Yang Shiyun can’t help but speak,Look at Qin Liang’s appearance, this is the rhythm of going to bed!

“Didn’t you acquiesce in the bridal chamber with me??Why don’t I go to bed with you??Really,I have to ask such an idiot question。”
Qin Liang has already taken off his shoes,Turned over and really went to bed!
“I did not acquiesce!I didn’t promise!”
Yang Shiyun panicked,Don’t care about anything,Sitting up and turning over, I want to run under the bed。
“Where to run,Bride。”
Qin Liang grabbed Yang Shiyun back,Then I hugged her and lay down on the bed。
Yang Shiyun won’t move if he’s nervous……
Qin Liang sat for a day,My waist hurts,He just wanted an excuse to lie down in bed for a while,of course,By the way, holding the big breasted beauty beside you in your arms will make you lie more comfortable。
“I’m tired,Lie down for a while,Let’s go to the bridal chamber in a while。”
Qin Liang said like the truth,But the current situation,Everyone will believe it,I thought he really wanted to do that with Yang Shiyun。
Yang Shiyun didn’t even doubt Qin Liang’s words at all,She feels that she is in danger today。
Her mood has never been more complicated,The man in front of you is someone else’s husband,But at the same time the only person I love,She is willing to do anything for him from the heart,Even at the critical moment,Willing to sacrifice himself for him,But she never thought about having that kind of relationship with him。
She feels she can’t do that,So being yourself makes you a junior……
But if Qin Liang insists,Can I refuse him?
The key is;Would you really reject him?!

First aid must be done now。

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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Two Why be nice to me?
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Why be nice to me?
Qin Liang looked at Yinyan’s pale face,A pain in my heart,Although knowing she can’t hear,Still speaking softly:“Swallow,To save you,I can only do this。”
Finished,Qin Liang pinched Yinyan’s nose,Give her artificial respiration。
But for a long time,Yinyan still didn’t wake up,Qin Liang can be sure that the water in her chest has been taken out by him,But people have not awakened,Let his heart hang。
Frowning,Qin Liang reached out and clasped Yinyan’s wrist,Find her pulse,After not finding any problems,Just breathed out。
Although this person didn’t wake up,But since it’s okay to feel the pulse,Then,I should wake up in a while。
Qin Liang relieved,Only then discovered,He is not familiar with where he is now,All around is strange,He is sure that he has never been here before。
“where is this place?”
Qin Liang looked around,Want to find something familiar,But it’s just in vain,Can only admit in the end,Here,He doesn’t know。

Yanzi didn’t say anything,Just smiled at Xiao Yuer,Then he hugged Xiao Yuer tighter。

“Aunt Swallow,I think my heart is so tired……”
After a while,Xiao Yuer suddenly said in a low voice。
“Yep,Aunt knows,We all know。”
Yanzi answered Xiao Yu’er in a soft voice,She didn’t continue to say anything else,Because she knows;At this time, there is no point in telling Xiao Yuer those empty principles of life,What Xiao Yuer needs now is not a life mentor,All she needs is a shoulder to lean on,And someone who can listen to her confession。
“People are too tired to live。”
Xiao Yuer said to herself again。
“Do not,That’s because your real life hasn’t started yet,A lot of wonderful life and beautiful scenery you have not experienced,Believe what i said;You won’t know what life is like when you grow up in the future,Aunt is the same as you,I also came here step by step。”
Yanzi said softly。
“I heard Keyer said,Aunt Yanzi, you suffered a lot when you were a kid。”
Xiao Yuer turned her face back again and looked at Yanzi and said。
“Right,When I was a child, I suffered more than you!You still have a warm home,Someone by your side to accompany you,No worries about eating or drinking,Aunt Yanzi, I didn’t even have a home when I was young,No one cares about me,I have to look for food in the trash can for a long time。”
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Chapter two thousand nine hundred and twenty Cherish the current life
“I was in a particularly cold winter,Almost frozen to death!Fortunately, your Aunt Du Xiaoyan picked me back from the trash can,Otherwise you won’t see me at all now。”
Yanzi pretends to be so relaxed and simply tells her life experience to Xiao Yuer。
“How can the things in the trash can be eaten!How dirty it is!”

“roller coaster……”

Liu Xiaoyun is dumbfounded。
“Yes,It’s a roller coaster,When she sat on top,Don’t say look outside,Don’t even look anywhere,Just sitting in a chair,Her face was scared white!I thought she was playing,And reached out to pull her……Turned out to be true!”
Qin Liang patiently explained to Liu Xiaoyun。
“I didn’t believe it or not,I just didn’t expect it,A little surprised。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with an awkward smile。
“All right,Go up and play,I accompany Xiaoxue below。”
Qin Liang smiled and waved,Signaling Liu Xiaoyun and others to play on the slide。
“I’m not going up,I stay below。”
Yang Zhi interrupted,Qin Liang patronized and talked to Liu Xiaoyun,Forget Yang Zhi, Shen Ruoxue’s flower guard……
“It’s okay,Brother-in-law,Yang Zhige,You two go play too,I’m not a kid anymore,Can’t lose,Hehe……”
Shen Ruoxue deliberately said mischievously。
“All right,Xiaoyun,You are responsible for taking everyone to the slide,I……And Yang Zhi is responsible for accompany Xiaoxue below,This is an order,Execute immediately!”
Qin Liang said half jokingly and half seriously。
“Ok,Na Xiaoxue,I took everyone up to play。”
Liu Xiaoyun wanted to stay with Shen Ruoxue by herself,But since Qin Liang and Yang Zhi are going to stay,She was too embarrassed to fight with them,So I had no choice but to say。
“Yep,You guys go!I’ll cheer you up below。”

Liu Xiaoyun suddenly became frustrated。

“Actually, if you just look at the appearance,Still very girly。”
Luna said something“Shocking,Crying ghost”if!
Liu Xiaoyun already wants to get under the dining table!If you don’t look like a girl anymore,,There is no way to live!Is this pretty little face long for nothing??Is this boobs white?!This slender waist……This little butt!If it doesn’t look like a girl,Then you can go directly to Thailand for surgery……
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine Rhythm that will make somersault if you are not careful
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine Rhythm that will make somersault if you are not careful
“Ok, ok, Xiaoyun,Actually there is nothing wrong with being a boy,You talk about loyalty,Willing to act,Do things simply and neatly,Never messy,These are where you are better than us,It’s just that we all love you for such a beautiful girl,It would be more perfect if I was a good lady,Just like me,Nothing more,no other meaning。”
Shen Ruoxue can’t bear to see Liu Xiaoyun look depressed,Kindly started to comfort her。
“Don’t blame Yuner for this,When she was young, the environment at home forced her to be as strong as a boy!If she didn’t think of herself as a boy,This family might not be able to sustain it long ago。”
Mother Liu spoke up for her daughter。
I really can’t blame Liu Xiaoyun for this,What Mother Liu said is certainly a very important reason,In fact, there is another more important reason;Liu Xiaoyun later became a group of small gangsters“Big sister big”after that,The people around are all sullen hooligans,Not a girl,All she hears and sees is the way boys talk and do things,Long time,Naturally, he was assimilated into a boy-like character。
All of this is caused by the environment,Can’t help her own will。
In fact, the transformation of Liu Xiaoyun is not as difficult as everyone thinks.;After all, all the people she gets along with right now are girls,Longer time,She will naturally be assimilated again,Besides, she has actually changed a lot now,At least he can even act like a baby……Mainly everyone is preconceived,I kept her old look in my mind,So I didn’t realize that she had changed a lot,Except for Shen Ruoxue, who is closest to her, she can clearly feel her changes。
“But I have really worked hard to change myself,Koyuki,Didn’t you find that I don’t talk much now at home??”
Liu Xiaoyun said tangledly。
“Found,Actually you compare with the past,Already gentle and well-behaved,Really,I didn’t say that to coax you,I am telling the truth。”

Shen Ruoxue didn’t dare to speak immediately!

“master,how about it?Are all arranged??”
Meizi was the first to inquire about Yang Shiyun,After all, she still cares about work matters,Although the girls present are now all policemen,But professionally,Or only Yang Shiyun and Mei Zi are really professional police。
“Ugh,I’m exhausted!Finally got this thing done。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。
“Is it troublesome??Imaginable,Hard work, beautiful girl。”
Qin Liang took the initiative to show Yang Shiyun this time,When he was pulled back by Liu Xiaoyun just now,Didn’t talk to Yang Shiyun on purpose。
“Don’t call me that,These sisters are here,What a beautiful girl I am,These are the beautiful girls。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and answered。
“They are all beautiful girls,You are a beautiful girl。”
Qin Liang also smiled and pleased Yang Shiyun……
When Shen Ruoxi and others walked into the door of Ouya company,It happens to be exactly one o’clock in the afternoon,It’s when the company’s employees just started to work after a lunch break。
I saw several bosses of the company suddenly appear collectively,The reception girls at the front desk immediately became nervous。
“Don’t be so nervous,Like this to you,Made us nervous。”
Shen Ruoxi was very easygoing and deliberately joked with a few reception girls。

“If it’s a divorce,Please don’t open your mouth,If it’s something else,Can also discuss。”Said the electrician。

“Haha。”Woman smiled:“Did the husband catch him??”
The man said irritably:“none of your business。”
“But the man found me,You say it’s my business?”Woman talking while lighting a cigarette。
“Why are you looking for?”The man asked。
“Of course it’s an alliance。”
“What do you say?”
“I did not say anything。”Man sit up,Said:“Please。”
“As long as you agree to divorce,Can talk about anything。” The woman spit out a smoke ring and said。
Man thought about it,Said:“Forget it,I am not stretched anymore,Leave,My child,I own the two houses on the street in the city,In addition,Transfer me back to Jinan,Or the head of a local authority with a good economy,agreed,I just leave,Sign immediately。”
Woman spit out a smoke ring,Said:“Was she threatened by her man??I said,This time you played Dafa。I don’t think her man is good。”
The man ignored her。
She continued:“Intuitive,That woman is a good woman,You are not afraid that she will pester you,marry you?”
The man said:“This is not something you consider,Hurry up and call the province,Do as i say,This is my condition。”
After the woman listened,I flicked the soot with my index finger gracefully,Said:“Based on your current situation,You can’t take care of the child。”
“I can’t take care of,Grandpa and grandma。”There is impatience in a man’s tone。
“How about this,The house in that central area belongs to you,The one a little further away belongs to me,You are now part of the unit,How many houses do you want?”
“You too?”
“I have a small game,Can’t compare with you Kangzhou。”

Peng Changyi smiled,He stretched out his hand and made a request。

Although Peng Changyi moved out of the hotel,,But the city did not arrange for others to live in,There,Still used as a resting place for Peng Changyi,In fact,The main leaders of the city,At Langzhu Hotel,All have a separate room,It’s just that Peng Changyi’s room is too big,Because this was his residence before。
Peng Changyi took the initiative to open the rear door to Ye Tong,Ye Tong sat in。
Peng Changyi noticed a detail of her movement,That is after she got in the car,Not sitting by the car door,But move in,Intentionally leave this position outside to Peng Changyi。
But Peng Changyi did not sit in the back row,He pretended not to see,I closed the car door for her,Sitting in the front passenger seat。
Peng Changyi told Old Gu:“I get off at the front intersection,You send Mr. Ye back to Langzhu Hotel。”
Huiwei’s office building and staff dormitory have not yet been completed,So Ye Tong has always lived there。
Old Gu stopped the car at the intersection ahead,Peng Changyi waved goodbye to Ye Tong,He just left,Was called by Ye Tong。
Ye Tong lowered the car window and said:“Mayor Peng,Shall we go for a cup of coffee,I will report to you in detail。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Let’s not divide day and night、Work time and rest time?talk to you later,Go back and rest early,It’s always bad for women to stay up late。”
He finished, Waved his hand with Ye Tong again,Just walk on the sidewalk。
Ye Tong looked at Peng Changyi’s figure,Sighed secretly,Although she knew that Peng Changyi’s heart was filled with her younger sister and son,but,She’s still a little unwilling,She believes,In his heart,Ye Tong has her place……
One month later,Peng Changyi was invited by Ye Tong from Huiwei Company,Take the Secretary of the Environmental Protection Bureau and relevant staff to inspect Huiwei’s sewage and sewage treatment system,Prepare for the upcoming acceptance。

Shen Ruoxue shrank unconsciously,Subconsciously distanced himself from Qin Liang,In the eyes of Shen Ruoxue,Brother-in-law suddenly became fierce,Make her a little scared。

Qin Liang walked quickly to Shen Ruoxi,Sat down,Outstretched arm,Gently took Shen Ruoxi, who was startled, into her arms。
Only then did Shen Ruoxi realize that Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue were back,See Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue,Shen Ruoxi finally couldn’t help it anymore,Flew into Qin Liang’s arms,Wailing,She has experienced too many terrible things this night,Forcibly acquired by Ouhua from his own company51%Shares of,To be kidnapped by Ouhua,Almost raped,So that Shen Ruoxi committed suicide。
Although Qin Liang still doesn’t know what happened to Shen Ruoxi when he was not with Shen Ruoxi.,But now that Shen Ruoxi’s clothes are disheveled,Ouhua and Ouyang, who have been peeping at Shen Ruoxi, are tied up by five flowers,Was knocked out,Put in the living room,Qin Liang can figure it out,It is definitely Ouhua and Ouyang who intend to plot against Shen Ruoxi,Then I don’t know who rescued Shen Ruoxi,Knocked both Ouhua and Ouyang unconscious,Streaky,Sent back to Shen Ruoxi’s residence with Shen Ruoxi。
“Wakayu,Don’t worry。It’s okay now,I’m here for everything,I won’t let you be bullied by others。”Qin Liang gently patted Shen Ruoxi’s back to comfort her。
“Humph,Qin Liang,You bad guy!You still said,Every time I am bullied by others,You are not by my side,This time I was almost caught by Ouhua!Blame you,Qin Liang,Where did you die?”Shen Ruoxi heard Qin Liang say that as long as he is there,Not let her be bullied by others,Shen Ruoxi’s heart is getting angry。
“Brother-in-law!What’s going on here?My sister is bullied to the extent,You are not by her side!I still believe what you said。”Shen Ruoxue won’t do it anymore,Seeing that my sister was so wronged,A pair of beautiful eyes stared at Qin Liang angrily,If Qin Liang doesn’t give a reasonable explanation,I feel like I will never give up。
The bitterness in Qin Liang’s heart,Shen Ruoxi ordered this to send Murong Shan,He didn’t expect Ouhua and Ouyang to be so bold,Dare to take advantage of his absence,Kidnapping Murong Shan,What about Murong Shan?。Qin Liang also knew that Shen Ruoxi was angry on her head now,To vent one’s emotions,So in the face of Shen Ruoxi’s blame,He can only show his innocence,Dare not speak,Questions about Shen Ruoxue,Even more impossible to answer。
Shen Ruoxi cried loudly in Qin Liang’s arms,I finally feel better,She raised her head with jealousy,Seeing Shen Ruoxue staring at Qin Liang angrily,It can happen at any time,She quickly explained to Shen Ruoxue:“Ruoxue,Don’t blame Qin Liang,I was just angry on my head just now,That’s why I said those angry words,If it weren’t for Qin Liang this time,,I’m really going to be tainted by the thief Ouhua。”
Qin Liang heard that Shen Ruoxi finally helped him speak,Also relieved in my heart,If she waits for Shen Ruoxue to start Biao,,Who knows what this strange little sister-in-law will do?。
Shen Ruoxue heard her say this,I stopped staring at Qin Liang,But Jie was so wronged,Shen Ruoxue still has some opinions on Qin Liang。
“Wakayu,You tell me,What the hell is going on?tell me,I will definitely let Ouhua and Ouyang be punished severely!”Qin Liang’s eyes are murderous,Staring at the fainted Ouhua and Ouyang,These two things,Hit his woman’s idea!It’s like a bear’s heart。
Shen Ruoxi went through the whole thing five to ten,I told Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue without missing a word,Qin Liang’s heart sinks as he listens,Look at Ouhua and Ouyang,The more murderous,These two are really bold,Forced acquisition of Shen Ruoxi’s company shares,It turned out that I wanted to plot against Shen Ruoxi,Want to force Shen Ruoxi to submit,To achieve the purpose of both wealth and color,After being destroyed by Qin Liang,He directly started Shen Ruoxi’s ghost idea,Too soft to fail,Just want to come hard,Fortunately, on Shen Ruoxi’s birthday,I gave Shen Ruoxi a bullet with the dragon soul logo,No, then it is really serious。
Shen Ruoxue’s heart is more scared,So this day,My sister has gone through so many terrible things,Fortunately, brother-in-law protects,Otherwise, sister will really suffer bad luck。When Shen Ruoxue heard that the bullet necklace Qin Liang gave to her sister was so awesome,She thought in her heart that she should also let her brother-in-law give one。
Finally, Shen Ruoxi took out the letter written by Ma Xing,To Qin Liang。

“I really can’t knock everyone down,But it can make you unconscious in an instant,Do they still have the power to fight without your team??”

Standing on the top of the canyon is full of new students,They may have the ability to fight against someone who suddenly appears,But facing the enemies everywhere,How to resist。
“give them。”
“Big brother~”
Zhao Juntao has given up the meaning of resistance,He really didn’t expect these freshmen to know how to ambush,To design a bunch of old students。
“Zhao Chenglong,remember,I did not lose to new students,But lost to you。”
“If I lose, I lose to the new student。”
No nonsense,What he did was to get what he wanted in a short time。
With their crystal core,Xia Chenglong’s ranking in the crystal core rankings has risen ten places。
This situation is not over yet,Two days,This group of freshmen swept all the old students who passed the road with their methods。
The ranking on the crystal core list changes every moment,As the focus of this time, Xia Chenglong,Every time he is promoted will bring everyone’s admiration。
So far everyone knows,One of the ten roads leading to the square is occupied by new students,And that road is no more difficult than the other roads。
That named“Zhao Chenglong”The man,Is leading a bunch of freshmen to create their own brilliance。
Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen Black Sharks
not much time,Many people who do not want to change anymore are moving towards the square through various methods,Just think about it, there is a way。
Xia Chenglong and they haven’t left yet,I don’t know if it’s because the number of crystal nuclei is not enough or because of waiting.。
Freewind Roar on Freewind Post,Sitting cross-legged with sword,Hundreds admire true heroes。
Whether it’s Zhang Shengyi sitting below or a meteor,They have no regrets for following this man。