And with Shen Xuan’s export,This is to let people around those people,The more you look, the more I feel very funny.。

Although this is a case,But for these,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart is deep,Still more clear,These these,Represented,What will be。
In front of Shen Xuan,Those people around you are looking at me.,I look at your look.。
obviously,For the current thing,How should I solve it?。
In fact itself,The hearts of these people,Probably understand,What kind of rhythm will be made next?。
And see here,Shenxuan at this time,The more you look, the more it feels very headache.。
“Although now,I don’t want to say this.。”
“But next,I feel,They are wrong。”
Shen Xuan’s words,Whole person’s expression,It is very determined。
Surroundings,Be curious,Look at Shen Xuan。
they do not know,Shen Xuan why is good end,Will say this。
This,Shen Xuan looks here,Then continue。
“Because of the next,I have already prepared it.。”
“No matter the next means of the other party,what exactly is it,I already know,How to deal with!”
Look at the front,at this time,Shenxuan’s eyes,It is even more hot.。
After all, start now,This thing is next,How to do it in the end。
In fact, it is,This is already quite clear.。
Treat these,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,these questions,It is very clear that it is。
And with Shen Xuan’s look,The more like this,Shenxuan’s mouth,It is also a smile that brought a sight.。
As for warriors surrounding those Wardian Temple,It is not forgotten。
“Still the head lead,this matter,Everyone else,Be sure to cooperate with the head lead to finish。”
“Is this still used?,Even if the head is not so much,I also know what to do.。”
“That is of course,if not,It is not very stupid.?”
With these people,You have said that I am talking here.。
After all, it’s now,This thing is next,What kind of way you should use to solve it?。
In fact, it is,at this point,Still have this necessary,Should be processed quickly,This can only。
At this moment,Surroundings,It is the face to face each other.,Be curious,Look at this side。
He is Shen Xuan?,In fact, I didn’t think of it.,Others will suddenly say this.。
But when you see it here,Shenxuan at this time,Poor is very calm。
“but,In fact, they do so much.,Nothing。”
“Now,Whole Suhang,Already under our War God,Becoming more indestructible。”
“Even if they now,Want to continue,In fact, it is itself.,Also fundamental,Nothing。”
When Shen Xuan saw it here,The more you look, the more it feels very funny.。
After all, from the current level of this extent,Next,I should start to solve it from what is the way.。

Summer,Alert,“Do you have an god??”

Women snort,Under her unique temperament,Simulation is not a fairy,The eyes are not a contempt of injection。
This is not deliberate,But the most direct reaction itself。
As if the identity of her,There is no need to hide the inner view。
“Although I am not a fairy,But in my eyes,You are the mortal antity of the random.。”
This sentence,Dull,It seems to be so he himself as if it is。
This is a top view of attitude,Not a princess of the giants。
But a strong person who faces the weak people.。
“Then you are crushing me.。”Summer 龇 龇 乐,“Anyway, I don’t want to live.。”
The woman’s face suddenly cold,Spiration and deep breathing,Faint,“People should have self-knowledge,Some of this can only live,Especially like yours like you。”
Summer laughing,正 正 反,Suddenly stop。
Look up。
I only saw the car festival door.,Three people。
A strong man with a high face,Neck with big gold chain,The other two are staining yellow hair,Tattoo,It’s not a good person at first glance.。
甫 进 进 车,They look at the West,Wait for four weeks,Don’t dare to look at them。
“wipe,What’s all?,It seems that Laozi wants to rob you.。A group of goods。”
A strong man,Side,After you finish,Well-eye,Exactly on the summer of the front.。
“Boy,Looking for death is,What look!”
Summer face change,Only only Nono low。
See him,I am so smiling immediately on my face.,With two overlaps,One shake three swayed forward。
Road in summer,Strong Han once again sick……But just collecting the moment,Ahead。
next moment,Two eyes are highlighted。
“Brother,Positive point。”
Two dogs should not turn their eyes and stare at the woman.。
“Brother,Walking five cars,Finally encounter a best,Click one’s tongue,This body,This pair of long legs……Our luck is not thick.。”
“Shut up!”
Zhuangan glanced at two,Since the face, you have a smile that you think of gentleman.,“Beauty,Getting acquainted,My name is……Monk the surname,Row。”
His voice is just,Summer can’t help but laugh。
His face red neck is bolding a desktop,Sideline,Make a dying。
Sitting on the opposite woman and the three people looking at the same time,All angrage。
One of the dog’s legs is a collar of the summer.,“Boy,You are looking for death.?”
“Cough……Feel sorry,I am sorry.,I,I suddenly remembered a joke and couldn’t help but laugh.……puff,Hahaha。”
“Give me a rolling。”Dog legs picked up in the summer。
“it is good,Good。”
Summer is busy nodding,A weak look,Leave your seat。

Liuhe Mountain face change。

He is very clear,This is the summer moment into the virtual state.,The power has been condensed at a point。
“you misunderstood,I am very sincere with you this time.,Tell you,Before coming,I have encountered a summer cloud。”
Summer is still not going to,staring。
“He warned that I don’t not be unfavorable to you.,Hehehe,In fact, for me,I only look at the interests in front of you,Threats don’t have any effect on me。”
“but,I really don’t want to deal with you.,Because we have a common enemy——Rush,Right,I almost forgot to ask you.,Are you really hurt by the light??”
Summer is calm,At the same time, all the breath。
“His more?”
Liuhe Mountain’s face also downs。
“I have almost no resistance to the resistance.。”
Summer is not hidden,“Even if I put the most powerful basement……Can still be easily killed by him。”
“Then how do you live??”
The more height of the look of Liuhe Mountain。
“Don’t know。”
“Don’t know?”
“Right,I originally wounded with him.,But later I don’t know what,He suddenly retired.。”
Liuhe Mountain looks,“Is there any other master?。”
“Don’t know。”
This is also the doubts in the summer.。
Liuhe Mountain stares on summer,What seems to be observed?。
A few seconds,He deeply spit out a sigh,“Shake is too strong,It is a giant mountain in a lot of people.,If he does not die,You will die sooner or later,Do you believe??”
He smiled bitterly,“But also……Even if you and I join hands,I am afraid that it is not his opponent.。”
Summer oblique,“Since this,What do you do with me?,Ready to push me out as your knife?”
“of course not。”
The look of Liuhe Mountain is very sincere,“I want to join hands with you.,Explore a place together,That place can make you quickly improve strength,At that time we join hands,Absolutely there is a capital of a battle。”
I heard this sentence,Summer is stunning。
then,His mouth hooked a wipe。
“If there is this place,I have explored one person with your selfish personality.,Will also call me together?”


Zang Yun is very embarrassed。
He wants to give a million,As an apology for the previous behavior。
result,Ignored by others!
“Are you here to find my son?……To be honest。I don’t know if he will come……I called,Tell him yourself!”
Fang Deyun called,And handed the phone to Mingzun。
Fang Yu is strange,Dad speaks first every time he calls。
This time,Didn’t say a word?
“Doctor Fang,it’s me……”
Mingzun said。
“It turned out to be Mr. Ming……Is there a problem?”Fang Yu said to himself。
Fang Yu at this time,Is studying other things。
Is looking at a book!
“That one……Is such that!”
immediately,Mingzun told the story again。
“Forget it……In case I can’t help it。Isn’t he being laughed at by others?”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“He is really sincere this time……”

“Sorry,Great elder,I lost”

The great elder smiled and said with relief:“Don’t care about winning or losing,I told you before,This academy competition is for you to increase your knowledge,do not mind!”
Wu Yu showed a smile,Finally couldn’t hold on and passed out into a coma。
“Hahaha,Nice job!”
The elder of Fan Deng College patted Lin Hen on the shoulder,Smile on his face。
“Live up to your expectations,We are promoted!”
Grand Elder nodded slightly and said:“Go rest,Wait until today’s game is over,I will give you the new armor!”
Lin Hen nodded,Walk aside and sit down to rest。
“The next game will be Geng Dan Academy vs. Cultivation Academy,The game will start in ten minutes!”
The elder of the Cultivation Academy is explaining things,The people at Gengdan Academy didn’t move at all,Just quietly waiting for the game to start。
“remember,Don’t put too heavy hands!”
When Liu Geng was on the court,The elder of Geng Dan College said something like this,Liu Geng nodded slightly,And others on the stage。
Fuming heard that Geng Dan Academy was playing,Look over,He is very curious about the strength of the person with question marks on this information,Luo Sheng is also watching Liu Geng on stage。
“Geng Dan Academy actually sent this monster to play!”
Chapter One Hundred and Four:Mutated attribute Mingyin Lingshui,Han Han Confluence
The people from the Cultivating Academy watch the people from Gengdan Academy come on the court,I’m very nervous。
“You remembered,Once the situation is found,Surrender now,Never resist!”

“Bell,Welf……,You have helped me enough,If you continue,Will let Hessian ambassador。”

Seeing Bell and Wellff appeared here,The big life is touched,But as she said,She doesn’t want to drag anyone,Moreover, Bell they have helped themselves.。
“Friends are difficult,Does each other do not understand what should be??I have already thought about it.,After helping you save people,I will ask out the genus,Will not let God have difficult people with the head。”
Welf is also boothing a booth,It is almost like this.,He is also intended to accompany these two people to go to black.。
Obvious,Whether it is Bell or a big life,I think of a piece.,They can’t look at Chun Ji is living alive sacrifice,I am going to be separated from the genus.。
Big and life, persuading no fruit,In the end, several people can only sneak into the happy street with nights.。
Because it is happy street,So even if it’s time to evening,It is equivalent to the same moment。
But very fast Bell, they will encounter problems.,Although they knew that Chun Ji was in the happy street of Yizi Tower.,But they don’t know where the specific location is。
Happy Street is big,Said small,And their faces, Ivilta, will be alert.,Before they find people,I can’t say it.。
“I thought you had any good countermeasures.,Actually, three people dared to sneak over to save people.,The result is only this?”
Just in Bell three in the corner,Secret business,A sudden sound,I almost scared the three people who do the thief.。
Bell also reacted very quickly,This sound is the voice of their head,But look around,He didn’t find the god of night.。
Until the night lifted the ice,The night with Lily’s figure slowly appeared in front of him.,And they have been standing near Bell et al.。
As for the night and Lily why it will stealth,Just to make a transparent like a fridge of the mirror in the air,Then refraction through moonlight,A form of optical camouflage。
That is, the so-called visual phantom,People still there,But your eyes can’t catch it.。
In fact, from Bell and Welf sneak out the Hessea genus,The night is always following Lily.。
I don’t want to be a hero.
Chapter 739 Night store old player—Night
Originally, he still wants to see how they save people.,When they can’t live,Save people again。
But after listening to Bell’s combat plan,Night, I feel that I have to come out.。
Bell’s original plan is,By the big life with Welf in the two places in Happy Street,Attracting those Amazon’s attention。
At this time, Bell took the opportunity to find the position of Chun Ji.,And take her away。
Look at it,This plan is very good,But the risk is quite high.。
The first thing Bell is in a short time,Found Chun Ji,And successfully rescue it,So what is responsible for the big life of the bait with Welf?
Two people areLV2Adventurer,How long can I persist in my powerful Ice Tower??
And again three of the trouble,I believe this Iza will be absolutely unreasonable.,So, even if Bell has successfully rescued Chun Ji.?
Saved a person,Folded two people,Extreme limit,Do you want to be so losses?……
And this is also built in Bell to quickly find Chun Ji.,If you can’t,It’s three people.。
And since it is sneaking,What bitter exposes identity,This is what is the meaning of the night??
But this is no wonder that Bell three people,Originally, they didn’t work with the Irai.,And there is no special ability,Want to save people under the eyes of each other,There seems to be only this way。
But after seeing this stealth skill in the night,Three people know that tonight’s rescue action has played。
“Head of the head,Since you can help Lily stealth,Is it possible to stealth together?,Such everyone is in action,Looking for someone must be much better.。”
Since there is a more secure approach,Then Bell’s natural people don’t plan to use the previous adventure.。
And just like the night,Stepped them as long as they find Chun Ji,Ground with her。
After that, it was found that the people of the Iva will find that the spring scorpion is gone.,I don’t know if they are doing.。
Even if you are suspected?,They have no evidence,Don’t even get tired,After they, they even have no need to leave their own genus.。
“Although it can be done,But some troublesome,And do this quite no efficiency。

Lu Yuli sound line with just awkward,He is lying on the bed again,Hearts in my heart。

There is also a scene that is a Shu Xi, who is crying last night.,I have been shooting in his mind。
Push door,Standing at the door smiling:“Two less,Miss Xiao gives you breakfast.。”
Lu Lanran:“Lady,My daughter?”
Lu Yuli’s heart is excited.,not sure yet,The heart has already fly down.。
The housekeeper smiled.:“Yes,Two less,Want to see it.,It is given two less breakfast.。”
“Of course,That’s my daughter。”
Lu Yuli didn’t find it early.,Open the quilt,Wear slippers and go to the bathroom。
Wu’s house smiles,Turn to the lower floor。
Five minutes later,Lu Lanran carefully,White silk shirt,Black thin sleek pants,Liu Hai covers the forehead,Let him look more and more beautiful,He smiled at the mirror,I went straight down the bathroom.。
See the mother’s back,He slowed down,Some nervous,Also excited,Daughter actually gave him breakfast,Is this worried that he does not eat??
He slowed down,The temperature is called:“Inexpensive。”
“Bamboo!Father ,You get up?”
书 恬 Sweet,Directly sweet to Lu Yuli’s heart。
Lu Lanran,Put up her,Little girl is high,Holding a very amount,Lu Yuli is sad,I missed the growth of children.,He is uncomfortable。
NS2247chapter You are my big Bo
Lu Yuli hugged her daughter on the sofa,Very surprising,The daughter will come over to send him early.。
It seems that 子 回 回 孩子 孩子 孩子 孩子 孩子。
“Inexpensive,Dad is sorry for you,I will see you now.。”
Lu Qiran now arrested the opportunity to apologize。
Especially the 恬 恬, come and find him,Explain that the daughter has no hate to him.。
Yan Shu smiled and shook his head,Little age she,I know that I am wrong, I can apologize is a good child.。
“Father,You also said,You don’t know our existence before.,Dad doesn’t want to feel sorry.,As long as this semester starts at school,Dad sent me to school.,I can thoroughly forgive my father.。”
Lu Yuli heard this,Suddenly thought of?
correct,Last night, my daughter said,Many people in their school like him,And he is also a daughter’s idol。
Lu Yuli suddenly had a daughter to pull him to show off.“Feet”。
He smiled:“good,Going to school Dad to send you to school。”Since then,He will never miss the children’s growth.。
“Yeah!Dad is best,I will call me my girlfriend for a while.。Tell her that my father is Lu Yuliran。”

Zai paint is not arguing with her,Instead, I look forward to watching the summer.。

Basic ideas of this array,The principle of simmering and compression with summer is the same。
In other words,Use least node,Bearing the most changes。
In this regard,Summer absorbers,Created a genre。
He recognizes the second,No one dares to say the first。
After a moment,His arm,Explore a finger。
Under the driver of the real yuan,A black material energy,Intrinsic,Several turnover,Connect the big array node。
So slow,Winding。
soon,Black energy continues to spread forward。
The eyes of the slaughter shouted,I don’t dare to blink,I am afraid that I miss myself.。
Ten masters are especially。
Seeing that summer is hardly thinking to connect a node,All are not self-contained,Also rushed again。
But on the face of everyone,All is excited。
Initial time,They also think about it。
But this run trajectory in summer,Still the first time I saw。
In the essay of eucalyptus,A dark line is penetrated from the big array,Come to the initial node。
“Too much,This is the groundbreaking。”
“Just use half of the node,After completing the end,The power of this method has reached the peak of four products.,Even if the three-character refiner can also complete it……”
In other words,This idea,Three products refining practitioners can complete the refining four products!
Slaughter,Interrupt the real yuan immediately,Half-air projection immediately disappeared。
However,The ten masters of the eyes are Qi Qi to slaughter.。
Others don’t understand,How can they not know how significant it?,great! Be right。
If you press this idea plank,Then they are very likely to refine the five-character props and secret treasures.。
Everyone’s heartbeat is not jumped up from acceleration.。
“Hey,I know that I said privately.,This loss is big.。”
Slaughter,“Row,I will give you a jade jade for a while.。”
“Humph,This is almost,Slaughter,What did you say,Privately said privately,Isn’t it too selfish??”
“Yeah,Selfish,Very selfish,Thanks to us, friends。”

“But that is just a leather bag company,Uh,how to say,Xia Xia should also know,I have also done some business in gray industry.……”Jin Airor considers tone,“……After you have done,Some leather bag company directly announced,Some skins still continue to operate,But I have nothing to do with me.,Summer,I will give you an account.。”

something,No need to say。
Some words,There is also no need to pick directly。
Whether you are still in summer,It’s all IQ。
Very clear of the cat。
E.g,Even if it is a leather bag company,The legal representative is not the proud。
Gold proud personality,Will definitely deal with dry clean,Anything,He also can set up。
However, the company is injected with a lot of money.。
Important,It was turned out to be investigated by Liu Qingqing.,Obviously it is deliberately guided……So enough to explain a fact。
That is a problem with Jino Rong。
Either business spy,Either……Someone betrayed him。
“That’s more trouble.,Come,Drink,Continue to drink。”
For summer,This is a slightly short thing.,Just follow。
After eating,The two are separated。
There is no more stay in summer.,Rush to the airport,Ready to return to Beijing。
But when it is approaching the plane,He received a call,Got a message。
Gano came back。
Zhengda Bright appeared in Beijing。
and,He is full of world,Let a person named Lingtian and a person named Bruce rolled out。
Today, this matter has spread through the extremely fast speed.。
He is also called,To be within a month,Ancient civil devout,Work,Dead。
Ji Baoti,Welcomes a few special guests。
For the first is Gano。
His body,Standing five people with masks,Judgment from the body,These five people have men and women。
Although I can’t see the appearance,But everyone’s body,All the powerful momentum。
The face of the Ji Bao bottle is a bit ugly。
Not afraid of Gan。
But she is the most reluctant to see.,Finally still appeared。

And in the second half of the book,Mainly Wright in terms of the laws of the earth,Two sets of tricks derived from attack and defense tricks。

【Mountain Roll】with【Farming roll】
The names of these sets of martial arts seem ordinary or even rustic,If you have the eyesight of ordinary people,It also seems to be just some basic boxing techniques。But in fact, I can achieve great results,Can get started【Power esoteric】with【Power of life】。
Lin Lei is still very spiritual in the law of the earth in the original book,Realized early【The pulsation of the earth】,Even if not《Panlong》Protagonist of the original book,This talent alone,Wright felt it was not bad to accept him as a disciple。
Under the call of Hogg,Lin Lei, who was only eight years old, looked ashamed of his teacher。
At this moment, this boy is not clear about his future—Wright also doesn’t know,Is the embodiment of the so-called rule of fate,The destiny is not clear。Is the great existence that opened up the cosmos,Can’t see the future of those whose destiny is uncertain。
A swallowtail butterfly flaps its wings on the west side of the Warcraft Mountains,It may cause a storm to form in the Magnolia Empire—Although this sentence has been proven to be a rumor,But its thinking is universal。
Not to mention Wright today,Even in the entire Panlong universe,Personal strength may be ranked in the top 1,000,The impact on this universe is more than just a butterfly?
Grandpa without a carry-on ring,But he worshipped a stronger god-level expert as his teacher,What will lin lei’s future look like?No one knows。
Wright did not think about this philosophical question at this moment,After accepting Lin Lei, this apprentice,His attention also shifted to other places。
Far-sighted,Penetrate spaces and obstacles,In the ancestral hall of the Baruch family,Has a purple hair,A half-meter long mouse lying on the ground,Seems to be seriously injured。
And a little black mouse can’t stay beside this big mouse,Rubbing his head against the rat’s head,Howl of milk and milk。
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Chapter 5 God Eater Babe
With the eyesight of Wright and Cecilia,Naturally, I saw the two strong sanctuary fighting just now,The purpose is to compete for a purple shadow mouse。to be exact,It’s purple with a hint of gold,It shows that this is a shadow mouse monster with ninth level of strength。