“As the son said,You are just a sword in the hands of others,I want revenge for Master,Is about to kill the sword bearer,Instead of breaking a sword……”

“what did you say?”Xuan Jian stared at Dianqing,Still don’t know the purpose of the other party doing this。
But Dianqing didn’t explain to him anymore,But turn around slowly。
The rocket just did not cause him any harm at all,This invulnerability,This is the basis for the disciples of the armored gate to be invincible on the battlefield,This is also the strength of the armored door!
“Dianqing!what are you doing?Help offenders,Are you going to rebel!”Wei Yong looked at all this and was furious。
Dianqing hit the ground with a big knife,Smashed a large slab of stone,Looking up at Wei Yong on the wall。
Such murderous eyes shocked ordinary people like Wei Yong,The whole person couldn’t help taking two steps back。
Just when Wei Yong was uncertain,A flat voice came into his ears。
“He is just doing what he should do。”
The voice suddenly heard from behind not only surprised Wei Yong,And made the soldiers around me react,Draw out the long swords one by one in an instant,Guarding Wei Yong behind。
These are the elite soldiers of Wei,Although martial arts is not too high,After forming a battle,Fighting power should not be underestimated。
“Second son!”
After seeing the person’s face clearly,All the soldiers immediately put away their weapons,Then kneel down on one knee and salute。
The person here is naturally Li Chenfeng。

“of course,I will。”Maybe talk about his own sharp edge,Is more in line with Kobe’s age。

“In addition,MAGIC。I have to tell you,I saw Barbie and high heels in Little Irwin’s room。”
“???”The magician looked dumbfounded。
Chapter 70—Houston’s Revenge
“Welcome everyone to watch byAccess SportsNetBringing everyone a live broadcast of the National Basketball Association,Lakers vs. Hughes Pier,I am gail-Goodrich。”
“I am James Worthy。”
“James,long time no see,What is life like after retirement?”
“You know,Married and divorced,Be an analyst,I think it’s interesting not to play。”Worthy Gang and Angela this year·Wilder Divorce。
“of course,Compete with the best people in the world in the professional arena,This is the most interesting。”Goodrich Smack,As if recalling the glorious years spent with West。
“Nothing else,The combination of Kobe and O’Neal reminds me ofSHOWTIME,But theirSHOWTIMEOne missingME!”
“This is also,I don’t know if Horry, which was exchanged for Ceballos, can replace you?”
“Can replace30%,He is not even a starter。”
“Hahahaha,James, you are so frank。But I feel more than30%,Let’s wait and see。”
“With Kobe’s return,The starting lineup for the Lakers this game isPGKobe BryantSGEddie JonesSFBruce BowenPFEldon-CampbellCShaquille-O’Neill。”
“The Lakers lineup is very good,They have the amazing kid Kobe,And O’Neill’s offensive deterrence,At the same time has a sharp outside blockade group。Few perimeter players can perform well on the Lakers。”

She raised her eyes slightly,When I saw Xu Sheng sitting silent on the big bed sprinkled with roses,I can vaguely feel the latter’s eyes staring at me……

The white cloth wrapped around Ning Rongrong couldn’t help tightening……
I thought of the lonely man in the room,She just feels very nervous in her heart,If a heavy boulder hangs……
And it looks like,If this man who seems to be walking on thin ice wants to do something to her,As an auxiliary spirit master, he has no power to refute it.!
After she put the clothes on the chair aside,He smiled and smiled at Xu Shengdao“That one……”
Xu Sheng glanced at her cheek with cold eyes,Silently shut your eyes,With a cold tone“do not worry,I am not interested in you……”
Ning Rongrong heard this,Always feel a little harsh……
She looked down at her figure,Gritted his teeth,I was quite angry“How does this man talk,What does it mean to have no interest in yourself!I’m not badly developed, right??”
The convex convex,Alice!
No interest there anymore?
Chapter Forty Nine Turn off the light to sleep
After Ning Rongrong hung up his clothes,Slowly sat down on the chair,His complexion was a little grateful“That one,Thank you this time,Otherwise I really don’t know what to do”
After speaking,Ning Rongrong said in an uncomfortable heart“and many more,Why should i be grateful to him?Isn’t it just looking handsome??”

Hu Fan hurriedly pleased with a smile。

“Act according to law?!You have no evidence to act according to the law,No search warrant and arrest warrant,So I caught Xiao Mo?!”
Yuan Jinshu frowned and said coldly,There was a clear sullen in his tone。
Yuan He looked green and white when he heard this,Dare not speak,Actually he told Chu Fan to do this。
Hu Fan glanced at Yuan He,Also guessed what happened,Laughed at Yuan Jinshu with a smile:“Yuan Lao,Let’s go upstairs and talk about something slowly,We apologize to you,Guarantee to give you a satisfactory explanation!”
“No need,I’m fine sitting here!”
Yuan Jinshu waved his hand lightly,Leaned back on the iron interrogation chair。
Hu Fan and Yuan He changed their faces at the same time,I know that Yuan Yuan is embarrassing them on purpose,Suddenly panicked。
Especially Yuan He,His face was pale at this time,Cold sweat on the forehead,After all, Old Yuan was caught by his stupid man,If the National Committee investigates,,Hold accountable,He definitely bears the brunt,Thus,After Hu Fan abdicated, the promotion to the director will be completely obscure.!
“Yuan Lao,I will apologize to you again,The people below are reckless,Hit your old,Your boss doesn’t remember the villain’s past,Just spare them this time,do not worry,I will punish them severely when I look back!”
Yuan He hurriedly bowed and said flatteringly,My regretful intestines are green,I knew it was the result,Just kill him,He wouldn’t send someone to Mo Xiaosheng’s medical clinic to arrest that Yueren Wang!
Good now,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t fix it,On the contrary, I almost played myself to death!

Zhang Yihong looks red,Almost madly roared。

For him,This sword is his heart,Since stealing back,He comes to this lover to sleep every day,Just to be able to see this sword,And every time I have to put it down and play for hours,So Mo Xiaosheng is taking the sword away now,Is undoubtedly taking a knife to cut out his flesh。
But Mo Xiaosheng just likes to see him look desperate but helpless,Because when he stole the sword from his hand,I had this mentality。
“your?You’re so bold!You call it,Does it promise!”Mo Xiaosheng looked at him,Take it easy。
“Mo Xiaosheng,You wait to die,Sooner or later I will kill you with this sword myself!”Zhang Yihong gritted his teeth and said angrily。
“it is good,I’m waiting for that day,But now I will take it away,Rash,I hope I’ll forgive you!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled triumphantly,See that Tongtong has called the police,I know I can’t stay any longer,So I just walked out,He didn’t take the elevator this time,But the stairs,I went downstairs in the blink of an eye,After breaking out of the wall, quickly disappeared into the night。
“Yihong,Are you OK?”
Tongtong sees Mo Xiaosheng is gone,Hurry up to help Zhang Yihong,Concerned Road:“Don’t worry,I have called the police,Then let the police go to their house to catch him,The sword will naturally return to your hand!”
“Back ass!”
Zhang Yihong feels a little better now,Slowly stood up on the ground,Shen Sheng:“Can’t let the police know about this,Tell them they don’t need to come,Once this sword is discovered,Will be confiscated!”
He loves this sword like life,Naturally, the fewer people know the existence of this sword,The safer this sword,So it’s just like when he stole this sword from Mo Xiaosheng.,He can only suffer a dumb loss this time,I can only find a way to steal the sword back later。
After Mo Xiaosheng took the sword away,Did not go home,But went directly to the Moxin Medical Center,Give the sword to Li Zhen for safekeeping。
Li Zhen has been at Moxin Medical Center for almost 24 hours,So I can always be with this sword,And with his ability,Want to steal this sword from him,Seems not easy。
After taking the sword back,Mo Xiaosheng feels much more at ease。
Qiao Yiyi hasn’t slept after Mo Xiaosheng got home,I was laying on the sofa with Luo Yilin and watching the soap opera。
“Niche,Come soon,Come soon!”

This is the first step to get closer。

Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 41
Is Young Master Wen Yi the dude??of course not,His family discipline is extremely strict,3I started to learn boxing from a martial arts master at the age of,every day4You have to get up,Run around the river,2hour,Give after running15Minutes to drink water to rest,Then press the leg20minute,leapfrog30minute,Zamabu,Combination punch,2hour,And the action must ensure the standard,Otherwise redo,Rest an hour,Then continue training,Until lunch!
Hiking in the afternoon,Tie sandbags on your legs,Tie sandbags around waist,Obstacles will be placed along the way,Some traps,Just started practicing,Young Master Wen is always hurt,Mother loves him,Blame my father for being so cruel:If my son becomes disabled in the future,,Broke down,Who is responsible……‘’A man has to work hard from childhood,Exercise his body,Strengthen his fighting spirit,Make the heart as hard as steel,The body is as thick as a city wall,Catch since childhood,Grasped,Get used to it,I can use it for myself later!
‘’Father Xi finished in one breath,And told Wen Yishao to remember it firmly!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 42
Wen Yishao nodded,He didn’t know what his father meant,I just know I want to listen to my father,Listen to the master,This is the instruction he has received since he can remember。
Who did he practice with?12Years of martial arts,Until after going to high school,Master bid farewell,Intention is:I have to practice harder in the future,Can’t waste time,Cherish every inch of time and every inch of gold,Finally the master warned:Before getting married,To remain a virgin,He agreed without thinking。
After high school,He is stronger,Walking like a strong wind,On the sports field,He dribbles the ball,Shot,Every action is done in one go,In confrontation with opponent,He always has the upper hand,Top spot,,Girls on the sidelines applauded and cheered for her,Some secretly stuffed love letters into his drawer。
He would ignore it at first,But after reading a few love letters,He suddenly looks like‘’Resuscitate‘’General,He discovered how lucky they are at this age,The best flowering season,Receiving the sunshine,Schools and society are protecting the growth of minors,There are also girls like flowers around,They are also just blooming flowers,Need someone to take care of!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 43
Wen Yishao take a closer look,In the lines of text he saw scenes not in life,I saw another world of spiritual fantasy,Here is a landscape he didn’t appreciate,There is a very beautiful paper inside,Write the following stroke by stroke in lower case:See literally:One less,Some people say that youth is like a red sunset on the horizon,I dyed everything around me with my passion,It has no time to take care of the violent boiling heat,Vow before night falls,Shine,If tourists see it, they will shoot beautiful moments,If the poet saw it:Will write beautiful verses,Colorful clouds inside,Waiting。
Nostalgic,And unrestrained,If a woman saw it,Will stop and watch,Remember this eternally beautiful moment in your heart,She will be at some twilight,Share with loved ones,If the prodigal saw him:Will be around here,Till the night,Waiting is the best confession,Right!
Please enter the text。
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 44
On that moonlight night,A few according to the agreed time,over there,Young and beautiful Xiaoying,Sunny and handsome,A moment opposite to each other,He has her in his eyes,Her eyes look like him,The two had a very good chat,Every word can knock on the other’s heart。
Their hands are tightly clasped together,I feel like an electric shock at this moment,At that time every night,Their figures will appear in a corner of the playground,They kiss like other lovers,embrace,Hug,That time passed fast and fulfilled,They care about each other in life,They encourage each other in learning,A little learning progresses very fast,I can climb to a dozen in the class。

Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Said:“This is indeed genuine,You can always start!”

Mo Ziqin smiled angrily when he heard this.,Some helplessly rolled his eyes,Does this fucking still use him?,Master Yan just confirmed it,Is genuine,And Mo Xiaosheng held back for a long time, but he only squeezed out a sentence to start,No other comments,Obviously a layman who knows nothing。
“it is good!”
Mo Qingwu nodded,Didn’t say anything more,After all, no doubt about employing people,Suspicious。
“Mr. Mo,Since you said you know feng shui knowledge,I want to ask you,If this god Wangding is photographed by us,Do you know how to use it?”
Mo Ziqin turned his head to look at Mo Xiaosheng and frowned.。
“This one……I’m not too sure……Still wait for us to take it,Let me study and study!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,It’s not that he can’t use it,In the memory of his ancestors,There are so many uses of this artifact,He didn’t know which one to tell Mo Ziqin!
And now the main task is whether the Mo family can photograph this tripod,As for how to use,It’s all afterword。
Mo Ziqin sneered when he heard this.,Then some helpless sigh,I didn’t pay attention to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Boss,I told you already,This is just buying a lottery and meaning,If the Mo family wants to prosper,It’s your hard work!”
Mo Qingwu noticed his son’s frustrated look,Can’t help but hummed in a deep voice。
In fact, he didn’t put the hope of the prosperity of the Mo family on this tripod.,But just in case,He can’t let other families and families grab this tripod,Especially the Nangong family!
Even if this tripod is a pile of scrap iron,He must also fight over,He fought with the old man of the Nangong family for a lifetime,This time is no exception,Must compete!
“Yes,What my father taught is!”Mo Ziqin nodded dejectedly。
“Master Yan,Now that it has been determined that the tripod is real,Can we start the auction now??”
The fat housekeeper saw Yan Binghe holding this god Wangding and kept watching,Can’t help but remind in a low voice。

Shen Huan’s inner activities are very rich,The expression on his face has not changed。

“Your ambition is really big。”Shen Huan shrugged,“‘The Prince of Love Songs’This title,It’s not that easy to get!”
“That’s what he dreamed of。”Ning Wu said with a smile,“As long as you can give him a song every year, Mr. Lu,He’s content enough。”
“Can’t give one song a year。”Shen Huan shook his head。
“Teacher Lu……”Ning Wu is in a hurry。
“you listen to me。”Shen Huan stopped him,“I like kind people very much,So one song a year is not enough!”
Ning Wu just breathed a sigh of relief,Ecstasy。
Guan Yili was also surprised,Surprised and overwhelmed。
He can’t believe it。
“Get ready!”Shen Huan’s grand way,“Go and work hard to collect songs!Don’t be afraid to spend money!Within half a year,I am here to prepare three songs for him,The rest can’t be bad!”
Ning Wu replied。
His breathing is tight。
Teacher Lu is planning to make an album for him!

First779chapter Movies and TV series

Movies and TV series?
Li Zhuo and Xin Changkong’s eyes flashed together。
obviously,Shen Huan’s idea,It makes the hearts of two excellent filmmakers!
Take TV series as movies,No one has ever mentioned this before,Let alone action。
But think about it carefully,It’s a bit whimsical。
Because if the TV series are filmed in the form of movies,Purely an extremely wasteful act。
Make a TV series,longest50About minutes,Average cost can reach200In case episode,It’s already amazing。
It was very popular before《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》,28Set spent8000Ten thousand,That’s because it’s the young queen Bu Yiyi as the heroine,Shidi Kong Xiangjun and a group of famous actors also participated,So the production cost is so high。
《Yue Prison》The first season of such a popular TV series,30Ji Cai Hua3000Ten thousand,The reason is another factor——Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s TV series,The celebrities are willing to play even if the price drops。
But according to normal conditions,How many episodes of TV series,It’s not as good as a movie,Even tens of millions of investment。
Although the movie only90minute,most120minute,But can the cost of two episodes of TV series compare to one movie??
Definitely not。
Even just to do60010,000 small-cost literary films,It’s too expensive to make a TV show。
The cost is equivalent to that you have to put all three or five of them in this TV show,Pure waste of resources。
Not to mention the energy required to make a movie,It’s not comparable to a TV series。

——Not particularly lack of money,No one wants to give their excellent originality to a traffic to ruin。

Qu Wan’er invests heavily in seeking originality,Not so smooth。
To attend the awards show,But I don’t have my own song to sing,This makes her very worried。
So that when she went to study with the music teacher,There are some absent-minded。
This makes her teacher very upset,I feel that this is disrespect for myself,So he asked sternly:“What happened to you today,So out of state?Is it 10,000 yuan for an hour of class,Can it be spoiled like this??”
Chapter Four and Three apprentice
This music teacher actually likes Qu Wan’er a student。
There is no ambiguous attitude,At his age,I can only have eye addiction,I want to be ambiguous but I can’t get ambiguous。
His granddaughter is older than Qu Wan’er,He is still a normal person,Don’t have that kind of beast idea。
like her,Because I think this little girl works hard,Singing talent is also okay。
Although the previous singing skills were messy and terrible,But that’s because I have not received professional guidance。
It’s gradually like that now。
This growth rate,In his teaching career,Is also extremely rare。
Related to talent,Also related to effort。
Old people,Have kind words to this world,I generally appreciate the kind of hardworking people。
I originally took this job just to find a job after retirement,Make some spare money,Add a dowry to your granddaughter。
That’s a job。
But I taught for more than two months,But gradually changed my mind,A little bit about Qu Wan’er as her apprentice in it。