It is enough for a little woman like her to hide behind this man!

He sheltered her from the wind and rain,Dominate!
She brought him tea and water,Make suggestions!
This is Lu Yuxin’s ideal way of getting along。
It’s like being in Sichuan that day,Wang Yufei went crazy suddenly,What she did。
I feel very happy when I recall。
I just don’t know how Mr. Luo is doing now……
“Hey,Good two,Could you give me three minutes to do a simple interview with the two?”
I just left school here,The two were stopped by a middle-aged man in the shade。
“You know us?”Wang Yufei asked suspiciously。
“of course,Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,I specially downloaded your photos。”Seems to show sincerity,The man took out the photos on the phone and showed them。
It’s not a secret photo,But on the official promotion page,A photo of the two holding a gold medal with other friends。
It’s just that the two were specially tailored。
“I am a reporter from Inspur News,My last name is horse,Because when I was born, white clouds happened to float in the sky,So my dad named me……”