I want to give this relic to Donor Lin,if not,The treacherous man came again to snatch,The relic will definitely be unable to keep it。”

“No,Never!This relic is your Buddhist treasure,I’m an outsider,You leave it to me”Lin Yu originally thought the abbot asked him to come in,I just want to thank myself。
did not expect,It turned out to be to hand over Buddhist treasures to myself。
To know,This relic,No value for ordinary people。
But for Buddhism,Like a person’s heart。
“Lin donor,Nothing to do。
If you refuse to accept the relics,Wait until Uemura Musashi comes again,This relic must not be guaranteed,You better accept it!”
The abbot finished saying this,Take out a box from within。
The box is not big or small,Fang Zhengzheng。
“This is the relic,You must protect,Don’t fall into the hands of a traitor。”
The abbot finished,Opened the box。
then,A light flashed from the box。
Subsequently,A golden stone appeared in Lin Yu’s eyes。
For the relics of Buddhism,Lin Yu had heard of it a long time ago,But never seen。
This is the first time Lin Yu has seen the relic。
Worthy of being a Buddhist holy thing,The Hao Ran above is so strong。
“it is good,Then I will accept the relic。”
“Thank you Lin Donor for accepting it,So that I don’t become a sinner,Except this one,There is one more thing to give to the donor。”
The abbot finished,Took out another book。

In the case of Aman Sur’s consciousness disappearing in the entire universe,The power of time under the protection of the Great Ward of Azeroth,Almost equivalent to the last clone of Aman Sur。

The bronze dragon is never the master of time,They are just caregivers of the flow of time。
Nozdormu did not reveal to his children,The power of time is the power of Aman Sur,The flow of time is Aman Sur itself。
“I gave Carlos the identification code of the gate……”
Medivh has never blamed himself so much。
With the explosion of the well of eternity,After the Great Enchantment of Azeroth loses its energy supply,Already shaky,Luna also lost the ability to directly interfere with Azeroth。
However this is not important,The important thing is Vinylon’s spacecraft。
The Exodar falls on Azeroth,Will be the last bullet to completely destroy the Great Enchantment of Azeroth。
original,Medivh tried his best to prepare to destroy the Great Ward of Azeroth,I want to use the power gained in the astral world for three thousand years to protect my hometown,Wipe away the shadow of the Burning Legion from Azeroth,He is for“protector”’S obsession has never changed,He wants to tell his mother,The name Medivh is not insulting“protector”Prestige。
But when the power of Aman Sur echoed,The soul memory from Sargeras slapped Medivh hard。
Look,What does this person look like。
The worst thing is,Medivh can’t get out。
Or he can’t go out。
After absorbing the power of Aman Sur,The astral mage has already touched the boundary of the gods。
Medivh is stronger than ever at this moment,He even felt like he could face Archimonde and kill him。

Qi Wei who came to the yard glanced around,Cutting wood is definitely not suitable for her,Then only choose dishes,She moved a bench,Tao:“Teacher Ho,I will help you。”</p>

Teacher He smiled:“it is good。”</p>
Sister aside,Staring at Qi Wei suddenly,Open road:“sister,Are you double eyelids?”</p>
Qi Wei nodded:“I am double eyelids,what happened?”</p>
Sister said:“Girls with double eyelids look better。”</p>
Qi Wei just wanted to explode,But suddenly realized it was live streaming,Had to reroute:“Don’t believe those,I used to be a single eyelid,Later, it was also for good-looking,Go to the hospital。”</p>
Paused,She looks at sister,A pair came over and said:“Don’t follow sister,I just pierced my eyelids to look good,Waiting to get old,It hurts,Single eyelid is good,I regret now,There is no place to make up。”</p>
My sister nodded seemingly,Teacher He on the side coughed violently,Tremblingly:“You really dare to do anything。”</p>
Average female artist,No matter how big the coffee is,Will try to avoid letting others know that they have had plastic surgery,Or where has been modified。</p>
Although the atmosphere is getting more and more open now,Although plastic surgery is no longer unacceptable,But it’s always bad。</p>
I never thought of Qi Wei’s upright temper,Just give it out。</p>
But she didn’t take off powder,Should be like this often,Fans are used to it,Or maybe there are so many fans who appreciate Qi Wei’s sincerity。</p>
Outside after all,Fans always respect him as Brother Qi,The feeling of a female middle-aged man。</p>
As now,Double eyelids are pierced,Not raw,Unobtrusive。</p>
The mushroom house used to be quiet and peaceful,Time looks good。</p>
And outside,But it is surging,Since Su Luo’s reputation has risen,The three major music companies jointly decided,Take this opportunity,Release the album。</p>
And Chen Xue also agreed to this approach,After all, the heat of the incident is still there,Just can rub a wave。</p>
So a message exploded online,After Three,Su Luo’s Album“Heart light”Will be launched on the platform malls of the three major companies,There are also a small number of physical records,Will be sold。</p>

Yandi nodded,Tao:“Thanks teacher Huang,You don’t know I’ve always wanted to eat these three dishes,Sometimes my mother often makes it for me,But grown up,Got a job,Often busy not going home,Seldom eaten。”</p>

Huang Lei nodded,Tao:“Have a taste。”</p>
“it is good。”Jan Didao,A short while,He put down his chopsticks and exclaimed:“Teacher Huang,You really,The cooking is great,This is almost the same taste as my mother made。”</p>
Teacher He smiled:“Eat more if it tastes delicious,No one will rob you。”</p>
This sentence sounds warm,Very caring。A smile appeared on Yangdi’s mouth,However, He Jia’s next sentence,Make him choke。</p>
I heard Teacher He continue:“Satiated,It’s time to work。”</p>
Yangdi’s face was so wonderful for a moment,Su Luo smiled:“Digo,Does it hurt your heart?。”</p>
Yang Di put down the tableware,Pretending to be very angry,Accuse some Rao:“Really,Actually, what Teacher He said was very heartwarming,I was moved,The sentence after the result,Eat and drink,What the hell is good work?”</p>
Look at him like that,Teacher He just laughed,And the fan audience in the live broadcast room,They are eating,Sprinkle rice without thinking。</p>
Su Luo almost squirted out,Fortunately, he held it back in time,Holding a smile,Yangdi is a variety talent。</p>
Stalk,One by one,Huang Leidao:“All right,Let’s eat,Don’t eat anymore,The taste changes。”</p>
Teacher He and Su Luo both nodded,Their conversation,The amount of food on the table is directly reduced by half。</p>
Yangdi also picked up chopsticks,Is preparing to enjoy his sizzling milk tofu,But suddenly saw a big spoon coming,Directly less than half。</p>
He was stunned,Look down the spoon,Peng Peng,I don’t know where he got the spoon in my hand。</p>

He thinks this house is too small,There is no room left,Severely restricted him from expanding his harem。

Buying a house,He thinks it should be on the agenda。
《Xiao Lian’s Growth Diary》Brought him tens of millions of income,Plus Shan Rou’s promised 100 million information fee,That is more than 100 million funds。
Buy a villa,There is no problem。
Don’t think about the most high-end kind,Money is still not enough,But it can be considered。
He contacted Shan Rou on WeChat,Let Shan Rou help herself ask if anyone in the Pearl Garden wants to sell the villa,If there is,If the price is not too outrageous,Can consider buying one。
Very outrageous,Refers to the nine-digit price。
The prices of villas in Pearl Garden are high and low,The expensive one is Gu Mu’s,It was worth 130 million when I bought it two or three years ago。
Some of the cheaper ones were sold at 60 to 70 million in the past two years.。
Fang Hao can still accept the eight-digit price,Nine-figure price,He felt that for now, don’t consider。
I have it now9Digit deposit,But take it all out to buy a house,Still have some reluctance。
Who knows what will happen in the future?
Maybe one day his messy private life will be exposed,Then there is no way to cut the leeks,Then there is no source of income。

No solution!

“Raptors’ role players performed well,But their core performance is slightly lacking today!”
More than Lowry,DeRozan is also a little autistic today。
As the league’s top mid-range pitcher,Today I was shot near the high position defended by pickled peppers11in2.Poor hit rate!
The first half of the fourth quarter,Xu Xuan rests as usual,Pickled peppers played on the court for a while,The difference has been maintained at10Points around。
Single section10The difference in points is no longer a small number。
Lowry is trying。
Lowry caught attention and then took the ball to the right side of DeRozan,DeRozan meets defense!
Valanciunas takes off the rebound,Return to Lowry,Lowry turned around and stopped throwing a board!
still none!
Valanciunas rebounds again,DeRozan cuts in for a layup.
Action so standard,The sound of iron strikes is so crisp!
First281chapter Bai Qiao talent starts advanced!
2015year10month28day,Canada Route Center Stadium,Able to hold19800Multiplayer Arena,Packed today。
As far as the attendance rate of the Canadian Airline Center Stadium is today,The cheers at the scene must be deafening。
But now,The Canadian Airline Center Stadium is terribly quiet!
Raptors fans watching the game from the sidelines,Now everyone’s face is full of misunderstanding!

Bo Ren’s nine-tailed claws clenched into fists several times and all of their attacks failed.。

“hateful.Who are these guys!”
Mouse squinted,Looking at the enemies who are constantly intertwined in front of them, guessed:“It should be the latest product of the biochemical ghost project of the umbrella organization,Crazy baby。”
“Ugh?This name is so ugly。”
Bo Ren suddenly interrupted and said。
“.Give biochemical ghosts the ability to inherit blood boundaries,It seems that the umbrella organization should be successful。”Uchiha Ratyu said,“Come to face!”
Susanoh suddenly emerged from the mouse who stood in the front,It seems that I feel a natural awe for Susano,Three crazy babies are from the left of Susanoh,To the right and above,Come to the blogger behind Shuyou。
Two nine-tailed claws grab the hands of the crazy baby jumping into the air,Pull the other person in front of you。
“Spiral pill!”
Bo Ren solved a crazy baby in an instant。
Different from Bo Renmo,Kawaki’s type is obviously a ninja,So when facing the crazy baby, I obviously fell into the disadvantage。
Not only is there no ninjutsu to restrict the opponent’s actions,Be careful of crazy baby’s sharp nails everywhere。
“Hey,Blogger,Don’t be proud,Hurry up and help Chuanmu。”
“I know。”
As if knowing the intentions of Shuyu and Bo Ren,Before two people support,Two crazy babies chose to escape。
“Actually ran away.hateful!”
Kawaki clenched his fist,Compared to the enemy’s escape,More is his anger at his weak。
Like this,It is impossible to destroy the shell organization,Beat Cixian。
“what!The crazy baby that I shot flying is gone!”

But when Shizuka Hiratsuka announced the end of the class meeting!

There was a weak report at the door of the classroom,It caught everyone’s attention instantly。
Kudo Shinichi?
Did this guy finally show up??
Say……You really deserve to be Kudo students,You are really brave!
It’s fine to miss school,Now even Mr. Hiratsuka’s class meeting is dare,Isn’t he really afraid of death??
An instant,Countless admiring eyes were cast on Kudo Shinichi at the door of the classroom。
But at this moment,Kudo Shinichi, who has not fully recovered from the blow, knows nothing about it.。
The scene where Lynn dragged Xiaolan and Yuanzi to escape,Let him stay in the playground for a long time。
After all,He didn’t think Xiaolan would leave her childhood sweetheart,Instead, he was abducted by a transfer student who had just met one day。
Although this happened before his eyes,But if you think about it carefully……
perhaps……This is probably just an illusion!
It should be an illusion!
Ha ha ha ha……
This illusion is really interesting,Lin actually has the strength of a professional player。


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak,Ino will forcibly invade your brain,Find out,If your ability to predict the future is really fake,Then it can be regarded as eliminating a hidden danger for Konoha Village,if it is ture,Konoha will also specialize in your brain。”Shikamaru turned his head and looked at Ino who was standing beside him.,“let us start,Ino。”
“Do you really want to do this?Shikamaru?”Ino walks towards Miyue,While looking at Shikamaru and asked,She still has hesitation on her face,“Naruto shouldn’t agree to this kind of thing, right?。”
“Naruto’s personality has always been like this,But such a character will only bring disaster to Konoha Village.This time it’s my son,So who will it be in Konoha next time??Ino,Trust me,Everything I do is for the village。”
Ino can only nod,I was in the former three-person team,She relies more on Shikamaru, who has complicated tactics。
Ino puts his hands on Miyue’s temple,Siyue gradually felt that her eyelids were heavy,Feel drowsy。
In the end, Si Yue drooped his head completely。
Looking at Ino at work,Shikamaru suddenly turned and looked behind him and muttered:“I didn’t expect it would be so fast.”
After all, Siyue has the ability to predict the future,So for the whole Konoha Village,Siyue is still very important,At the moment when I found out that Si Yue was missing,The ninjas in the whole village started to act。
“It’s Shikamaru and Ino’s Chakra.”Naruto entering the fairy mode looks at the building in front of him,Then he told the surrounding Anbe ninjas,“Except me and the blogger,Don’t you guys come in,Just take care of the security outside.”
The door was kicked open,Bo Ren and Naruto broke in。
“Shikamaru,What are you and ino doing!”
Naruto looked at Shikamaru and asked。
“Naruto,Have you ever thought,All this is a conspiracy of SHIELD.”
Shikamaru confronts Naruto and Bo Ren,Tell your guess。
“.Maybe you are right,Shikamaru。”

Then the flow of his blood increases,High-speed secretion of adrenaline。Attention starts to be highly concentrated,As if time has slowed down。

Between,Then this game must be in a superb state, right?。
Just take the Raptors,This is simply perfect!
“Raptors players start to play!They wore dark purple jerseys,Tyrannosaurus on the jerseyLOGOAs if to choose people!”
“I like the RaptorsLOGO,Very exciting。”
“The first appearance is this year’s second show,6-foot-11 center at the University of Massachusetts——Marcus Camby in jersey number 21!”
“Fans cheering enthusiastically!It seems that Camby is very popular with Toronto fans!”
“Then the other players played in turn!The war spirit on their faces is undisguised!”
“The last player to play is the University of Arizona’s five-foot-10 guard,20Guardian Flying Squirrel——Damon Stoudemire!”
“The flying squirrel rushed into the court by way of glider!He gave each of his teammates a high five。then,Then he looked at Kobe。”
“Kobe sitting in front of the technical stage,Staring at his opponent like watching a monkey show!”
“Flying Squirrel finds Kobe!”
“Ok?”Kobe wants to say,Please continue your performance,What am i doing。
“My nickname is Little Flying Squirrel,Your name Peter Pan。Today we two,Only one person can fly out of here!”
“Oh。”Kobe winked,Do you have to say something harsh at this time?,But good second,I can’t tell myself。