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Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 41
Is Young Master Wen Yi the dude??of course not,His family discipline is extremely strict,3I started to learn boxing from a martial arts master at the age of,every day4You have to get up,Run around the river,2hour,Give after running15Minutes to drink water to rest,Then press the leg20minute,leapfrog30minute,Zamabu,Combination punch,2hour,And the action must ensure the standard,Otherwise redo,Rest an hour,Then continue training,Until lunch!
Hiking in the afternoon,Tie sandbags on your legs,Tie sandbags around waist,Obstacles will be placed along the way,Some traps,Just started practicing,Young Master Wen is always hurt,Mother loves him,Blame my father for being so cruel:If my son becomes disabled in the future,,Broke down,Who is responsible……‘’A man has to work hard from childhood,Exercise his body,Strengthen his fighting spirit,Make the heart as hard as steel,The body is as thick as a city wall,Catch since childhood,Grasped,Get used to it,I can use it for myself later!
‘’Father Xi finished in one breath,And told Wen Yishao to remember it firmly!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 42
Wen Yishao nodded,He didn’t know what his father meant,I just know I want to listen to my father,Listen to the master,This is the instruction he has received since he can remember。
Who did he practice with?12Years of martial arts,Until after going to high school,Master bid farewell,Intention is:I have to practice harder in the future,Can’t waste time,Cherish every inch of time and every inch of gold,Finally the master warned:Before getting married,To remain a virgin,He agreed without thinking。
After high school,He is stronger,Walking like a strong wind,On the sports field,He dribbles the ball,Shot,Every action is done in one go,In confrontation with opponent,He always has the upper hand,Top spot,,Girls on the sidelines applauded and cheered for her,Some secretly stuffed love letters into his drawer。
He would ignore it at first,But after reading a few love letters,He suddenly looks like‘’Resuscitate‘’General,He discovered how lucky they are at this age,The best flowering season,Receiving the sunshine,Schools and society are protecting the growth of minors,There are also girls like flowers around,They are also just blooming flowers,Need someone to take care of!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 43
Wen Yishao take a closer look,In the lines of text he saw scenes not in life,I saw another world of spiritual fantasy,Here is a landscape he didn’t appreciate,There is a very beautiful paper inside,Write the following stroke by stroke in lower case:See literally:One less,Some people say that youth is like a red sunset on the horizon,I dyed everything around me with my passion,It has no time to take care of the violent boiling heat,Vow before night falls,Shine,If tourists see it, they will shoot beautiful moments,If the poet saw it:Will write beautiful verses,Colorful clouds inside,Waiting。
Nostalgic,And unrestrained,If a woman saw it,Will stop and watch,Remember this eternally beautiful moment in your heart,She will be at some twilight,Share with loved ones,If the prodigal saw him:Will be around here,Till the night,Waiting is the best confession,Right!
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Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 44
On that moonlight night,A few according to the agreed time,over there,Young and beautiful Xiaoying,Sunny and handsome,A moment opposite to each other,He has her in his eyes,Her eyes look like him,The two had a very good chat,Every word can knock on the other’s heart。
Their hands are tightly clasped together,I feel like an electric shock at this moment,At that time every night,Their figures will appear in a corner of the playground,They kiss like other lovers,embrace,Hug,That time passed fast and fulfilled,They care about each other in life,They encourage each other in learning,A little learning progresses very fast,I can climb to a dozen in the class。