally become different at this time,In order to avoid this series of things,Still need to be more cautious and careful,Still need to think of a way on this matter,Make it simple as soon as possible。