“Mr. Ye。”

Monitoring completed。
Ye Tianzong is considering the treatment,The sisters have entered the house。
Two smiling faces,Especially Song Hyea,Overjoyed,I couldn’t even close my mouth,Grateful:“Mr. Ye,About my sister,Thank you。Not only gain a foothold in the store,And also get a promotion,That commission,Solved our urgent need,otherwise,How is my mom now,No one knows……”
“Yes, Brother Tianzong,My sister’s affairs in the restaurant are also thanks to you,You are really the lucky star of our family,I……”
“All right,Those are unnecessary to say。”
“Help by the way,Not so exaggerated。”
Ye Tianzong waved his hand,Said:“just,I’ve seen Auntie’s sick。”
“Difficult and not difficult,It’s just that you two tell me the truth。”
I heard Ye Tianzong’s words,The sisters are full of question marks,Puzzled:“What does this have to do with us?”
“Of course there is。”
“Medicine can only cure the body,Heart trouble can eradicate heart disease。In other words,Aunt’s disease,I need heart medicine,prior to,I asked Lingling,Uncle’s situation。At that time, I was thinking that the second uncle is more jerk,Teach him。But now,Aunt’s disease,Need him to contact,In other words,Let her completely let go of her fear of each other,I’m afraid I can be cured。”
“Bang bang bang!”
Too late to ask,Suddenly there was a violent knock on the door。
Song Lingling startled。